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Wednesday, February 28, 2007
Perspective 89

Our Guest Connaisseur writes:

The position that macho is completely wrong is mainstream feminism. In the feminist view there are only two kinds of good men: The castrated or the dead.

The feminist definition of macho does not allow what most men are: macho, gentle, warm, respectful, and caring.

There is this feminist assertion that macho is all bad, absolutely wrong, and only moderating feminine traits in a man are good. What sexist garbage.

The cop who takes down a killer and returns a lost toddler to its family is a macho, caring, gentle, warm man.

The man who stops the rapist and protects the victim is a macho, caring, gentle, warm man.

The man who will rescue you from a terrorist, and then teach a Sunday school class is a macho, caring, gentle, warm man.

The man who charges into a fiery crash or building to save lives is a macho, caring, gentle, warm man.

Macho is MAN and gentle is MAN.

It is NOT one or the other to the exclusion of the other. That is feminist fiction.

A macho man who is not also gentle is a man stuck in boyhood, and a gentle man who is not macho is stuck in girlhood. Neither is a man.

To be a man and to be what a man should be and to be all that man is, requires him to be macho AND gentle. That is man, that is his essence and his uniqueness -- something feminists would like to destroy. Macho and manliness is as essential to man as is being gentle. To say it is one or the other is a deliberate strategy to ruin man altogether.

It was with some irony back in the 90s when there was a severe hotel fire in Chicago where feminists were holding their convention. Many of them had their lives saved by men who had all of the traits feminists despise.

Feminism is nothing but organized gendercide.
Monday, February 26, 2007
A Real Fat...Bastard?

Looks like the Matriarchy over in Britain is breeding some real fat ones these days. This article is really eye opening. It is so bad the government might take a fat kid away from his single mom.

No where is a father mentioned in the article.

Note the following:

His mother has been summoned by letter to a child protection conference tomorrow to decide on his future. She and Connor's grandmother complain that they have not received sufficient support from the local health authority on North Tyneside in dealing with his weight problem.

Yep, single mom, alright. More welfare cases wanting the government to solve their problems. How about not feeding your kid so much!

The insanity continues:

Connor [the fat kid], whose story will be told on ITV1's Tonight With Trevor McDonald this evening, lives with his mother and sister in Wallsend, where he is a target for bullies. "People pick on us 'cos I think of my weight. They call us fat. It makes us feel sick of the nutters always shouting at us," Connor tells the programme.

He must be one heck of a target. People usually call fat people...well, fat.

She adds: "The worst case would be Connor getting taken into care. He is well cared for. It is just the fact that he has totally demented me wanting to be fed constantly. It is so hard. It seems that it has all turned around and I'm getting blamed for it all but I would like to say, 'cope with a hungry child 24/7 and constantly hassling and nagging you'. I would love them to actually have to handle Connor for a couple of days. They would soon want to give him back."

I'm having memories of Audrey II The Plant in Little Shop Of Horrors...Feed me, Seymour! Feed me!

Consultant paediatrician Michael Markiewicz tells Tonight: "We are looking at a child who is going to be exceedingly unhappy, exceedingly unhealthy and probably will face an early death. They actually love him to death ... they are slowly killing him. As far as I'm concerned this is a form of child abuse. Not done intentionally but the result is child abuse."

Maybe a father in the house would have laid down the law...in this case...laws regarding when and when not to eat because his mom utterly failed. Tough love is needed - and that comes from a father.

Ah, heck with it, roll the Fat Bastard Clip:

Sunday, February 25, 2007
Table For One

This article is a nice cover up for the increasing amount of abandoned American women that smart men want nothing to do with and thugs can't afford to take out. It attempts to justify to women that eating alone by themselves at a restaurant is fine. This article would not have been written for men, men don't care if they eat out alone or not. When a man is hungry, he wants food, he doesn't care if he is dining with someone or not.

Men really have gone their own way, so take some of your pals out for beer (cigars and cognac in my case) and celebrate...in front of lonely abandoned American women no less.

Note the following from the article:

Sometimes, particularly after a hard day, I set out to luxuriate at a table for one at a favorite restaurant. Knowing that the dishes will come and go, I look forward to taking my seat, opening a book of short essays and dining in silence.

Yeah, sure, and I am the Grandmaster Dragonslayer from Saturn.

Maybe if you knew how to cook, you could actually prepare a good meal for yourself. Even most men can do that nowadays.

Furthermore, you're contemplating your abandonment as a woman behind the facade of reading short essays as you eat, and the fact you might have to dine alone again and again...or until they let you bring your cat in. Better yet, you might as well just fake that you are blind, and that way you can bring your "seeing-eye dog" in with you...at least you will have some company that can be justified to the restaurant staff.

Going it alone in the dining room is not for beginners, but it has its charms—primarily among them, the option to dine completely free from distraction. Despite this delight, some solos feel they stand out, believing that companioned diners are gawking in disbelief as they make their way to table. Be assured there is no reason to feel self-conscious. Your fellow diners (hopefully) are focused on their meal—or better yet, their dining companions.

Be assured you are standing out, and yes, the rest of us eating dinner with our companions do gawk at you in disbelief. We are thinking to ourselves, "Wow, something must be wrong with that woman since she is all by herself eating alone. Let's watch her and see if she freaks out on the wait staff or something, we'll have free entertainment tonight with our dinner."

Bon Appetit!
Saturday, February 24, 2007
More Anti-Male Circumcision Articles

Plastered across most news agencies yesterday were articles such as this (and this is probably the most unbiased one on the subject - shows both "pros" and cons) about how circumcision reduces the risk of HIV infection. Cutting up a man's genitals should be anathema in any regard.

Note it was only about two months earlier that we already heard about this and I wrote about such here.

Anyway, I find it very interesting that:

1) Circumcision studies are done on African men (as if they are expendable lab mice).

2) HIV infection rates exploded after South Africa became "free" from British rule.

3) Abstinence and condom use effectiveness are not being reported with the same frequency as these circumcision articles have been. These alternatives are very effective in reducing the risk of HIV infection.

4) The burden of reducing HIV infection rates is solely on men, and not on women.
Friday, February 23, 2007
Perspective 88

Our Guest Connaisseur writes:

I've been single all my life... no wife, no kids...I would agree that few heterosexuals intend to live single lives... and kids...well, that takes two and if she ain't willing...

From my very selfish point of view, when she stops being a lover and becomes the inevitable demanding you-know-what, I say...bye bye.

In the past, man had to buy the cow, now women, foolishly I think, gave away the cream and call it liberated...with the result less marriages than ever before and more divorces than ever before. Men are voting with their feet... and it is away from serious relationships with today's woman -- read into that whatever you will.

Anyway, being single is a very nice lifestyle...there is no one around to nag, I wear what I want, drive what I want, go where I want when I want, and see who I want...and I have money for me to spend, not her...not bad. I've got a long list of past friends to share emotions and life with, even past lovers.

To be brutally frank, there is no reason for me to get married. Women will tsk-tsk that view, but they fail to realize it is also the view of the majority of single and/or divorced women past 40.
Tuesday, February 20, 2007
Nobody Cares About Global Warming

And you environmentalists are going to have to deal with it, and get real jobs instead of being the ass-clowns that you are. The earth naturally warms up and cools down, it is just the way things are.

Right now, it is warming up (or so people believe - except if you live in Oswego, New York that has been literally buried in snow), next it will cool down (or it already has for people in Oswego, New York) , and I can imagine you environmentalists running around screaming "Global Cooling!" "Global Cooling!", because in a couple of years you guys will need a new religion once you find emptiness in this one, as most of you have, but won't admit because of peer pressure.

Hence, your religion is Global Warming, next it will be Global Cooling, then who knows, maybe Global Lukewarm after these.

Oh, and your Live Earth concert, which only the lamest of the lame will watch and/or attend; and that is a pathetic display of self-promotion of so-called rock stars and celebrities, is going to be another joke like Live Aid and Live 8 were.

I especially remember Live Aid, cause my friend dubbed over his sister's copy of "We Are The World" song by USA For Africa, and make a mockery of it and it became a hit song in my classroom back in the 80's...where was YouTube when he needed it back then...and Africa is still poor and hungry by the way.

Bravo! Good show! (sarcasm)
Monday, February 19, 2007
Cigars To You Congressman

You got to like this guy, from suggesting that Mecca be nuked if the radical Islamic terrorists keep up their bullshit, and now to getting the police called on him for smoking his cigar (albeit it was a Muslim congressman that called the cops on him...hmm...very interesting Dr. Watson) Tom Tancredo can't be all that bad...cigars to you congressman.

Here is the article: Cops Called to Capitol Over Cigar Smoke

Note the following:

Tancredo wasn't pleased with the way his neighbor handled the smoke. He says that had Ellison approached him personally, he would've been more than happy to accommodate him, or at least come to some kind of agreement over the problem. Now he's determined to keep enjoying his cigars as before.

Damn straight, light them up all the time now!

"Calling the Capitol Hill police? That is ridiculous," said Tancredo. "Of course if [Ellison] had come over, I'd have worked with him, maybe gotten a bigger air purifier. Now, he can get his own."

Hahahaha...we need a cigar named after Tom Tancredo...the Tancredo Torpedo!

"The lifestyle Nazis," rued Tancredo in reference to smoking-ban activists, "they're out there."

He is right on the money, from terrorists that need to get a life instead of blowing their lives up along with others to feminists trying to emasculate and neuter all men along with their chivalrous and effeminate lapdog male followers, we got some real lifestyle Nazis out there.

Time to roll the Twisted Sister Clip for all us cigar smoking, booze drinking, gun toting, freedom loving, and going our own way single men:
Sunday, February 18, 2007
The Mirror Speaks 3

The Question:

Mirror, mirror, on the wall, is the men's movement going anywhere, if anywhere at all?

The Mirror:

I will spare you the about 200 comments on this topic that I read on a supposedly men's site that will remain nameless, where a bunch of baby boomers were going back and forth debating if the men's movement was dead, alive, or on life support.

The baby boomers have utterly failed as a generation in many ways, and it is up to you men in generation X and Y to bulldoze what is left of their mess and rebuild from the ground up. That is what Men Going Their Own Way (MGTOW) is all about, that is the Men's Movement. The question is not whether MGTOW's should join the baby boomers' men's movement, but whether the baby boomers will join the MGTOW's and get with the program.

The MGTOW's are attacking feminism on all fronts, primarily their modus operandi is preventative - meaning pulling men out of situations (i.e., marriage) before they even get into them. However, they also expose the wide and encompassing anti-male laws and misandric culture so prevalent in the Anglosphere.

The MGTOW's have drive, determination, goals, objectives, etc. - and even their own logo.

That sounds like a movement to me - alive and well.
Saturday, February 17, 2007
Ghosts In The Machine

Being single is very nice, it doesn't matter to me if I work or not. I have no family to support, no wife to nag me, or complain about me, or divorce me so that I lose all my money and assets via the Anglosphere Matriarchy. Heck, I will move back home with mom and dad - and they would love it too.

I have no responsibility except to myself and those I decide to bring into my presence of greatness.

Oh wow, can you hear it? I can hear it. You hear those women from the ranks of conservatives, liberals, religious peoples, even feminists, or what not from the Anglosphere Matriarchy in the back saying:

"How dare you not take responsibility for us!"

"You are a man!"

"You are suppose to be a gear in the machine of life serving us and our agenda!"

Shut up biatches!

I am a ghost in the machine of life. I move freely about and how I wish.

Scares you doesn't?

You can't catch a ghost, you only see the effects of it.

Makes you miserable there woman, why you are still single, 30+, and no prospects in site.

Makes you angry there woman, why you are still in your corporate zombie job with no man in site to rescue you.

Makes you depressed there woman, that you will grow old with a cat.

Yeah, you women are just seeing the effects of the ghosts in the machine of life - millions of us single men.

And it spooks you really bad - and you know it.

Oh, and you married and chivalrous men throughout the Anglosphere Matriarchy:

Work as gears in the corporate machine and upholding the title of "salary man" and keeping your wives up to par with the neighbors. Some single man is starting his own consultant firm and will be hired by your corporation at three times the rate they pay you.

Work as wage slaves expending your entire life to support your wives and kids, which can be taken from you at a moment's notice by your wives' command, and then have your wives take you for everything you have. Some single man is taking the money and running into the expat boat.

Work as the rest of masses do, serving the agenda of women and what they want. Another single man has just become a ghost in the machine.

And just what do you plan to do, married and chivalrous men?

Get angry?

Get jealous?

Do something constructive maybe?

No, you want to kill the messenger, live in your delusions, and propagate the matriarchy even more!

Hahahaha...but you forget...I am a ghost in the machine. You only see the effects of me, and the effects of the millions of other single men like me. There is nothing you can do.

Keep preaching for single men to marry washed up career chicks and be responsible...the ghosts are laughing at you.

Keep shaming single men as being selfish when they do things in their best interest...the ghosts aren't listening.

Keep telling single men it is there responsibility to uphold the matriarchal society known as the Anglosphere that is anti-male and doesn't give a crap about them...the ghosts are rebuilding their lives elsewhere.

Women, married men, and chivalrous men throughout the Anglosphere, will see their own agenda collapse upon them.

However, in the meantime, single men are ascending into power in the Anglosphere and also elsewhere around the world, and giving these groups a real haunting they cannot stop.
Friday, February 16, 2007
Perspective 87

Our Guest Connaisseur writes:

I used to be a journalist on daily papers. When I read the paper it was always the national front, the local front, the lifestyle front, and then the comics. I have never read a sports page or section in my life.

Then I was an assignment editor for a TV station and learned what a complete farce TV "news" is. I would not trust them to unbiasedly report the sun rose today.

And since then, I have not read a newspaper or news magazine, watched any TV news -- that's easy, I don't own a TV -- nor have I visited any news websites...and the quality of my life definitely went up.
Tuesday, February 13, 2007
More Desperate Women On The Prowl

I went out to get some things at one of these big box retail stores the other evening - when the concentration of the masses is low - so the masses do not defile my greatness of presence.

However, to my surprise, there was a lot of single women shopping - this is very odd, there is usually not many people at all in the store, just us single men and/or older gents that have found out that it is alot easier to shop at night or early in the morning and keep our peace of mind without having to deal with the maddening crowds of the matriarchy.

Anyway, you can easily tell these single desperate women apart - in their mid 20's to mid 40's, have that predatory look, and can either be alone or move in packs of 2, possibly more. I have never seen this before that I can recall. I guess because it was approaching the American holiday or whatever they call it here named as Valentine's Day and this was a last ditch attempt by them to find love, sex, or what not. It had to be, because most women I know, plan way far in advance of this holiday. I had this one woman ask me in December about where I was going to take her on Valentine's Day. I told her, "I'll get back with you after Christmas and New Years", of course, I forgot to get back with her as is my custom. Women always remind me of Valentine's Day, and why I have not done this or that for them.

They are lucky if they get an E-card. I do not celebrate a day that worships women, it is anathema. It is actually Saint Auxentius Day on February 14th of my Eastern Orthodox Calender - I don't even see a Valentine's Day anywhere on it.

Anyway, as I moved about the store to located the items I intended to purchase, I got a disturbing vibe, like I was being watched and probably tracked by these predatory women. I verified this by occasionally glancing over now and then in the direction of such women, and sure enough, they were watching me. However, being royal in my walk, I simply continued about my business, ignoring them and acquiring the items on my list. Once again, untold millions of women will enjoy their Valentine's Day with their cats...Meow.

As as for me, well, the womenfolk I know are really twisting my arm to take them out, they too, don't have any dates. What is even more sad, they don't have any cats either...tsk tsk...all alone...not even a cat.
Friday, February 9, 2007
Growl...Snarl...Grrr...Angry American Women

I went out during the day to get some things done, I usually go at night to do stuff or very early in the morning as to avoid the crowds, so it was quite telling to what I saw. I noticed that American women are quite angry at the world or something, from the young woman clerk at the store who found out a degree in some social science or women's studies gets you a $6.50 an hour job and about $20,000 or more in debt all the way to the old bitter woman in her 40's slaving away in Corporate America are finding life is quite miserable.

I feel the hate swelling within them...

But it's cool with me, let them be miserable, angry, and disgusted with life. They won't ruin my day, I will smile and be polite, if they take out their anger and misery about life on me with nasty looks and unprofessional conduct, then I will send a complaint to their boss or company and be quite the little pest pursuing my complaint until these angry American women are disciplined or fired. I've done it before, and I'll do it again and again. I don't get mad, I get even. They will be disciplined as brute beasts should be, until they know how to conduct themselves properly and orderly in my great and awesome presence.

Take no shit from American women. Put them on notice everytime they act like absolute retards.
Perspective 86

Our Guest Connaisseur writes:

Lust and love are quite different, indeed, lust is rather common and love rather rare...ain't no mistaking the two...there is a woman I know...I lust for her body, but the rest of her -- read her personality -- is horrid. Can't confuse that with the ladies whose bodies and personalities I like...there is no confusion.

You see, when you are a young man, you don't care who you wake up with. Nowadays, I ask myself if I want to wake up next to her...love and lust aren't an issue...pragmatism is.

Moreover, as women age - at least for me - aging and saggy isn't the issue at all. It will happen to you, too, so be gracious. It really comes down to personalities and attitudes. Getting a woman to bed is extremely easy. That is not a challenge. Great sex is a piece of cake -- you're better at sex at 30 than 20 and you're better at 50 than 30, et cetera. So getting to bed and having a good time is easy. The hard part is finding someone you want to wake up with more than once - whether she is young or has some mileage on her.
Saturday, February 3, 2007
The Minivan - An Egg On Wheels

I was cruising around like a gangster in my fuel guzzling Benz sedan, and I noticed that minivans look like eggs on wheels. I noticed this one minivan that a man was driving (not looking very happy and wishing he was driving my Benz or other manly vehicle) while his wife was triumphantly and confidently sitting next to him (and why not, since she legally owns him via marriage in the Anglosphere Matriarchy). I also noticed other minivans on the road and they all looked like eggs on wheels.

Hence, the minivan, an egg on wheels and a fitting vehicle for the emasculated and feminized man.

Whereas the egg represents the essence of the female, the man driving a minivan represents his total emasculation and feminization by driving such - he has been encapsulated into the female essence in mechanical form.

Have you ever seen a manly man driving a minivan? I haven't. Men that drive minivans are emasculated and feminized, weak and pathetic, and have surrendered their birthright as men to women, and now drive an egg on wheels.

I realize now why women tell me if they get married they want their husband to buy a minivan, it is the woman publicly showing the world that her man is emasculated, feminized, and owned by her, in which she greatly delights.

Discuss among yourselves:

Is the SUV (Suburban Utility Vehicle) the apex of a gender neutral society by being the gender neutral vehicle - is it a minivan that is masculated or a truck that is feminized?
The Bright Mirror reflecting masculinity for men. Saving your ass from the Matriarchy whether you like it or not. Shattering delusions so reality is clearly seen. You are ready, and the master has appeared.

Enigma Behind The Mirror

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