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Friday, July 18, 2008
The Natives Are Restless

A girl starts a mob beating of the police. Obviously, the police in the UK might want to invest in guns if they have to fight the natives.

Note the following:

One of the police officers who was attacked, who did not want to reveal his name, said that he feared for his life and added: “It amazes you, it actually depresses you, the state of children today. The disrespect, not only for people who might be in the police but anyone older.”

Matriarchy at its tribal finest.

The movie Zulu comes to mind...

All Your Base Are STILL Belong To Us

Far beyond Zero Wing, the video game market continues to grow, over 50% from last year.

Young men (including yours truly) continue to enjoy video games in a state of "suspended adolescence" as we continue to keep our money for the things we want and enjoy - especially video games - instead of getting trapped in the wealth transfer system of the matriarchy (marriage/divorce industry, child support, alimony, palimony, etc).

Newspapers, television, and movies continue to plummet as expected, not only because they sucked to being with, but their anti-male agenda really accelerated their demise into oblivion. It's one thing to sell a crappy product, but to sell a crappy product and insult the customer simultaneously - that's a business plan for absolute failure. Of course, in consequence, men are voting with their money and buying a better product - Metal Gear Solid 4 - for example.

Saturday, July 12, 2008
Pontiac - So Exciting I Bought A Mercedes

General Motor's division called "Pontiac" used to have a motto (maybe they still do) that stated "We Build Excitement". Aside from Knight Rider (the longest running Pontiac Car Commercial in history for a car you couldn't buy), if Pontiacs were "excitement", then many people passed on the "excitement" to instead buy Mercedes.

And if Pontiac was General Motors' experimental division, than it was an experiment gone horribly wrong.

Oh my God!

It looks like a car! It's the second coming of Harley Earl!

Only recently do Pontiac's look actually like cars, before that, they looked like a bad rendition of a Salvador Dali painting on wheels.

Even with Pontiacs looking better (they went from looking like scrambled eggs on wheels to now whole eggs on wheels), I would not be caught dead in one.

The acronym still holds true:

PONTIAC = People Obviously Notice That It's Absolute Crap

Most people that drive Pontiac's are women. No doubt they feel the "excitement" driving one - or was it my Mercedes passing them on the highway or my friend in his Porsche - as they saw MONEY in automobile form.

There are 5 main cars that American women drive, and you should avoid such women that drive them:

1) Pontiac

Women who drive Pontiacs are usually those career women that can't afford BMW's. They act as if their Pontiac is a BMW, which they find out on the highway or multiple breakdowns in trying to drive it like a BMW, that it's most definitely not. These women usually have identity issues, and have unrealistic expectations in life, like their Pontiac. These women are the ones that say "There are no good men left", as they contemplate their 40's and beyond alone with a cat (or an old Pontiac).

2) BMW

Women who drive BMW's were in times past called "young urban professionals" or "yuppies" - they probably are still called that, at least that is what I still call them...alas...I am carbon-14 dating myself here, and the same was true for men that drove BMW's.

In any case, I think of this woman doctor down the street from me that I told I would not date her because:

1) She is a "yuppie".
2) As standard operating procedure, I don't date professional women - doctors, lawyers, "educators", etc.

The scowl on her face was a Kodak moment. And don't hate me 'cause I'm beautiful either, sweetheart. I am to admired and desired, but like a masterpiece in a museum - hands off the greatness.

These women also had fathers that would not or could not afford to buy them a Mercedes. These women still think they are in a Beverly Hills 90210 scene and also think yuppies are cool. (90210 was canceled, and yuppies were never cool). These women also feel shafted in the material world ever since that traumatic experience of being in high school and having to drive a compact import while all the popular girls had Mercedes.

You will need a lot of money to satisfy these types of women, and you better buy her a Mercedes ASAP or she will divorce you and take yours.

3) Ford (Volvo)

Ford owns Volvo. Women think that if they buy a Volvo they are getting a sophisticated Swedish feminist car, when in reality they are buying a very overpriced Ford. Both companies have shown themselves to be anti-male (along with General Motors I might add), and in doing so, lost half their market share automatically to their competitors. Yeah, like 50% of your market opportunities are men, and by your anti-male agenda you wonder why your sales suck and your company is going broke...if not already.

Women that drive Ford's are up and coming feminists - usually college age feminists in their little compact Focus feeling all liberated as they drive in these vehicles modeled after a cockroach...on wheels. Another brilliant design by Ford. I'm sure this car was designed by some disgruntled engineer at Ford to get back at the company, and he is laughing his ass off - "Ha, I really stuck it to Ford this time, I designed a car to look like a cockroach, and they went and mass produced it!" I also have seen some very old and ugly women drive these cockroach looking cars as well...I guess it fits them. Now, women that drive Volvo's are usually established feminist lawyers or "educators". Volvo sounds a lot like "vulva" so they probably think it is an one giant vulva on wheels. Needless to say, avoid these women at all costs.

4) Chevrolet

Usually professional sales type women drive these cars, these women are very similar to women that drive Pontiac's. These women tend to be mainly conservative women, or shall I say, "reformed party girls", in their mid to late 30's, and expect a real man to move them up to the Cadillac class. Go at it champ...I mean...chump. If she is driving a Corvette, she got it from her ex-husband.

5) Chrysler

Particularly, the Chrysler Sebring, the ultimate car for the young, hip, and trendy liberated woman (otherwise known as the "drunk party girl") who wants to look cool driving drunk playing loud pop culture music after a hard night of clubbing, while the blue lights (police) close in on her. She missed hooking up with the guy in the Jeep that night, because he found out she had a couple STD's, and dropped her faster than his Jeep's transmission. Friends don't let friends hook up with women that drive Sebrings.

Dishonorable Mention


Women that drive VW's are those that think they are "European" as they simultaneously also act like hippies from the 60's. Driving a VW does not make you European as if a European driving a Buick would make him an American. Jerry Garcia is dead, let him rest in peace, lest he come out of his grave and smack you senseless for your pseudo-hippism in your pathetic effort to be "hippy" and "retro" with your pseudo-intellectual friends you meet at Starbuck's daily. If you value your well-being and sanity, avoid these women, lest your brain melt from their inane philosophies of life.
Saturday, July 5, 2008
Save The Whales

I've noticed in the past two years or so, a lot of "conservative" or "traditional" women writing books about misandry in American culture.

While this is well and good, and strategically men should use these women to their advantage in their men's rights advocacy, one should question why now, after 20 or so years of men saying the same thing, these women start to be "advocates" for men's rights.

They did not before, as they were feminists themselves to some degree taking advantage of women's liberation and the traditional benefits offered to them by men and still do to date, but now, these "conservative" or "traditional" women have sons and see the misandry that their sons face in the anti-male culture of America. It could also be they have daughters as well who are fast becoming "liberated" as promiscuous tarts laden with STD's, or just as large as whales as "big" has become "beautiful" - well, only to the Oprahified masses.

It is self-serving at its finest. These women are looking after their progeny first, not men's rights or men in general, it just happens to work for them in order to protect and secure the best for their progeny and ultimately for themselves by having a secure society to live in on the backs of men - who they have seriously under appreciated to say the least in the company of the most radical man-hating feminists - and are now in damage control mode with such books on misandry through their realization of "Oh no!, the men have left the building!" "Who will maintain it now!" "Where did my slaves go!"

The writing is on the wall, a generation of young men going their own way, being free and independent from the traditional economic slavery to women, and well, these "conservative" or "traditional" women can't have that!

So they write these books with false sincerity to men to kiss and make up, however, it is not that easy. Maybe the NiceGuy will compromise with these "conservative" or "traditional" women, as he has always compromised throughout history, wanting the security of a wife to fit into "society" as his mind has constructed it to be, and surrendering his liberty as a man to chart his own destiny - but we know the end of such - just go to a big box retail store, and behold the shells of men that walk the aisles with these "conservative" or "traditional" whales...err...I mean, women. Now, on the contrary, the hardened, indifferent man will laugh and continue in his grand pursuits in life giving no time to such "conservative" or "traditional" women that he may encounter. His memory does not fade that quickly, and his liberty to chart his destiny is his most valuable possession.

Moreover, as it was put by a female "conservative" or "traditional" author describing young men as "perpetual adolescents who see no point in growing up,"- that's code for playing video games and watching Ninja Warrior on TV via Japanese broadcast - little does this author realize that young men are doing much more than that. They are changing the way the game is played, simply put "My way, or the highway".

Some men's rights advocates might be playing "Let's make a deal." with feminists (conservative, liberal, or otherwise), but there is a segment of men simply stating "This is the deal." Take it or leave it, 'cause I have a grand life to enjoy, and will not tolerate a woman as a liability (which feminism reduced women to in our modern age - among other things - like a sexual commodity to note off hand).

This is worthy of consideration with these "conservative" or "traditional" women, because false sincerity is all too common in our effeminate society. They can save the males all they want, but I'm one man that does not need them - or saving by them.

No whales were harmed in the writing and publishing of this post. Please be responsible and recycle this post accordingly.
Friday, July 4, 2008
Life, Liberty, and The Pursuit Of Happiness

This Independence Day it is important that we remind of ourselves of "Life, Liberty, and The Pursuit Of Happiness".

Ask yourself if you are doing this for YOU or if you are doing this for SOMEBODY ELSE.

The feminized modern American culture is quite off course from the essential founding, and pushes men to constantly (through shaming techniques, Real Man (TM) arguments, etc.) to be beasts of burden to the matriarchy so prevalent throughout, instead of individuals with souls that have the inalienable right to "life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness."

As the great Thucydides says:

"The secret of happiness is freedom. And the secret of freedom is courage."

Let us continue to pursue life, liberty, and happiness with greatness in mind.
Thursday, July 3, 2008
The Flow of Change

Darren writes:

A zen master once said 'We don't have to learn when to let things go, we just have to realise when they've already gone'.

Well, this morning the site I've been running for four years was gone. Or, to be more accurate, it's domain name was. The domain hosting company should have auto-renewed it, or emailed me to tell me to renew it. They didn't, and some slimeball guy snapped it up, it seems with a view to charging me a small fortune to get it back.

Well he can dream on, as I'm not paying a penny, and I'm not panicking.

Why? Because its not the domain name itself that was valuable. Its the information I put on it (which I've still got), and the other men who link to me. You see, probably about 80% of the incoming traffic to my site comes from a small number of super-sites (like this one). Its the 80:20 law in action (i.e. in many situations in life, the majority of results flow from a minority of causes). So, I only have to alert those super-sites, and I can redirect the flow of traffic to whatever new domain I choose. But more than that, I'm not panicking because I like change. Its invigorating.

Life is full of change. Its the only constant. You just have to learn to ride it, like a surfer on a wave.

My site is currently at http://ct4m.blogspot.com/ until I decide on its new name.

(Thanks to the enigmatic owner of this fine site for inviting me here)
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