Mirror Of The Soul

Saturday, June 30, 2007
The Chessmaster Moves The Queen

One of the basic principles of chess is not to move the queen too early in the game. We can learn from this and apply it to our lives. There are many lessons in chess applicable to the real world to speak of, however, most men neither take the time nor the effort to learn and apply such.

The Chessmaster, of course, never bows to his pieces, as a novice would. The novice is in awe of the well sculptured pieces and delights in the power of the rooks and bishops, and especially the seductive power of the queen. He worships his chess army, but they are useless to him, because he is a poor leader.

The novice proudly moves his queen out early in the game, displaying the trophy of power that she is, and then he collapses
into disarray after the Chessmaster captures his queen quickly with a lower valued piece.

How many men are in awe of the queens of their lives, and fail to rather use them as the Chessmaster would?

Like a novice playing chess, men move their queens out too soon, and end up losing them to the Chessmaster's assault on the chessboard of their lives. It is also the reason women smirk with delight at the foolishness of romantic men, chivalrous men, nice guys, etc. A space alien observer might come to the conclusion that women are smarter than men in terms of relationships and the dynamics contained and surrounding them. However, our guest connaisseur pointed out a long time ago that both men and women have their strengths and weaknesses, and understanding this is very important - like understanding the power of each chesspiece - but men, and in particular men of the Anglosphere, have just forgotten how to play chess, and women still remember.

However, it need not be this way, you must transform yourself above the intoxicating influence of the seductive power of the queen, and move her as the Chessmaster would to his advantage.

Like the queen on the chessboard, women have a great deal of power in the Anglosphere due to the imbalance of rights in favor of women over men, but one can use their power as the Chessmaster would in playing on the chessboard of your life as you live in the Anglosphere.

And how then do you use the queen as the Chessmaster would in the Anglosphere?

First and foremost, make sure the queen you are using can function as such. Trusted female family members are good for this. After you have moved center pawns, developed your knights and bishops, castled, etc. (this is chess code for getting your act together in life, having a strategic plan on what you want to do in life, having a sound spiritual life with authenticity, protecting your assets, etc.), only then start to consider the movement of the queen.

For example, I have a very good friend, he does a really good job of applying this principle I have written about to his life. A female relative of his owns everything of his, he controls it, but she legally owns it. He got married, then later divorced, and what a surprise it was to his ex-wife when she found out she had claim to absolutely nothing of his - because he did not own anything. He moved the queen to his advantage.

More examples are with yours truly, I've always used a female lawyer to go against another female lawyer in court, it keeps a male lawyer from any tendency he might harbor in cutting slack to a female lawyer opposing him (being chivalrous and jeopardizing the ability to win my case in court) - two female lawyers put against each other go at it with a scorched earth policy - I've moved the queen to my advantage.

I also keep female friends who can very easily sniff out a golddigger that might be targeting me, for the saying "A whore can smell a whore" is quite true. They are also good at quickly dealing with chivalrous men who have been sent (used) by other women to attack me. Once again, I moved the queen to my advantage.

I have a female family member in my LLC ownership, and I can shift everything I own in the LLC to my female family member (nuclear option) when needed. Since this female relative is in the mix that has loyalty to me, this causes contempt in women that might have ulterior motives against me - I have given the illusion of wealth to them, yet they realize a queen is in the path and they will have to do battle with her while they are still at the level of a pawn.

There are many other examples, but learn how to move the queen at the right time as it applies to your life in the Anglosphere, but more importantly, learn how to play chess.
Thursday, June 28, 2007
Perspective 108

Our Guest Connaisseur writes:

The word career actually means a straight line, and the word careen actually means to bounce from side to side.

I have often thought of men as careering through life, we take a fairly straight line - emotionally, professionally, intellectually, etc.

Women, they careen, they zig and zag all over the place, like a water skier over the wake while the boat is straight and true.

It is amazing, and it is not just with their own life that they do this. They will zig and zag en mass with their girlfriends lives as well...I don't know how many times I have listened to a female recount some pointless emotional intrigue of a distant girlfriend -- or worse -- a fictional character.

They are such emotional jelly fish it is amazing they function in the real world at all.

Perhaps without men, they couldn't.

Men have determined resolve, and that is rare in the female of the species.

When people say an army of one, they are thinking of a capable man who gets things done, not a woman.

Woman has her abilities, but being a man of gravitas is not one of them.
Tuesday, June 26, 2007
Perspective 107

Our Guest Connaisseur writes:

I am a firm believer in the best way to predict the future is to create it.

The future I am creating is quite intentionally without a serious relationship with a woman in it.


Because my past serious relationships with women have been extremely unpleasant and expensive. And to be completely honest, I do not know a happily married man, but I know a lot of happy bachelors.

In short, I am very tired of them trying to run my life and at the same time soak me for what I am worth. Women say they don't try to run a man's life, but they do.

They say they are not gold diggers, but when push comes to shove, they reach as deep into the pocket as they can and squeeze what they find.

Does this mean I don't want any women in my life?

No, far from it. However, I do not want a serious relationship, for certain. Been there, suffered that more than once.

Now friends, sure I'm for that, and dating, sure, can't ballroom dance by yourself, even some travel and good times together is certainly a great idea.

But living together? No.

Marriage? Absolutely not.

I am a happy bachelor, why be a miserable husband?

And no doubt there are some women who feel the same way, and when we meet we will enjoy ourselves.
Saturday, June 23, 2007
Best Regards To The Eternal Bachelor

It has come to our attention that the Eternal Bachelor is no more online.

Nobody so fast, so quick, conquered the blogsphere for single men, Men Going Their Own Way, and Men's Rights Activists, as the Eternal Bachelor did.

He came, he saw, he conquered, and what more can you do after that?

His ability to relate current news to single men, and expose the Matriarchy to them was second to none.

It was a relief to have the Eternal Bachelor on watch in the spirit and power of the Mirror, but we'll keep at it here, like the good soldiers we are for MGTOW.

Hence, we wish the Eternal Bachelor the best in his future endeavors and hope to see him around the 'net.

He is always welcome to send a post our way for publishing incognito.
Friday, June 22, 2007
Amoeba Defense

When UNLV (University of Nevada, Las Vegas) beat Duke University, 103 - 73, in the 1990 NCAA Basketball Championship, people were in awe at the collapse and utter destruction of such a giant of college basketball as Duke was known to be.

What happened?

How did these UNLV upstarts out of nowhere demolish Duke and royally embarrass them in front of millions of people watching the 1990 NCAA Basketball Championship?

Amoeba Defense.

It wasn't quite man-to-man defense, but it wasn't zone defense either...but like an amoeba engulfing its prey, so the UNLV amoeba defense engulfed Duke's offense.

Simply put, when Duke had possession of the ball, the UNLV players formed an amoeba entity with themselves as a unit and would move like an amoeba - stretching and retracting like an amoeba in reaction to Duke's offensive - stretching out to surround the areas of the attacking Duke offense, engulf it, and rendering it incapable, then retracting to move to the original amoeba form when Duke passed the ball around - only to stretch out again to engulf the Duke offense, and continue to render it incapable.

To quote the UNLV coach, Jerry Tarkanian:

"Our man defense was good that night, but we had 12 to 15 minutes in that game where our amoeba defense just took Duke out of everything."

Duke found out too late what UNLV was doing...and with utter devastation.

This is also the strength of Men Going Their Own Way (MGTOW), it is amoeba defense for men. When used correctly it is a powerful force to be reckoned with and incredibly disruptive to the Matriarchy.

Each man applies MGTOW as he sees fit as he is going his own way under the general principles or guidelines of MGTOW that give the form of the "amoeba", but how he stretches out or retracts to the circumstances in his life is up to him.

He might use the power of MGTOW amoeba defense to avoid marriage, render shaming language incapable, apply the library of MGTOW knowledge to refute feminist lies, cease being the chivalrous lapdog for women, and so on.

The ability to flow and morph gives MGTOW its advantage over the regular defenses that we find with traditional
Men's Rights Activists (MRA's). You would think our traditional MRA's would get a clue - they have been at it for a long time, but since they can't play good man-to-man defense (they always get caught and neutralized in the shaming language of feminists or revert to their chivalrous ways and render themselves obsolete as an effective force - if this was not the case, MGTOW would have never been started) and they also play lousy zone defense with the continual pointing out of the problems of the anti-male system of the Anglosphere, but always failing to formalize a sound defense for men against it.

Of course, MGTOW was not in anybody's plan nor expected to have the impact it is currently having on men in the Anglosphere, but then again, Duke never expected to face UNLV's amoeba defense and have their ass royally handed to them.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007
Vector Analysis

Ever notice that women think in landmarks, while men think in vectors. This is the main reason why women get lost, and really lost if the McDonald's landmark at the corner intersection of Main Street, USA, suddenly becomes a Dairy Queen the next day. However, men do not get lost, contrary to the current pop culture of humiliating men about such.

I have traveled to many cities in the US, Canada, Europe, and Asia, and I may not know exactly where I am in someplace new, but I always know generally where I am. The time of day and the sun are all I need. Vectors. That is all a man needs to get anywhere.

Now what of landmarks?

I was given directions one time by the secretary (a woman, no doubt) of this company that I was visiting to help them out in a technical area beyond the scope of this post, and she gave me about 5 - 7 different landmarks to turn at and note my progress by such. I was not even going to try and attempt to follow such ridiculous directions and promptly called my contact at this company, who was a man, and he gave me short, sweet, and perfect directions compose of vectors (highways, routes, streets and avenues - north, south, east, west, etc.) which only a mathematician could love.
Saturday, June 16, 2007
Perspective 106

Our Guest Connaisseur writes:

I do not like lawyers. I went to law school. I think lawyers are a significant part of the problem with America.

The system is what the system is. A legal proceeding is a game. There are winners, there are losers, and sometimes it is a draw.

Not only is it a game, but it is a serious game with real consequences that affect lives for years.

Going into court without a lawyer is only guaranteeing you will lose. Period. The judge is not there to enforce fairness. The judge only rules on rules and evidence. If the other side plays better, you lose. If you enter the game without a team, i.e., represent yourself, you will most assuredly lose. It is the stark reality of it.

I have a very bright friend. He did not commit the crime. He was certain he could represent himself and when he was on the witness stand he was convinced he could foil the opposing attorney and prove to the jury that he was innocent.



1) He didn't do the crime.

2) He was quick on his feet and a good talker.

The verdict: He got 11 and 2/3 years.

The guilty person, who had a lawyer, got probation.

Law is a game for keeps. If the person does not mind the possibility of losing everything, then sure, they can represent themselves.
A lawyer is someone who is used to thinking legally WHILE playing the game. Amateurs can't do that.

So where am I going with this?

The fact that marriage will more than likely end in divorce in America, and divorce requires lawyers, implies that by getting married, you are supporting lawyers who continue to proliferate the game of law to your demise as a man.


No marriage => no divorce => no lawyers => no game.

I'd say you win.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007
Perspective 105

Our Guest Connaisseur writes:

What does one think of the idea that only a masculine man who thinks of himself as superior is able to be a gentleman?

The argument goes that weak men -- that is weak in their sense of self or their masculinity-- have no currency to afford others, so they are not and cannot be gentlemen.

The argument goes that strong men -- that is strong in their sense of self or their masculinity -- have currency and wealth to afford others, and know they are superior, so they can afford to be kind, gentle, generous, and forgiving.

A weak man cannot. (And notice one does not meet gay gentlemen.)

But this raises an odd paradox: Women like gentlemen, but to be a gentleman, a man has to think of a woman as a lesser who needs his protection, his strength, his generosity, et cetera.

And there is a corollary...women complain that there are no gentlemen any more....it could be we have feminized men so much they can't be gentlemen, and we have masculinized women so much they can't be ladies.

Welcome to the gender neutral society in which men are not men, women are not women, and both kinda wish men were men and women were women.

Therefore, gentlemen are not weak men by any means, they are strong men, and I have never met a weak man who was a gentleman.
Friday, June 8, 2007
The Bright Mirror

Nothing can replace a tangible example of a bright mirror of masculinity - it shatters the feminists in pieces, exposes the dipshit married men as fools for worshiping their womenfolk, and blinds the feminized men so they fall into the ditch of their own stupidity for emulating women's behavior.

Bachelors that know the deal about all things masculine and the true nature of women can teach a lot to the younger generation of men that seek such, since most bachelors I know live their lives to the fullest and do the things they enjoy in the real world which causes other men to take notice.

The Internet is good at communicating these truths to men, but real world examples of men going their own way is much better. That is how I learned before MGTOW even existed or was called that. I had men that influenced me in the real world to provide a solid example on how to live life and understand women.

I only realized how unique this experience was when I came online and realized most men were totally confused and lost in regarding masculine things and living their lives according to how they want to.

The Mirror does a good job at reflecting this to the multitude of lost and delusional men out there regarding their approach and understanding of all things masculine and the nature of women, but it can never substitute for seeing a real world example of a man going his own way - that's where it begins and that's where it will end.
Thursday, June 7, 2007
Crossing the Finish Line

Once a man hits his 30's, he has crossed the finish line and defeated the Matriarchy in my opinion, and only by a conscientious choice does he choose to become a matriarchal drone worker (via marriage in the Anglosphere) or not - but he cannot blame anything but his own choice once he is in his 30's - hormones cannot be blamed, naive love or infatuation cannot be blamed, brainwashing by the Matriarchy cannot be blamed, etc.

His choice only is to blame if he returns to his own vomit, to speak in the biblical sense.

I see this very clear now that I am in my 30's, as many older single men have told me, and as our guest connaisseur has pointed out with his terminology of the fog of testosterone subsiding.

Having heeded the voices of those much older than me, that were single, successful, and lived grand lives, to stay the course of bachelorhood and focus on my goals in life, I clearly see the fruition of such a lifestyle.

A small glimpse of the finish banner in my latter 20's, the emergence of the finish line and waiting crowd ready to cheer when I turned 30, and now the finish line being crossed with the cheering crowd as I move into my 30's.

Victory is sweet.
Saturday, June 2, 2007
Perspective 104

Our Guest Connaisseur writes:

Men do not have a hard time expressing their feelings at all. We simply choose not to, which is a different dynamic altogether. Woman assumes that since she is gushing her feelings all the time over everyone, that must be the normal standard. It is for her, it is not for him. More so, what feelings she usually wants to hear about, is his feeling for HER. What other feelings he has she usually has no interest in at all.

So how does a man show affections to the woman?

First, he decides to spend his valuable time with the woman, which could be better spent elsewhere. Second, he decides to pursue a monogamous relationship with the woman, instead of following his biological directive to be polygamous. Third, he brings absolutely worthless material items to the woman, which she, in her infinite stupidity finds value in. Fourth, he tries to find interest in what the woman is doing, which is a sure sign of affection because what women tend to do is not too interesting to a man, nor even worth his time to waste on. Fifth, he tolerates the woman's emotionalism and mood swings. Sixth, he will listen on patiently while the woman prattles on for hours about the emotional lives and dating intrigue of girlfriends and women he has never met and doesn't want to meet. He will listen patiently to the woman's dissection of soap operas, as if the characters were real people. Seventh, he waits while the woman takes four times longer to dress than he. Eighth, when the woman is scared he holds her hand and tells her there is nothing to be afraid of. But, the ultimate sign of affection for a man is to go shopping with a woman. If ever there was a clear message that a man loves a woman, shopping with her is it.

And women have the auducity to say men don't show their love or affection for them. It is because women have not risen above their self-centeredness to understand how men show their love or affection for them.
The Bright Mirror reflecting masculinity for men. Saving your ass from the Matriarchy whether you like it or not. Shattering delusions so reality is clearly seen. You are ready, and the master has appeared.

Enigma Behind The Mirror

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