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Sunday, November 30, 2008

I was going about my daily life, and heard from an earshot while I was in a public place, a man telling some nearby women that he would never get married, and specifically saying that marriage is a sham in America - right in front of them with boldness. Of course, I had to hear this, so I parked myself inconspicuously nearby.

I don't know what sparked the situation, but he gave a great lecture, including the anti-male bias that is so prevalent in American culture.

The real kicker was, that he wasn't an old curmudgeon, or an embittered middle aged divorced man, but a young man, the all American type to say.

And so, I realized my work is done. I can go back to life apart from blogging.

Whether this man knew of MGTOW or not, he definitely was spot on in everything he was saying, and I was smirking with delight, thoroughly enjoying his lecture on reality to the womenfolk in his presence.

Also, I see the career chicks, having been downsized by the current economic collapse of sorts - and all ages at that (20's, 30's and 40's), now asking me for references and job leads, I'm sure they will be asking to stay in my most opulent manor as soon as they can't pay their rent or get their houses foreclosed.

Interesting how such "strong and independent" women really are when the bottom falls out. I'm sure Section 8 housing will be there to provide accommodations for them.

And men like me, we've gone to enjoy life. Tomorrow has arrived.
Saturday, November 15, 2008

Part 5 --- The Last Exit To Super Convergence

I think every man with goals and visions in life awaits the time for super convergence - when all his many plans come together in a marvelous symphony of realization. Our Guest Connaisseur, having experienced this of late, has left the building to go overseas permanently - and I'm next, checking out as well.

There used to be the buzz word "multi-tasking" - I don't hear it as much now, or maybe I hear it, but don't listen to it like most other things in the Western World as I fade to grey. Multi-tasking was/is always attributed to women doing better at it than men. Of course, nothing could be further from the truth. When women multi-task their heads explode and they implode- I've seen this time and again with "strong" and "independent" career chicks. However, when men multi-task, they take efficiency to the next level and create the halcyon days to live in.

So now, my many plans are coming together as expected, and no sooner as with the recent elections in the US, that might usher in a wave of socialism on steroids.

The good news is, men can further go their own way as government will no doubt increase in size taking more single women and single moms into the government welfare harem, which you should use as an excuse with women still wanting to have it both ways, "Not my problem, lady", "Ask the government to help you", - while you slip out the door to a better future.

The bad news is, I think MRA's are going to be targeted more as they have a defined structure and can be attacked easier. However, for MGTOW, it is an amoeba that can change and shift with no rigid form.

Western Civilization, it seems, has also left the building to the East where it will become bigger and stronger than ever. Now, it might come back when the West realizes its own silliness of experimenting with futile ideologies, some sanity seems to be prevailing with the instance in New Zealand of the election of a conservative to the highest office.

Will the Western World be total crap, with dilapidated infrastructure, devastated economies, destitute people, and fourth world status? Wait a minute, I just described Detroit. Strike that, it already is in some parts.

I think what will happen is countries throughout the Western World will form stronger alliances and unions across the globe with Eastern nations like China, India, etc., to form an East-West synthesis - that will be based on sound economic, societal, and cultural principles shared by each. There will be some interesting times ahead.

As I write, Harvard has its own medical training program in India, more movies are filmed in the Czech Republic than Hollywood, and China is colonizing and sucking all the resources out of Africa (yet we do not hear "Oh, those evil Chinese colonialists exploiting Africans"- as we hear when Western nations do it) and of course, convert them to usable goods and sell them on the world market at a profit - that's how wealth is made, taking stuff out of the ground and converting it to usable other stuff.
Sunday, November 9, 2008

Well, now, isn't this interesting, as the mainly conservative United States has elected a liberal to run the show for 4 years, the liberal New Zealand has elected a conservative to run their show.

May you live in interesting times...
Saturday, November 1, 2008

Part 4 --- The Global Nomad

Men explore, women nest. It goes back to the DNA of each - man the hunter, woman the gatherer. This is still why men like to hunt and fish - the call of the wild - even though the local supermarket is well stocked with meat and fish. This is also why women spend hours on end looking at everything and anything at the supermarket. Now, that's an interesting observation - man hunts through the supermarket, while woman gathers...look at the different ways men and women shop next time you buy groceries - unless you hunt and fish and live off the land like some of my neighbors...maybe I'm just lazy and should do likewise.

So that is a fundamental difference between man and woman - exploring and nesting. It is interesting to hear women that say they enjoy traveling places all over the world (as if they have the money and means), this can only be an aberration in our modern society with women becoming masculinized, and they must be daily convincing themselves they actually like it, when under normal circumstances they'd be nesting with a bunch of kids around.

Society has to offer man something to keep civilization running and it used to be that way prior to what we call the modern world - which basically is a very sophisticated primitive world dressed up in skyscrapers and neon lights to look different. McMansions are artificial caves, vehicles are horses and mules, and so on...anyway...large sums of money or property were given to the man by the father of a woman to basically unload her on the man. It was a trade, a simply business transaction, the father paying the man for taking the liability of having a woman, and the subsequent offspring thereof.

Now, with such a business transaction rendered null and void by governments, the governments of Western nations more specifically, as they have deemed woman "independent" from such old dynamics, we find these governments rapidly going broke in the process and having to force men to take responsibility through increased taxes to support the welfare state - which is the welfare of the woman and her subsequent offspring - and without a fair exchange of goods nonetheless. The welfare system will collapse, sooner rather than later. Stay out of the blast radius.

With this in mind, men should be the new explorers of their own lives, until a deal worthy of a man's time and effort is able to convince him otherwise. Until then, the world is big, milk is selling at reduced price and the government owns the cows - so why bother being anything less than a global nomad - and it does not imply taking a bath once a month and living in a hut...unless that's your style to begin with...the philosophy is the key.
The Bright Mirror reflecting masculinity for men. Saving your ass from the Matriarchy whether you like it or not. Shattering delusions so reality is clearly seen. You are ready, and the master has appeared.

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