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Tuesday, July 31, 2007
Perspective 114

Our Guest Connaisseur writes:

The manipulation that a woman uses is incredible - read the woman's persistent and intense desire to change the man and have it all her way.

In fact, it is worse than that.

The woman simply takes the posture that since she is a woman, what she wants and thinks, and what women want and think, is right and perfect, and oh so good, AND THAT IS THAT. It is a remarkably consistent and extremely arrogant behavior that one finds from women in America.

At some point, most men wise up and stop having significant relationships with these women - read they sleep with the enemy, then go home.
Friday, July 27, 2007
The Gates Of The Matriarchy Shall Not Prevail

I recently helped out a man that was screwed by the marriage/divorce industry in America, the same story we hear again and again, - his wife left him for a richer man, she took the kids, house, etc., he is paying child support, and lives pretty much in poverty.

It was pretty cool the way it worked out, since he was a total stranger to me before, but after I was tipped off by a friend that I could help him out, I did.

How I helped him is beyond the scope of this blog, but the point is if you want to really do some activism for the cause of men's rights, check around your local neighborhood or community for men that need help, or ask around a bit with some friends or what not about the background of certain men that need help to live again after the devastating effects from the anti-male marriage/divorce industry - all this is a force for good and a force for change in helping men recover. The slogan "Act locally, think globally" is true with men's rights as it is with the environmentalist groups.

To show an interest and take action with the average man that has been screwed over by divorce, is the best way to gain excellent credibly for the cause of men's rights.
Thursday, July 19, 2007
Perspective 113

Our Guest Connaisseur writes:

In the past, every woman in some way was a princess and the man her knight in shining armor. The circumstances varied, as did the level of play, but that was the basic dynamic. If he wanted her company and she his, he had to prove it was more than lust. For her hand, and all that came attached, he had to be worthy. If he proved himself worthy, she not only gave of herself, but was supportive.

Then along came the feminists - who are women who are really irritated that they are women. They denigrated things female valued -- such as raising a family -- and championed behaving like a man, while at the same time criticizing men for being men.

It was and is a love/hate psychosis, love what men do, but hate men.

On the top of the list was to disassociate woman from the womb. Birth control was not enough. Woman also had to be like man. If she valued granting sex, she was being used. Only by giving it away could she be free of the constraints of the womb. That is what feminists advised, that is what women did, and as a consequence men think less of women, while getting more sex.

It is one of those ironic things that in the long run feminists are doing far more damage to women's lives than an bunch of male chauvinists did.

Editor's notes:

Observations Under the Sun

Although, I do agree with our Guest Connaisseur above, who is simply restating the theory of women trading sex for protection and security as women do, have done, and always will do (which feminism commodified to the disadvantage of women in the mating game, i.e. - milk is selling at a reduced price so you don't need to buy the cow) and men falling for the tried and true carrot and stick game women are so good at - the names change, but the game is the same - it has yet to be determined that women were any less promiscuous before feminism as they were during feminism's hay day and even in the post feminist era.

From my experience with women - traditional and/or conservative women to liberal feminist women - they both seem to be just as promiscuous - traditional and/or conservative women, in which some deluded men seem think are better than liberal feminist women, tend to keep their promiscuity hidden, while liberal feminist women flaunt it. See related post here.

Yes, Mr. Niceguy, the girl next to you in the church pew is doing things that are not of sound doctrine - all the while you offer incense to her purity as the goddess your deluded mind has created her to be. I'm sure we can go all the way back to the 1950's (the golden era of "the housewife woman" these so called deluded men worship and serve - and even further back - and find women such as these screwing other men in secret, but doing very well in keeping it hidden from Mr. Niceguy.

Furthermore, do you think women teachers having sex with their pupils is a new phenomenon? Nope, that happened as well back in the golden era and before - kept hidden and secret. Nothing new under sun as it is said.

Ignorance is bliss for Mr. Niceguy...and why wreck his dreamworld?

It is all that he has.

Sunday, July 15, 2007
Niceguys, Players, and Jerks...Oh My!

What a cast of characters we have with these three types and the dynamics surrounding each.

People have made tons of money off these stereotypes for those having an identity crisis.

Internet forums have been built to cater to each type and the discussions of the dynamics of such.

Personally, take my advice, blessed are those that don't give a shit about such stereotypes. I did what I did, and acted how I acted - I might have been an indifferent jerk my whole life, or might have been a smooth player at times...heck, I might have even been a niceguy...and I would not have known or cared...because I never put any consideration into such stereotypes or if my identity fit into one of those types. What a terrible life to live not being yourself, but a type that women have defined for you...yes...the niceguy, player, and jerk are all women defined terms.

I had goals to accomplished in my life, and was not going to waste my time with such analysis of these stereotypes as so many men do that have identity issues.

Sure, I've known nice women and bad women - totally treated nice girls like crap, because, well, that is how I was at the time, and also had some broad really wreck havoc in my life (could be God's divine retribution coming back on me).

In the final analysis, I knew who I was, what my capabilities were, and what my goals were that needed to be accomplished. That is what matters most for a man. Women come and women go - and will define men as they have always done with childish terminologies as mentioned above - but it does not matter the least for a man, for how he invests and builds his life stays.

Related Post: The Connaisseur Lifestyle
Thursday, July 12, 2007
Perspective 112

Our Guest Connaisseur writes:

Just a couple of weeks ago I happened to see a Campbell's soup commercial on TV.

Not easy - since I don't own a TV.

What struck me about that commercial is what struck me about the video:

It was all female.

In the commercial a
happy adult female in a party atmosphere was feeding soup to a variety of happy kids of politically correct races...all girls - mind you.

The producers went out of their way to make sure every race was in there, except there was no boys.

The message from Campbell's soup to me was - if you are a boy, Campbell's soup is not for you. Which is fine with me, since canned items usually are of low quality anyway and quite useless - unless you're in a fallout shelter during a nuclear attack - but we have MRE's for that, but why such the blatant elimination of boys in such a commercial? Where's the diversity?

Therefore, as in most, if not all, of the Anglosphere, the anti-male message continues from the formerly mainstream media sources (which you would think would get a clue, but then again, as with most all businesses, they only realize it too late when their sales hit rock bottom - i.e., American automakers for example).

So we have the message in a bottle...or in a can from Campbell's soup :

Boys are worthless, or worth less.

The message if you are a man:

The sexist politics of Feminism is now the standard for all things.

No where along the production lines in this commercial did someone say...why aren't there any boys in this commercial? We need some diversity.

Then again, it was designed that way.
Friday, July 6, 2007
Perspective 111

Our Guest Connaisseur writes:

When dealing with women in America, the biggest problem is the blatant sexism that they have and think is just perfectly wonderful. They have become so accustomed to their sexism, they probably don't even realize that they do it, or how much they do it. The culture and legal system lets them do it without consequence - and I believe - even promotes it.

I was a cop reporter for years in the US. American women beat up their husbands just as much as the other way around. In fact, 14 studies by the University of New Hampshire at Durham has proven that beyond any debate (they also molest children at the same rate, but that is always covered up).

Moreover, if a biological parent kills one of their children - 80 percent of the time - 80 percent! - according to the FBI - it is the mother.

Since women have been so good at the media spin, we think it is dad.


Women will spin everything around to accuse men for everything - that he is the beater, the killer, the crud, etc. The same old sexist nonsense. Woman is just as bad as man, but all she does is get an attitude, and then blames everything on him.

THAT is why the marriage rate is plummeting AND the divorce rate is sky rocketing in the US. Woman needs to clean up her act - to say the least.
Wednesday, July 4, 2007
Perspective 110

Our Guest Connaisseur writes:

Today, here in the US, we are celebrating Independence Day - well, it is just another day for the editor of this blog celebrating independence from American women and out with some of his foreign women...it might be Lebanese tonight I think, and I think he has a woman lined up for me as well...benefits of a multicultural city I take it - but to my question - as men in America, are we really free?

I was with the editor of this blog the other day enjoying the nightlife at an outdoor cafe where we usually discuss all things and watch the people go by.

During this time, a woman noticed him, came up and hugged him out of the blue. I thought to myself, I hope he knows this woman. He said that he recently met her, but was surprised himself at her affectionate advance, since she was American, and American women aren't really that affectionate as compared to other women around the world. He concluded "I think American women are going crazy from lack of affection because most men I come across now here in America have written them off and don't really care about them anymore. Of course, nobody will come out and say that, but it is the general trend I am seeing."

Now on to my point, I stopped hugging long ago because the price was too high. You can't just hug a woman because she needs a hug, or because it is the human and compassionate thing to do given the situation. There are always extrapolations.

In fact, the last time I hugged a woman -- see, it happens so rarely I can't remember the last time. Anyway, a co-worker lost her father very unexpectedly just a few weeks after I lost mine. We had always been on friendly terms -- heck I met her husband, an Australian gent -- and when she started to quiver while talking about her loss, I hugged her - a nice clean absolutely in public hug at work, and she seemed consoled by it.

Imagine my surprise to get pulled aside by my manager a few weeks later to be told to stay away from this woman - not that I saw her that often in the first place - since we worked in separate buildings.

The reason?

I was clearly out to ruin her marriage and that hug could be interpreted as sexual harassment (and unwanted advance). She had complained to her manager that I was being suggestive...suggestive out of compassion?...give me a break.

Now, this woman and I are occasionally in meetings with others, and of course, there is virtually no words exchanged at all, none for two years since this incident.

On the one year anniversary of the her father's death, I wanted to send a warm thought because I knew she would be hurting - but out of self-preservation - I did not.

Similar types of incidents as this are typical across America with men being reprimanded, put on administrative leave, fired, etc., from what I hear, and I am not by any means the exception.

Others will counter and tell me that most women are not this way. But close to a majority are -- that is a fact which is never told, but hidden with the previous remark of "all women aren't that way". Yes they are and very much so -- way too many no matter what the number... third wave feminists? -- and that is why men -- in and out of marriage -- are voting with their feet and leaving 'em. I don't hug now, and it is for the better, since my freedoms to be a human have disappeared in the US due to the anti-male laws.

Ain't freedom grand? Happy Independence Day. The founders of this nation are rolling over in their graves.

Therefore, I'd say we celebrate it as the editor on here does - independence from American women - now that's something to cheer and launch fireworks for.
Monday, July 2, 2007
Perspective 109

Our Guest Connaisseur writes:

Isn't it about time to view marriage ceremonies as sad affairs rather than happy events?

I will admit they are great places to get a meal and some free drinks, if not a dance or two with a young lass, but since most marriages end in divorce and most married people are miserable, why should we continue with the farce that marriage is a positive, happy event?

I went through two waves of weddings, as I suppose most folks do. In your 20s and 30s you go to friends' weddings, in your 30s and 40s you go to the same friends' weddings the second time around. And you being to think...there's really no point to this except it is a semi-free party. Marriage is not a happy institution and folks in it don't seem to be too happy from it.

Marriage does seem to be more and more of a mistake than a positive thing to do.
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