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Wednesday, November 28, 2007
Perspective 123

Our Guest Connaisseur writes:

Bachelors are single precisely because they know what woman is, will be, and has been. A married man is clearly someone who did not know what was going on. People also make the assumption that being married is better than single - there is much to sell to woman in our materialist Anglosphere - so the merchants that be can't say single is better, lest their sales of useless items go south permanently, thus our merchant culture of matrimony. Marriage has always been an obligation to man, but at least he got a hefty dowry from the woman in the past to compensate him for his troubles.

We all know in the Anglosphere that for men and women the majority of marriages end in divorce. Add the divorced to the never married and the majority are single, and stay that way.

Not-married is the norm for most people today.

Moreover, it is safe to say a relationship that leads to marriage is not a measure of success for a man, although society would have you think otherwise, but then again matriarchal wage slaves are needed to keep it running.

In our present reality, marriage, most of the time, is the first step towards divorce. It has a lousy track record. Statistically, most divorced people marry again (and divorce again.) The majority of first marriages end in divorce. The majority of second marriages end in divorce. The majority of third marriages end in divorce, etc. It seems folks like marriage, but they don't like who they marry. In other words, if your car was as reliable as marriage, every time you got in it you'd have a better than one in two chance of crashing.

Thus, following reason, one should marry someone you don't like and make someone miserable who deserves it. As the comedian said, he was going to buy a house and give it away to a woman he hates and skip the entire marriage/divorce part.

That is a fact of life today.

Anyway we cut it, marriage is a failure as it is now employed, which implies the married man is a failure - right out of the gate.

Furthermore, we all know of the study by the marriage counsel of Princeton University reporting that the marriage rate has never been lower. For such a "great" institution, marriage has a lousy track record that is only getting worse - record high divorces and record low proposal rates.

Wishing is wanting it to be better. Reason tells us it is in jeopardy as a social institution.

Single men far and wide are some of the happiest people in the world. They are successful in their endeavors of choice and their accomplishments of them, while the married man is still dreaming of his - which he knows he will never attain - slaves are accustom to dreaming, freemen are accustom to living their dreams out.
Saturday, November 17, 2007
Men, Women, And Control

In the grand scheme of things men are in control, have been, are, and will be. That is life.

Woman's equality in the West is a conditional construct and by far not universal.

The West allows it, The East does not. Thus, we always hear of the term "Westernization" of countries throughout the world, and never "Easternization". Maybe Easternization is what the West needs - it needed it before - via the Renaissance - it probably needs it again.

Moreover, it is still men who make it so - or not so - with women. Women cannot be equal without the agreement of man. She is not capable of gaining and keeping equality independently. That is the reality in this brute world, and that is control.

It is man who is the deciding factor in woman's equality and freedom, not woman. She may want it - but he grants it.

Thus the goal is to convince man that an equal woman is good for him, and humanity.

In general, we see that Western men tend to think that equality for women is good and good for humanity (or it is one experiment gone horribly wrong in regards to women's rights in the West), Eastern men do not - and thus it must be forced on them through "Westernization" - a global homogenization to say.

However, global homogenization only goes so far - then you create such a turmoil by it - everybody you tried to "Westernize" gets so pissed off, they all come against you at once - something the West must seriously consider.

When soldiers cross borders instead of goods, everybody loses - for the trading of goods and services prospers countries, while bullets and bombs destroys them.

Would the West destroy itself and the world over women and women's rights? Unfortunately, I think it would.
Wednesday, November 7, 2007
Perspective 122

Our Guest Connaisseur writes:

It's nice when a woman initiates, it saves the guy from doing all the work and taking all the risk.

However, men are realistic and know that women generally will not initiate (like most things in this world, the man has to do all the work and the woman just sits back and enjoys it).

What is nice is for women to actually respond and show interest. Playing hard to get is an outdated game that many men no longer have any patience for and is manifest in the increasing multitude of single, desperate women roaming the Anglosphere.

Internet intimacies (read: Internet dating) that have become so called "popular" these days were made for women: anonymous, distant, furtive, safe, dismissable if she so prefers. Life is serious, the internet is play.

Exactly a week ago I was in a book store. A middle-of-the-road woman walked by me, came back and then looked at what I was looking at -- computer books -- and made a comment about the books then looked at me for an answer. It was smoothly done and a conversation started. First it demonstrates how easy it is for women to approach men, and second, how rare it really is because immediately one is wary.

And as it was, she was in town giving two seminars a day and I looked like a fellow who fit her typical customer description so I was given the sales pitch after pleasantries. If she had been attractive I would have gone and swept her off her feet, but as was she was not, I didn't.

But, if she has been a tad prettier or more honest in her intentions, I would have easily scheduled a coffee, dinner, dancing, et cetera.
Saturday, November 3, 2007
The Twilight Hour

Sooner or later every man faces the twilight hour - the decision to continue his relationship with his girlfriend into marriage or not. He's been dating her for a while - maybe 2 years, 3 years, or more, and has decided she is the "one".

He knows her, he knows himself, they are planning a life together, etc.

Then when divorce hits him 2, 5, 10, 20 or more years after his marriage, he wonders what happened, and more so, wonders at the outrageous legalized destruction and plundering of his wealth and assets by the divorce courts.

Case and Point:

A wealthy businessman known in the community at large where I reside recently got divorce after many, many years of marriage to his sweetheart of yore, he was so financially destroyed by the divorce courts that he had to divest a majority of his company to meet his financial obligations to his ex-wife that were ordered by the court. He is now a shell of a man, and so is his company, for a company is the shadow of its CEO. Powerful companies are shadows of powerful men, weak companies are shadows of weak men.

How did this happen?

Like most self-made men, he came from the average Joe background and continue in the average Joe mentality - people are good, nice, and trustworthy - and his sweetheart of yore was the epitome of such - and he never sought extensive asset protection as his company grew into a multi-million dollar behemoth. Therefore, with weak asset protection, he had a huge target on him, which the divorce court gladly took advantage of.

Many rich men are absolute idiots. The millionaire next door is most likely an idiot. Don't marvel at this, we often read about how successful millionaire men have supportive wives, but never hear of the reverse.


The truth would shatter the image of the happily married millionaire couple that all couples (especially the notorious Jones) desire to be - crushing the noble lie to say, and ruin the sales of a great many of books that propagate this image.

Smart millionaires are few - whether married or single - but dumb millionaires are plenty. Don't be deceived by the hype.

Now, you will face the twilight hour - you will be successful in life, you will have women, you will have money, what will you do - heed the Mirror or continue in your average Joe mentality?

The twilight hour will soon be upon you. Make sure you make wise decisions - protect your assets, be cautious of people's true intentions - good fences make good neighbors - and drop the crap about your sweetheart being special - she eats, sleeps, farts, shits, pukes, and bleeds - that's human to me, and far from anything divine.
The Bright Mirror reflecting masculinity for men. Saving your ass from the Matriarchy whether you like it or not. Shattering delusions so reality is clearly seen. You are ready, and the master has appeared.

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