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Saturday, August 25, 2007
Perspective 117

Our Guest Connaisseur writes:

Notice, it is always "the strongest, the toughest, the most independent" females who run to management and say "Protect me!"

Frankly, I am sick of the duplicity and the mistreatment of men, and it is only going to get worse. Women have become the majority in education and journalism, and both professions went down the tubes.

Now they are the majority or soon will be in law and medicine. The US is doomed. Time to move. Time to find a hut on some Cretan hill side (Crete is an island off the coast of mainland Greece for those that went to public high school or college) and be the hermit I was meant to be.

A man must understand that it is the standard for women to treat men like dirt in the Anglosphere, and women are oblivious to it, since they are never on the receiving end of feminism in all its forms and manifestations.

For example, I cannot meet with a female employee at work behind a closed door, or even a glass one. All --ALL-- meetings one-on-one have to be with the door open, or better still done in a public place. The wise among us record virtually ALL of our conversations involving any females. Period. It is simply how one must cover one's self in business these days with females. AND, don't compliment her on her dress, or hair, or whatever. That will get you fined and in sexual harassment training.

Moreover, I worked for a major television network in the late 90's, where the men had to take mandatory sexual harassment classes, but the women could hang nude pictures of men in their work space. The entire dynamic is just one more attempt by women to reduce men to second class citizens. This is why it is crucial for men NEVER to watch TV, tank their ratings, it is the least you can do if you are a lazy men's rights activist, plus you get more quality information from the Internet anyway, and with more multiple sources to verify such information.

Women complain that men are marrying less, dating less, and spending less and they are angry that there is so much porn on the Internet. Well, Internet porn is about the safest way to encounter anything female these days. "Real" women are too much of a legal liability. The smart man avoids such and is at peace in his own world. "Peter Pan Syndrome" women might say, well, it is good to be the Pan, and being the Pan has never been better for men these days. Transcontinental flights are cheap, and places overseas to spend your Anglosphere salary are even better with more bang for your buck.
Saturday, August 18, 2007
Perspective 116

Our Guest Connaisseur writes:

A real man does not listen to what women think he should do or be or act. He does what he thinks is right. If she agrees, fine. If she does not, she isn't worth his time. That said, it seems rather shallow for woman to insist she is independent and equal to man, yet then think less of him when he treats her as an equal.

The real issue is not mens' behavior at all. The real issue is woman can't figure out if she wants to be treated like a woman or a man.

The problem, of course, is women have become socially schizophrenic. Today's women are aggressive and boastful. They loudly announce they are independent and far better than men. They say they can easily kick a man's butt and have no problem with being just plain nasty towards men. Any man that lives in the West will meet these women every day. Yet these are exactly the same women who expect to be asked out, expect the man to pay, expect to be romanced and expect to be treated like a lady. They haven't a clue. They act like shallow men AND expect to be treated like delicate ladies...ain't going to happen.

That is the modern woman - incoherent, disturbed, and confused because tens of thousands of years has instilled in her to act like a female and modern society has instilled in her to act like a man. We see the role schizophrenia plays often with a young woman saying she is independent, strong, better than any man and insults him constantly, and on top of that then wonders why she is alone, used for short term hook-ups, and left with her cat as the only long term relationship. I think the cat would leave if it could.
Monday, August 13, 2007
Beware The Rook And Bishop Alliance

In chess, one can effectively use the rook and bishop in combinatory fashion to function as a queen, and subsequently hold the power of such. The rook moves along the ranks and files of the chessboard, while the bishop moves along the diagonals, thus used together they emulate the movement of the queen.

Now, let us move to what this means to you in your daily life. The rook (government) and the bishop (church) consistently work together to get men to serve the queens of society, particularly manifested in the West.

The church tells men marriage is the divine mandate for them, an act they must perform to be complete and sound, while the government enforces this through the legally binding marriage license and further exerts its control over men to serve the queens of society through divorce settlements, alimony, child support, etc.

The bishop is known in chess as a piece that can slip behind the opponent's lines - through stealth to say, while the rook is known as the cannon to smash the opponent's lines directly.

The resemblance of the rook and bishop alliance is quite striking concerning the marriage/divorce industry in the West.

Furthermore, the power of this alliance is so great, that the sacrifice of the queen will be made in order to set up the windmill effect - where the bishop and rook move in calculated fashion down the chessboard to gain massive amounts of chess pieces and ultimately leading to the checkmate of the opponent.

Hence, the marriage/divorce industry has a life of its own, and sacrifices the queens to checkmate the men.
Sunday, August 5, 2007
Perspective 115

Our Guest Connaisseur writes:

I am beginning to think both men and women want to find a fantasy to be with, rather than a real person.

He always wants a woman more interested in sex than most women ever will be, or can be, and she wants a man who is kinder, gentler, nicer, warmer, and cuddlier than most men will ever be, or can be.

That is a formula for disappointment.

When we are young we are deluded into thinking we have found our fantasy. She thinks that with a little changing he will be that nice fellow and he thinks her interest in sex will stay at the same intensity, which of course it doesn't.

And that is when one finds out who one has really married, and sees the handwriting on the wall...or so I infer...being an entrenched bachelor.
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