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Thursday, October 26, 2006
Perspective 74

Our Guest Connaisseur writes:

For a woman to attract a young man all she needs to be is female. But an older man is looking for a companion and that requires more than being just female.

Indeed, it is a rite of passage. Younger men are willing to endure women for sex. Older men -- after 35 or so -- are not, for any reason. It is really that simple. That is why if a woman is not married by the time she is forty, she is more likely to be killed by a terrorist than ever be married. To be slightly more specific on a personal level, I just don't meet women in America I want to spend time with, let alone know better or go to bed with. Met quite a few in Europe and Greece, however, but not in the US. I find American women about as attractive as men, which I don't find attractive at all.

Also, the accusation "he's afraid of a commitment" is leveled when she can't deal with the reality they aren't going to be together. So it is his fault, which is nonsense. If either is not willing to make a genuine commitment, guess what? The other person is not the right one, and not making a commitment is a wise decision - especially for men in America.
Sunday, October 15, 2006
The Framework For Success

Strategically, for MRA's to be successful, they must adopt 3 principles:

1) Theory
2) Illustration
3) Application

1) Theory will almost always be carried out in the academic arena. Men such as Stephen Baskerville, Glenn Sacks, Carey Roberts are good examples of such. They expose the feminists and the matriarchy on a theoretical level in an academic manner.

This is where, in my opinion, Men's Rights stops at for most men. MRA's forget about 2) Illustration and 3) Application.

Fortunately, this is where Men Going Their Own Way (MGTOW) takes over, and why it is a vitally important part of the Men's Rights movement.

Let's look at Illustration (2).

One must take theory and illustrate it in order to communicate it to the broader society. I really don't think men are going to sit down and read all of the MRA theory out there, they just don't have the time or the interest. Their lives are going at 200 mph and they need a quick snapshot of MRA theory to get the gist of it. The MGTOW Roadsign and Manifesto are perfect illustrations to understand and further a man's interest in MRA theory and such.

Now, let's look at Application (3).

This is where the MRA/MGTOW man comes into direct contact with the millions of destroyed men throughout the matriarchy, particularly in the Anglosphere Matriarchy. This is where the MRA/MGTOW man can further the illustration to application in society by aiding each destroyed man out there, rebuilding him, and helping him in going his own way and restarting his life anew.

Theory won't go anywhere without illustration, and illustration won't be useful without application. All three are needed for strategic success among MRA's.
Sunday, October 8, 2006
This Is A Really Good Chocolate Bar - Flagrantly Good!

I am sitting here eating a chocolate bar. In fact, it is one of the best chocolate bars I have ever had. Greek girl is eating one of them too as she is reading some of my karate books - I guess she wants to become a ninja or something. Anyway, I ordered a bunch of premium chocolate bars from this world reknown chocolatier to actually see how good they really are - and they are that good. This chocolate bar is so good I might just eat the whole box I bought. Of course, these chocolate bars are for me (and who I decide to give them to) - and nobody else - especially not some princess syndrome woman - she can work in her own mudane career and buy them herself. I think I am going to smoke a cigar after this and have some cognac. Moreover, one of the things I do, which royally pisses off women (and chivalrous males), is my totally flagrant attitude toward them. I am the best thing since sliced bread - and I let them know it. They aren't, I am. Deal with it. My life is great, and it is because I made the right decisions and stayed the course, and now I am reaping the grand rewards - like eating this premium chocolate bar. Women don't like this, they don't like the fact they royally screwed up their lives, are stuck in mudane careers, or alone with cats to be childless the rest of their lives while eligible (and smart) men like me are on a marriage strike and no man is going to help them - hey, let the government with all its social programs for women solve their problems - I am enjoying this premium chocolate bar and am too busy. Furthermore, I don't need those negative vibes and energy from jealous and envious chivalrous males and women whose lives suck royally, and don't piss me off either acting like you are tough and stuff - cause I will deal with you - sooner or later, I prefer later, because revenge is a dish best eaten cold. So sit down, shut up, and realize you are a big loser because of the stupid decisions you made, and then turn all those negative vibes and energy into positive vibes and energy and do something constructive with your remaining miserable life. You might actually do something worthwhile for yourself and humanity. Continuing in this most excellent post, women don't like the fact that I spend my money on myself and for my enjoyment - and I flagrantly let them know it. They don't like the fact I am happy, and they aren't, and I flagrantly rejoice in my happiness. I also flagrantly let them know how enjoyable it is to be single and successful. This is where MRA's fail in my opinion, MRA's - true MRA's, should be single and loving it. You are free. You don't have to support some obese American woman that despises you. You don't have to cater to American women and their whims. You don't have to get married and end up at some big box retail store wondering why you are buying all this useless plastic crap made in China for your girlfriend/wife. You don't have to do anything. If there ever was a New World Order - it is this - Men Flagrantly Going Their Own Way. Period. Drink cognac and smoke cigars the rest of your life if you want to or just order flagrantly good premium chocolate bars I like did. You might find some foreign chick that will join you in your enjoyment of such.
Monday, October 2, 2006
Mr. Untouchable

I have a friend who is untouchable. Everything he owns is in the name of his limited liability corporation (LLC). He buys everything in its name, and I mean everything. His house, car, anything he uses is always bought in the name of his LLC. The IRS has been for years trying to find something on him, and they always come up empty. He owns absolutely nothing, and writes everything off legally. I highly recommend men forming an LLC and buying everything they own or want to own in the future in their LLC's name. It is well worth the time and money spent with your lawyer in the set up, management, and maintenance of your LLC.
Sunday, October 1, 2006

I have finished the rebuilding and restructuring of this company that was destroyed by metrosexuals and feminists (all companies will suffer the same fate that employ such types). After this company was destroyed by the metrosexuals and feminists, the old guard (all uber men that left after the metrosexuals and feminists came to power - an interesting microcosm of what will happen when men just drop out of society all together) came back and put the company back together, and called on my expertise in operations management to help lay part of the foundation. The company is small, flexible, and highly profitable, and it will stay that way. I get pretty much supreme reign of the management input and output processes to run the company how I see fit. The company picks and chooses its customers to keep itself as small as possible so we can keep a minimum number of women around to satisfy some government quota saying you got to hire X number of women in proportion to Z number of men. It is interesting to note, our competition has more women and less productivity, while we have less women and more productivity, and of course, more profit.
The Bright Mirror reflecting masculinity for men. Saving your ass from the Matriarchy whether you like it or not. Shattering delusions so reality is clearly seen. You are ready, and the master has appeared.

Enigma Behind The Mirror

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