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Monday, April 30, 2007
The Leaders Have Left The Building

According to Lee Iacocca, in his book, Where Have All The Leaders Gone?, it seems the leaders have left the building. Whether you agree with his analysis or think he has gone senile, I think we all know the real root cause of the absence of leadership in the West - the feminization of men.

Women aren't leaders, and never will be, and when the majority of men have become as women, well, you can conclude the obvious.

The remaining men in the West that still are masculine and not feminized are still moving and shaking things up as men do - business as usual. That should be your routine if you're planning to hang around in the West, it should not affect you either way as society tanks, you're still on top of your game. If you do leave the building, you simply enjoy another winning situation since you just bring your talents and build elsewhere, so whether in the West or outside the West, masculine men always win.

A good example of still one leader left in the West, is the CEO at Exxon, and whether you agree with him and Exxon or not as in this article, the fact he does not give a crap about anything else except focusing on the things that make his company profitable and tossing things out that don't - the essence of any successful business or person for that matter - is something that is greatly missing from most men these days.

It is a manly thing to piss off feminized men, feminists, women, retards in general, for your righteous liberty to do as you see fit. All these Imperial losers can get bent.

Saturday, April 28, 2007
Perspective 100

Our Guest Connaisseur writes:

The reason
why the US, and others, are in Iraq and how that counters terrorism can be easily explained, but first let's look at some facts:

1) No where on earth is a Muslim country a good neighbor. Every Muslim country is in conflict with its neighbors on some level.

2) About four dozen people a day die in Iraq related to the war.

3) A man in Virginia recently killed over two dozen people.

4) A 12-year-old Muslim boy was proudly shown on the Internet hacking the head off of a man.

The best analogy is that Islam is a deadly bacteria, and everywhere it is, it is infecting and killing those near it. The only antibiotic that has a chance of stopping it from infecting the world is democracy. If Islam -- a theocracy --can be democratized -- hybridized if you will -- freedoms and liberties we all enjoy might survive. If democracy fails, our descendants will be Muslim.

Iraq, Afghanistan, and elsewhere in the world, are efforts -- in different ways -- to inoculate Islam with democracy to make it more peaceful. It is essentially an act of self-defense for democracy because if the infection is not stopped democracy will die. It is that stark and simple. By changing Islam perhaps billions of lives will be saved. If we do not, billions will certainly die.

People complain that the world laments over the killed students, but not the daily death toll in Iraq. The events in Virginia are uncommon, the events in Iraq are common. What they do have in common is in Iraq, like in Virginia, the murdering was done by one of their own. It is Iraqis doing most of the killing and it would be far worse if the US left.

People point towards guns as a medium of violence, as in Virginia, but the fact is a sick man would have used anything at his disposal to kill -- like a car or poison -- just as a sick culture does, such as in using children to be suicide bombers, or using a boy to behead a man. If it were not for distance and brave individuals, they would have just easily hacked off all these morons' heads that make excuses for such. Sick individuals and sick cultures use what ever is at their disposal to kill. The tool is really incidental, what is more significant is their illness. In Virginia, the illness was confined to one man, whereas in Islam the illness permeates the culture. It is a violent culture. Islam will use what ever means it has to kill, be it children, jets laden with fuel, or nuclear bombs.

Iraq is but a small beach head in the war for cultural dominance of the world. It will get worse, it will spread to other countries. The Muslims will be to this century what the Germans were to the last, except they might not be defeated. You may get to live out your life with liberty and freedoms, but your children may not, and mostly likely your grandchildren will not. That is why the US is in Iraq.

If the West stopped opposing Islam tomorrow, Islam would not be a good neighbor. It would only press on and conquer the world sooner, as our history of Western Civilization will stand as a witness for us in this regard.

It is World War III, it is serious, and will last for centuries, if we are lucky. If we are not lucky, Islam will inflame the world and end humanity as we know it.
Wednesday, April 25, 2007
Perspective 99

Our Guest Connaisseur writes:

Woman has two opposing forces in her drive to reproduce. She finds Bad Boy exciting and worthy of siring her children, but he is too irresponsible to raise them. So she finds boring Nice Guy to raise them. If Nice Guy is a suitable economic slave, she might produce one child for him, but usually Nice Guy raises Bad Boy's kids and Nice Guy's genes get forgotten.

Bad Boy is the wrong person for the woman to "fall in love" with, but he is the right person to produce thriving children. So once she has them, she dumps irresponsible Bad Boy and goes looking for Nice Guy while wondering why she fell in love with the wrong man.

This is why any man with pride and self respect will never stoop so low as to raise another man's children.

Like drugs, Just Say NO To Single Moms, you're DNA will thank you.
Saturday, April 21, 2007
A Bit Desperate, Eh?

This one career chick I know, freaked out on me the other day, because I'm not interested in her, but she keeps pressing the issue with me about going out with her.

Frustrated with this situation, she said to me, "Do you want me to end up alone with a cat?" "Oh my God, you do!"

I busted out laughing.

This is not the first time I have heard a woman reference spinsterhood with a cat, but it was extremely funny watching her say it with the accompanying facial expression.

Women are becoming aware of this nightmarish scenario for them with the associated cat.

So back to this woman, she is a certified psycho and even comes with the papers attached to her head, but then again, this is normal for the modern woman to be confused, despondent, emotionally distraught, mentally unstable, etc., which only a pharmaceutical company could love.

As I was laughing uncontrollably, in frustration she said, "Why are you laughing?" and crescendoed, "This is not funny!" and then decrescendoed, "Don't you understand I want a family and children?"

This conversation was going from the ridiculous to the absurd, and I did not want to even continue it, so I replied with one of my many canned answers, "That's nice, you're a pretty girl, I know some man will find you interesting and want to have a family with you."

Acknowledging my rejection of her, she then stated I was a "mean person" and I would die alone, to which I responded, "That's nice."

If I had a dollar every time I have heard a woman I rejected tell me I was mean and would die alone, I would have an extra million dollars on hand.

The conversation finally ended in the absurd as expected with her still wanting me to consider going out with her when I grow up...oh yeah, how could we not forget that shaming grow up line...like I am wearing green tights flying around Neverland with some hot little half-naked pixie babe.

Whether she will find a sucker that she can unload on is becoming more questionable each day as men are waking up to the scam of dating, marriage, and divorce that women run, but for sure, she ain't unloading on me...and Neverland isn't looking so bad after all. I got to figure out how to do that flying...
Wednesday, April 18, 2007
Perspective 98

Our Guest Connaisseur writes:

I suppose that married men wake up one day, and say to themselves: "My God, I've been sleeping with the enemy."

When the fog of testosterone clears a bit, most men wonder why they were lead to get married. It's not that they suddenly don't like women any more. They just realize one day why they kept entering the furnace and getting burned, and why they won't any more.

Men are more blinded by their hormones than women... she sees clearly most of the time. He, however, starting in his 30s, begins to see past her body to the entity within and it dawns on him there is a price to pay for his desires. As the desire eases and the pain increases, he realizes what a fool he was. That is when a man becomes a true bachelor. That is when he visits woman, but does not stay.

For example, one day you wake up and realize being alone is far, far better than being with someone.
After a while it really is a more pleasant life alone than with someone. We do not forget what it is to love and feel joy. We just get tired of all the other stuff. Most relationships don't endure...they drag out.

There is an old saying: "The crap you're getting is not worth the crap you're getting".

Also, that is why, I think, if a woman doesn't snag a man by the end of her 30's, the chances are close to zero she never will. I hear now that there are more single women in their 30's in some parts of the West than ever before, so it is looking ever more worse for women.

Of course, it is not that women are no longer interested, for they are, it is just that men are now becoming no longer that stupid, or hormone blind.

And for the readers, do you realize that the editor of this blog has been propositioned twice in one year by women in their 30's? When women are asking men to marry them, their desperation is complete.
Saturday, April 14, 2007
The Mirror Speaks 4

The Question:

Mirror, Mirror, on the wall, I see two matriarchies, what do you make of this all?

The Mirror:

There will always be two matriarchies - one dominant and one recessive, as there will always be two patriarchies - one dominant and one recessive. In a Dominant Matriarchy there will be a Recessive Patriarchy, and in a Dominant Patriarchy there will be a Recessive Matriarchy.

Currently in the West, we have a Dominant Matriarchy (along with a Recessive Patriarchy) severely eroding the rights of men. Feminists use direct assaults upon institutions created by men to overtly control men, or said another way, feminism gives the Dominant Matriarchy its existence.

In the past in the West, before women had the right to vote and other such privileges, there was a Dominant Patriarchy (along with a Recessive Matriarchy) composed of traditional women covertly trying to control men, or said another way, traditional women give the Passive Matriarchy its existence.

Both of these matriarchies are trouble for men, and readers of the Mirror have been explicitly and implicitly given knowledge and wisdom to be protected from them both (if they heed such), however, Men's Rights Groups and Activists do well to expose the Dominant Matriarchy, but it seems only the Mirror and a few others have exposed the Recessive Matriarchy - time and time again - although not in the macrocosmic perspective as now, but in the microcosmic perspective only.

How often I find men wanting traditional women, but failing to understand the covertness employed by such to control these men?

Do not these men know that traditional women seek there voluntary deference of their rights as men to such, this is just as bad as feminists taking away the rights of men involuntarily.

When Masculinity wanes from men, Femininity waxes in its place. The systematic mind is replaced by the empathic mind. This is why we see in the West, more acceptability for men to cry like women, get in touch with there feelings like women, and so forth.

"Anathema" thunders the Titan know as Masculinity.

But are men listening? Or running scared like women from his thunderous voice.

It is true, that when a man breaks down and cries, or seriously considers his feelings or emotions, the event is considered profound because it is rare. When such becomes common place among men, it is anathema, for men have become as women.

Moreover, Dominant Patriarchies throughout history that insure the inalienable rights of men have been the foundations to advance civilization, and the accompanying Recessive Matriarchy provided benefit through a division of labor in regards to women's usefulness. Although as civilization retrogrades, the Dominant Matriarchy rises with an accompanying Recessive Patriarchy, to which disaster surely follows. In other words, I don't think a man can ever get enough yang, and a little yin he can tolerate and even use to his benefit, but too much yin is quite deadly for him.

Furthermore, we are now seeing a collision of these two matriarchies in the West, and it is going to be a real mess. Feminists on one side, traditional women on the other.

It is best for a man to sit by the river and watch the bodies of the feminists and traditional women float by, then pick up whatever is left for his benefit from the collision.

Finally, a man needs to heed the thunderous voice from the Titan known as Masculinity and to call upon him to crush both these matriarchies in his life whenever they rear their ugly heads - when the Dominant Matriarchy seeks to rule over him or when the Recessive Matriarchy seeks to increase over him.
The Bachelor Manifesto By ColdHammer

This is my command - to spread this Declaration to all MGTOW and never surrender it to outsiders for they have no knowledge or wisdom in living well and free forever.

We, like many other men, live the bachelor lifestyle where we live the way we want without anyone telling us what to do. There is no wife or girlfriend to nag us OR drag us into doing something we don't want to do. No kids to support. Probably not even a pet (well, maybe a dog or a great car). Let's face it: we are the growing mainstream demographic of the American/Western culture that has been created because of the women's liberation movement. When it used to be where the man would work and the woman would stay at home, take care of the kids, and do the domestic chores are no more. Women, however, are now entitled to their liberation and can join the men at the workplace should they choose to do so. But since the women are no longer obligated to provide the child-caring and taking care of the home, men are no longer obligated to marry women or provide for them. Women can do whatever they want according to their deepest desires because right now it's the start of a new beginning of when women are in charge and the men don't care.

But "you men can't live without us, women" the ladies exclaim. Truth is, "no, we don't." We, the great men of this world, are living proof that we don't have to have a 'significant other' in our lives. All the money we make is our decision to spend on whatever we want rather than burn our hard-earned cash on mindless, stupid, trivial items such as shoes, handbags, and clothes we don't have to have or even NEED. If women want to spend it on those items then go ahead, use your own friggin' money! Invest in your damn fantasies. Just leave us and our wallets alone! Go! Shoo! We would rather instead spend our money on appreciating assets and items that will give us experiences and pleasures in life. What experiences and pleasures you ask? Well, some of us men like to go smoke cigars, discuss politics and economics, talk about which stocks and bonds that could increase in value, go hunting, go fishing, go scuba diving, learn another language, etc.

We develop ourselves as human beings to become more knowledgeable about the world like people from other countries do. Go ask any European, "who are the presidents and/or leaders of their governments in neighboring countries" and a majority can answer that question. If we asked an American female, who are the prime minister of Mexico and the president of Canada? The usual response would be "I don't know." First of all, Mexico doesn't have a prime minister. It's a President and his name is Felipe Calderon (2006) and Canada doesn't have a president, it's a prime minister and his name is Stephen Harper (2006). It's all about knowing outside of the 'mainstream women pop culture' that we're going to be experts in, not about what Tom Cruise had for breakfast, if the colors of the shoes match the jacket, or whether to contemplate buying expensive jewelry.

We live in this niche of the American/Western system as forever bachelors, single by choice, the truly free of the free. We understand that marriage in the Western World is a losing battle since the divorce rate hovers around 70-80% and not the media propagated figure of 50% (certain states like California don't publish their divorce rates because they are too embarrassed to publish 80+% rates and also, not taken into account, are the vast numbers of couples who are separated but not formally divorced). Still don't believe us? Fine, go ask any divorced man if marriage was worth it and he'll quickly respond with a big, fat "HELL NO!" Why does he say no? That's because in this society of "me, me, me" and feminism, women are being taught to think for themselves what's "best for me" and not for the family or group. So as a result, women initiate 90% of the divorces with the courts deciding in her favor which result in men being taken to the cleaners. This type of thinking will also make us men follow the same mentality as women, "it's all about me!" No ring! No wife! No kids! My life, woman! Not yours! I can do anything I want to do in life! I'm free! Yay!

Typical stories about divorced men usually go like this (and there aren’t any happy endings):All of his money is gone including future wages. His once confident mentality is gone. His youth, the best days of his life, are also gone in a matter of seconds. He's been financially raped. He slowly dies alone, desolate, and poor, wondering how did all of this happen when HE didn't commit any crime?! More than likely, he will say the following: I wish I never got married at the age I did or never at all. He’s just another statistic that the right girl is nothing but a myth.

Worst of all is still being married to a fat, lazy AW/WW. Such disgustingness to an extent that even the man’s health decreases dramatically. Even those who are not married should be cautious because there are possibilities of being called a rapist even when there was no intercourse involved and wrongly arrested. And if isn’t about that crap in personal affairs, then men have to worry about gender affirmative action and sexual harassment at work. When a man talks dirty to a woman, it's sexual harassment. When a woman talks dirty to a man, it's $3.95 per minute. Such double standards… how unfair.

Yet, no one reports this in the media because it's biased against men especially in paternity fraud when the guy never met the woman! She just picks a guy out of the 100 guys she screwed trying to play lottery and every time she wins unless the guy objects. Women claim that they need more money, "it's for the children, it's for child support." You honestly believe that you need thousands and thousands of dollars to support a child? Sometimes that figure can go up to be in the millions of dollars in the case of celebrities and rich people. I think women just want all that money to destroy men and justify themselves into investing in shoes, clothes, new cars, jewelry, etc., all in the pursuit of material wealth despite having children to look after. Besides, it's usually the women who file the divorce papers or even cheat to break up a marriage. Sure, there are some bad men but that's because young women blindly pursue these bad guys in their youth. What ends up happening is that the woman wizens up (or gets tired of it, aka her clock starts to tick loudly), has some bastards, and looks for a sucker, aka nice guy, to support her and her kids via divorce or wage slave. Sorry, but most men don't want to get into that part of your life which are your worst days of your life.

Maybe we dwindled into the divorce part too much and we'll get into the relationship part instead. We bachelors stay single because we like to live alone and go out to meet with friends and create new experiences. Did you get that part clearly, women? WE LIKE TO LIVE ALONE! We like the fact we can do anything we want and not to have to deal with that girlfriend crap of asking them on a date, being told what to wear, buy this and that (when we don’t need it), deal with these freakish anti-social, fake-friend cliques (god we hate these!), etc.

Here's a story for all you women wondering why HE doesn't call after the first date:

I went on a date once and I thoroughly analyzed her on what she talked about (herself). My rational mind found that she threw too many red flags to get involved with. What's a red flag you ask? These are indicators telling me that a relationship with her would never, EVER work out short-term or long-term. I'll tell you two big red flags I remembered about her: ONE, she talked about her ex-boyfriend and I simply don't give a crap about that "point in her life," not to mention how times she banged a bad ass bastard (okay, so she’s a unmarried slut). TWO, I asked her if she wanted to have a beer with me and she said she can't have alcohol because she's on anti-depressant medicine. Wait a minute... did she really say that? Oh yeah, she did. Any girl on drugs always rings a big fat bell, indicating that she has major psychotic problems.

So rather than analyze every girl that comes our way even if she is perfect, we just don't want to bother with women at all. Yeah, we're horny guys alright so if we need to get laid, we'll just go out and get a hooker because she's cheaper and a professional at it. She'll also think that we’re sex gods and many women want us. Oh, and by the way, she's also cheaper than a girlfriend or wife. How's that so? Take a look at this equation:

Take all the money you've spent on a girlfriend/wife divided by the times she's given you an orgasm will always be higher than the amount it takes to spend the night with a prostitute. For example, that date story mentioned earlier, how much did he spent his hard earned cash on transportation, dinner, and entertainment for that 2-3 hours? $150. Did he get laid? Nope. Got the Friend Zone treatment. And how much does an hour with a smokin' hot hooker cost? $100. Seriously, it comes down to this question, "how much brain damage are you willing to accept for a little coochie?" or would you rather get laid?

We have to say that we fully believe in prostitution because it's like a romantic love story but without the BS. We get to spend an hour (or the whole night should we choose) rather than spend 24/7 with a fat-ass, un-loyal, complaining PMS girlfriend/wife. Still have problems with prostitution, women? Just know it’s your liberation at work and many women take this freedom sexually, for a price. Besides, we like to wake up each morning feeling a new woman.

And if anyone wants to mock prostitution, just compare the so-called 'numbers game' of how many people you've slept with. Chances are the guy who bought prostitutes slept with more women than the insulters:

I remember talking with a former jock from my alma mater who made fun of me for 'not getting any, lately' (3 months, big whoop). He boasted how he had 2 ex-girlfriends and one girlfriend right now that he's screwing. Never-mind, that the current girlfriend is fat and old, but it was the look at his face that made my day when I told him confidently that "I think I had over 20 girls in 3 years or was it just last year and that is no BS." Years after graduating high school... and to think how funny it is that we switched statuses, roles - that I'm now an alpha male and he's... nothing. What’s more impressive? A guy who slept with 100+ smoking-hot prostitutes or a guy with a sub-par girlfriend?

"But not all women are like that! Women are loving, loyal, and caring, too!" women want to exclaim. True, it's very true that some women are in fact amazing but they are, how should we say it, 'in very, very short supply.' What can we say? The majority of us want a younger, loyal, pleasant stay-at-home wife who cooks, cleans, raises kids, is a whore in the bedroom, is flexible and won't change the husband in anyway. Yes, yes, we know that some men may have a taste for other types but what we described is the ideal girl most guys would fully appreciate to have. Sure there are a lot of women who would call us a caveman or barbarian expecting a homemaker and denying her chance at making the money with a career but let's face it - that's why we're not getting married at all. It's our way or no way!!! We're going to do the reversal on women themselves by, "expecting to have everything." She has to be the PERFECT soul mate in every way otherwise marriage will never be considered.

Sure, we're human like anyone else and it's very possible that some of us have fallen in love before like this guy here...Actually, one perfect woman did exist in my life, in high school. She was beautiful, had the best looks, gorgeous long hair, great personality to go with, innocent, and best of all - she knew me! Unfortunately, she passed away - she's now a thug gangster girl who is now ugly, does drugs, has two bastards by five men, and is actively looking for a sucker to support her and the kids. She's alive but in my mind, she passed away long ago that I'm still holding out for her, in being loyal to her, in respect to her youth. That's what I tell all women that I had a woman but she passed away and in the end she'll be waiting.... that's when I laugh secretly.

Like we said, the term, “soul mate” doesn’t exist because it’s really a work of fiction. We really don't think the most perfect woman in the world exists because in several years later she's no longer the "fairest of them all.” Women age quickly, that is a fact of life. Women are like cars: every several years you have to replace them with a new one otherwise you'll spend a lot of time, energy, and money on maintaining one. Bah, screw that. We'd rather replace the aging BMW with a new one with leather seats, that new car smell, better gas mileage, and of course - 0 miles on the odometer! Whoo hoo! Yeah, a lot of us will stay a bachelor our whole lives listening to the cliché shame and blame tactics of "you're not manly," "you probably can't satisfy a woman," "you must be single, sad, and lonely," etc. I can already hear myself laughing the entire time listening to all the insults as I cruise away in my brand, spanking-new Lexus.

Just listen to all that dribble out there as we do our own thing such as vacationing at tropical white-sand beaches and possibly looking for a great young foreign girl to have a great time with:

"You're not a man unless you have a woman!"

"Aren't you going to settle down soon?"

"You must have a small dick that can't please women!"

Look at the pathetic insults. They're all the same.


Just this once, we'll imagine that one insane man out of us will consider marrying a woman:

Yeah, I'd love to get married to a great girl. Here are my expectations in 4 lines or less...She'll always loyally support me while I quit my job and play videogames all day and night and I STILL get laid at night when she comes home from work! If she doesn't "give it up" and/or becomes fat and ugly, then I'm entitled to go get a hooker then. Also, in the event of a divorce, I get half of her assets and paid alimony for life.

So there! What girl would want "such a lazy-ass man like that?" Chivalry and supporting a woman is dead. Go support your own ass, woman. We're going our own way! Oh, and by the way, some of us have already had over 100+ women and in today's gangster/thug men's culture that should make us a MAN! Why settle? Why concentrate all energy into one woman when you can “spread the wealth?” Haha!

Oh yes, in the future, should we ever reverse ourselves on the position of marriage, we'll go out of the country to find the most pleasant, young foreign woman in the universe. If we don’t find her, then who cares… God put everything that a human being needs onto this planet - great food, great music, great women. He just did not put it all in one country.

And yeah, we did say foreign woman (it’s called out-sourcing) because the Western World's system is becoming highly unstable by the day. Despite what you might think of any Western World country being the safest country in the world - it is not, especially in the US! The US has the highest crime rate in the world along with teenage pregnancy, m*rders, obesity, brain/mind problems, etc. The only good thing about the US is making money and what's what us bachelors are going to do, exploit the system by making our cash and get out to another country for 'the ultimate fun in the sun.' We’re pretty sure some of us men will be retired by age 40 and work all day and night like some…

Those “some” happen to be everyone else, who are chasing that rat race dream of a job, career, wife, kids, big house, dog – well, screw all that! We're going to make my own way and give the finger to all those who chose the rat race, the dying institution of marriage, and get away from all those gold digging, leach women. The middle finger is also for all the wage slave men who blindly married (chained) themselves to a chain and ball.

Yeah, it would have been neat to be a husband and father to kids of our own, but the thought of dealing with a nagging woman and hopeless, screwed up kids are totally unacceptable. Since technology and science get better all the time, we would rather choose cloning ourselves over the alternative any day. So to all the women in the science field who actually do real lab work, making cloning a better possibility every day, total thanks! Haha!

As bachelors, our goals are simply making money, developing ourselves as better human beings, and building a brotherhood that will last for ages. Having a significant other is totally over-rated and success with a woman does not mean success in life. We all live alone and will die alone even if we did get married (women live longer than men on average). We just believe it is just far better for us to have each other as friends, brothers in arms where we can simply be men and not just become some single feeble-minded amoebas looking like we're rejects of society. Wrong! We reject society because society doesn't fit us in its screwed up system. Instead, we're out to silently exploit the system that we fully understand on how it works and utilize it for our gains. We will become rich in mind, soul, and also our pockets! We'll live the lifestyle that everyone would want to live except we have fewer problems because we made the right choices at a younger age and understood where it would take us to, paradise.

We now belong to a special niche where many others may have been forced into against their will. But those who join this special section of society do it by their own free will. We are talking about the Ghost Nation, groups of people that have fallen off of society's radar screen and no one has any idea that these people exist. Rather than intermingle with the rest of society by interacting with regular people by having a regular job, going to clubs/bars/parties, attend big-time social events, etc. we drift in and out without being noticed.

Being a Ghost is great for some because it means no interaction with women, period. No BS or headaches for this guy:

I remember some neighbors were gossiping about their friend, a 'hot girl,' and how she could never find herself a decent man. Want to know why I didn't go for her? Because every week I could hear through the thin walls of my apartment that she brought home a new thug to screw. I remember on the day I moved out she was pissed off because 'I didn't go out of my way to help her' like all men did after all that time I lived right next door. HAHA! Guess what, girlie? I don't care. I am a not a Captain-Save-A-Ho! I'm a Ghost. And no one recognizes Ghosts and those who freely became one, like it that way. And women like her complain, "where did the good men go to?" That's easy. We CHOSE to disappear. You can screw all the guys you want but you don't have my body (or wallet). Our bodies, our decisions!

We have good reasons why this world is going to hell and we as men are the best ones in position to save our own hides because we don't need 'special attention.' We actually hate attention and thank god that people think we're just regular Joe-Schmos on the street especially the women who think of us as "nothing." The few women who do get to know us, wow, they're going to want us especially when they turn 30. But their fate is the same as all others: to live unhappily single and eventually die alone. That's RIGHT - you wanted a career so you have it now, even if it is just a minimal wage job at the grocery store or working long hours at the office. And, HELL NO! We are not bailing you out either because even if you're beautiful, we've tuned out all women!

What can we say? We've learned our lessons about women throughout my life like this guy:

I'm a former nice guy who turned into an Alpha Male then turned ghost. "They" don't see me. If women ever found out what I do and how I carry myself - I'd be swarmed by tons of them. But I don't EVER want that! I mean I travel to see new places, I workout so I'm built and fit, I have money, I'm positive in my thinking, and I can analyze and philosophize about life. This thinking has been my greatest asset and I utilize it into my own life which thus becomes my attitude and eventually my altitude, flying high above all others who are trapped in the matriarchy as wage slaves. I do not pity them for they made that choice nor I do try to produce a solution for them because a 'massive one-size fits all cure' would not fit the millions, billions... many will not take the cure willingly until it is too late. Besides, why conjure a cure for their happiness when they cannot understand our way of life? Better hop on the train or get lost.

Let’s face it. Feminism, high divorce rates, excessive consumerism, climate change (debatable), and working women are here to stay and won’t stop. This is called change. Change is constant and only those who evolve with change will succeed the greatest. So, embrace this change. Dare yourself to be different. In old Roman and Greek times, bachelor men would be taxed for not getting married, but you, however, are able to have your dreams and desires to be fulfilled rather than live a mass-produced, cookie-cutter boring life. You Can Be Different! The Men wanting “Something for Nothing” and who are unwilling to make significant sacrifices to achieve their dreams always end up failing. Life is not all about what you can BUY next in this consumerism culture. It is whether you are WILLING to do the right thing in life and make change for yourself! Society will try to define what it means to be masculine, but true masculinity means to face your fears and do it anyway. Go beyond the boundaries of what you know! Once you’ve felt this fear and want to succeed in anything, anywhere, and every-time, then you have reached true masculinity: you’re a winner and no one can take that away from you. Not even women.

Sometimes we put it off, thinking there will be plenty of time later in life. So whether it’s your dream to fly planes, go bungee jumping, go sky diving, climb Mount Everest, backpacking Europe – it’s all in your hands. Just think what the typical AW/WW does, “I work (or go to school), I like to party, drink, go clubbing, chill with friends.” They have few real interests. Just think HOW MUCH YOUR LIFE CAN BE! The ever-lasting glory of accomplishment…. so get off that damn couch! Does TV advance your goals? Do you really want to come home just to watch “other people work?” Do you really want to look back on your life staring at some screen most of the time?

The best compliment one guy received (despite an AW) was this:I was eating dinner with a friend and his two co-workers. We ate dinner, talked about this and that, and the female co-worker out-of-the-blue told me, “You really look like a man, act like a man, and talk like a MAN which is rare in today’s world. Do you have a girlfriend?” I laughed and secretly smiled knowing I’m on my way to achieving my dreams where women will become distractions trying to get attention.

Women are a gift in our lives but many throw their prizes away without knowing how grateful they are. Usually, when time passes by, women realize that they will never be movie stars and are no longer as desirable. Only then when they see us living well is the greatest revenge. Hahahahaha. It's like what we'd said before - OUR WAY or NO WAY!

To fellow brothers in arms! To those who are flying high in the sky! We live the life! YOU CAN!

Cheers to being single!

Friday, April 13, 2007
Perspective 97

Our Guest Connaisseur writes:

The national medial is liberal. It is liberal for two reasons. One is it is 80 percent female and two, the majority of them are feminists. The media is no longer comprised of professional advocates of balanced news. It is comprised of bias advocates of liberalism.

The exact same thing has happened to our educational system. It has become feminized, and as a result more than half the boys who enter school do not finish high school. The next social institutions will be medicine and law, since women are now the majority students there.

America is becoming effeminate in a brutal world. That can lead to its demise in a generation or so. What we're seeing is just the tip of the iceberg.
Wednesday, April 11, 2007
Perspective 96

Our Guest Connaisseur writes:

Feminists are vocal about women being independent, having complete say over their sexuality, and working how and where they please.

Yet feminists oppose prostitution which is independent women working how and where they please with complete say over their sexuality.

Sometimes I think feminists go against their own policy on this issue, because prostitution usually involves men.

It is the feminists dislike of men, more than prostitution, that shapes their position on this issue.
Friday, April 6, 2007
Florida Moving In The Right Direction

First, the state passed a law that would end child support for a man where a DNA test proves that another man is the biological father.

Now, we have the state restoring ex-felons' civil rights. I wonder how many innocent men have been thrown in jail, considered felons, and lost their civil rights in the past because of false rape claims, false domestic violence claims, failure to pay child support, etc. This is good news on this front.

Also, Florida has had on the books for some time now that any property or asset you have before marriage is still your's after a divorce.

Florida seems to be shaking up the American Matriarchy a bit, I wonder if they are seeing the writing on the wall - that anti-male laws don't pay - and I wonder if it is already too late. Most men I know are leaving the US as fast as they can, including yours truly, who really is only a part-timer here in the US anyway, and is only cleaning up some stuff before permanently leaving.

If you plan on staying in the US, you might check out Florida as a place to live.
Thursday, April 5, 2007
Happy Easter

The Mirror wishes all of its readers a Happy Easter. It is a very good time of the year to consider your life and discard your habits that are non-productive and implement effective changes to your life so that you become more goal-oriented in your thinking and more productive in your actions.

You might want to make a list of your good and bad habits and seek to discard the bad ones and continue and improve on the good ones.

In fact, you may even consider disappearing for a while from your friends and family while you thoroughly re-evaluate your life. Family and friends, who may think they are offering good advice, are probably doing more harm than good.

Only you know what you want to be or become, and disappearing for a while to re-invent yourself may be the best course of action to take.
Tuesday, April 3, 2007
Now That Was Close

Drug store in front of me, and fat chicks loitering to the near side at a 2 o'clock position to the store entrance. What gives with fat chicks hanging out anyway outside a drug store? Waiting for the next shipment of Slim Fast or something? Only in America, one can suppose.

Anyway, I had to plan this right, I had a premonition that these fat chicks might start closing in on me as I made my way to the store entrance, and sure enough they did as I started my approach. Although, I outpaced them, I was surprised at their rolling velocity as they closed in on me. I made it to the entrance in time to be separated from them with 15 feet to spare as I grabbed the store basket for the items I needed. As I made my way to the items I needed while in the store, I noticed the fat chicks rolling elsewhere on the another side of the store, so I quickly got my items and checked out, lest they start rolling in my direction again.

Mission Accomplished. But it was close. I have got to be more careful going out at night to shops here in America. I should have order the items I needed online...well, shame on me. I put myself at risk of having one of these fat chicks touching me and defiling by greatness of presence, or worse, tipping over on me and crushing me completely.

I'm definitely not in southern Europe anymore. Fat chicks seem to keep multiplying exponentially here in America. Be careful out there.
The Bright Mirror reflecting masculinity for men. Saving your ass from the Matriarchy whether you like it or not. Shattering delusions so reality is clearly seen. You are ready, and the master has appeared.

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