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Sunday, August 27, 2006
Descending Upon The American Mortals

Seems the American mortals are having quite a stir over this article - that states a man should not marry a career woman - and so much so it had to be posted with a counter article next to it on the main site that first published it, as shown here. I would usually not even post about such, since the Mirror has always warned men not to marry career chicks or even get married in America or the Anglosphere, so this news about not marrying a career chick is nothing new to us or our readers, yet the stir is quite intriguing, so I decided to descend from my place of glorious masculinity for a post - plus I suppose some of my readers thought I was MIA.

Being god-like in form and appearance in my daily life, I tend to attract women, and being in the business world, I tend to attract career chicks. Most career chicks are desperate to get married and have kids and a family - and hate their careers - thus, marriage is a nice escape route for them - except the pool of suckers is rapidly decreasing via the marriage strike, which in all actuality, should be called the marriage bust. You should not be surprised if career chicks ask you to marry them, which I have had quite a few do so as of late. Of course, I would not marry them, since my foreign women friends are much higher quality to provide me marriage material at a time and place of my choosing - when and if I decide such. Therefore, believe it kids, it is real and it is now - there is a marriage bust in the Anglosphere - and career chicks are freaking out with the light at the end of the tunnel being a freight train. The hourglass sands are running and career chicks' opportunities to escape from being trapped in a mundane career for the rest of their lives are now passing ever so quickly with no hope of marriage, kids, or a family, and thus, ending up as a bag ladies with cats is a very real possibility, as confirmed here. Once again, people, invest in cat food companies, and now, bag manufacturing companies.
Monday, August 14, 2006
Be Wary Of Family Intentions

Some of my friends and acquaintances that I know that are single and carefree, have to be on guard from their immediate families fixing them up with a woman. Their families are considering them losers for not being married, and what their families are really saying to these single men is they can't find a woman on their own, and think some lowly girl from church or the countryside will be good for them. Their families give no reason, but their families just want to see them get married and then watch the marriage fail so they can be just like their families. Don't be fooled, misery wants company. The truth is these single men can get plenty of women, it just finding the right one which eludes them, and if they can't have the right one, then they rather be single and carefree. Fortunately, my family stays pretty much out of my life and I put them on notice if they get too involved, but it is very common among my single friends with their families. My readers should take note of this and compared their families' activism in getting them married off. Just remember, there is no "Ms. Right", only an approximation of the ideal which you have to set limits of functionality on.
Monday, August 7, 2006
The Real American Family

Single moms and their out of the control bastard offspring - that is your present and real American family today. Here's a good example (you can't beat the state of Florida in finding excellent examples of everything that is screwed up with America) : Single mom and her out of control son. I remember back when a family consisted of a father and mother, and if you screwed up, your father beat your ass...it might be called child abuse now, but it at least kept kids in line. Now, government is these single moms' "husband" and these kids' "daddy", trying to discipline them through "progressive" disciplinary methods like juvenile detention centers - which is only preparing these bastard kids for a life in the government's prison system and wasting tons of taxpayers' money. Nothing like having a father to beat your kid's ass when he or she screws up - and much more cost effective to the taxpayers. An entrepreneurial individual might consider opening up a service that rents out "fathers" to beat these bastard kids' asses for these single moms - it would definitely save taxpayers' money and enforce discipline on the kids, while simultaneously making a profit.
Sunday, August 6, 2006
The Island of Dr. Moreau

The other day, I watched the 1977 film version of the novel The Island Of Dr. Moreau by H.G. Wells - the one with Burt Lancaster and Michael York. I noticed a striking similarity between what Dr. Moreau was doing by turning animals into humans, and how the feminists are turing women into men - only to have it fail miserably in application, like Dr. Moreau's experiments.
No matter how masculinized women have become in the Anglopsphere (The Island Of Dr. Moreau), women still want to:

1) Stay at home and raise children, see here
2) Depend on a man for safety and protection, see here
3) Have a man be "manly", see here

Like the animals that Dr. Moreau turned into quasi-humans, which reverted back to their natural animal states, Anglosphere quasi-masculine women are reverting back to their natural feminine states - not just as mentioned in the articles above, that is just the tip of the iceberg - many women I come across in the business world and daily life tell me they want to stay at home, have a family, would like a "real" man around, etc. - especially women in their late 20's and early 30's. Although the animals of Dr. Moreau's island had the natural resources of the island to support their reversion, Anglosphere quasi-masculine women are finding that there is not a lot of men out there, if any, to support their reversion, and these women will experience a painful reversion of being left alone, desperate, and with a lot of cats. Meow.
Friday, August 4, 2006
Live Free Or Die

I have been seeing way too many nonsensical articles written by women telling men how to define themselves and their manhood. From metrosexual to ubersexual and all colors in between. A couple words from the mirror: GO TO HELL SISTER! No man should let any woman define him or his manhood for him, because if he does, then he is a slave to the woman. The person that defines you is your master. Sadly, too many men let their girlfriends, wives, and women in general define them and their manhood, especially here in the US. I like visiting New Hampshire, it has some of the best and cleanest lakes in North America, and I really like The Inns at Mill Falls - a place to chill out and disappear from life in general, but New Hampshire has the best motto of all: Live Free Or Die. Men should apply this motto daily to women seeking to control, define, and manipulate them.
Tuesday, August 1, 2006
The Mighty Odysseus

If you have not read the Odyssey, the ancient Greek classic written by Homer, about a dude named Odysseus trying to get back home to Ithaca after he put the smackdown on a place called Troy, then you, as a single man, especially one in his 20's, need to - for you are the Mighty Odysseus - whether you like it or not. Pending your not feminized, emasculated, and a Niceguy(TM) from the brainwashing of the educational systems and culture in the Anglosphere Matriarchy - meaning you've put the smackdown on Troy and survived - but you still have another journey ahead of you - the journey home to the self-actualization of yourself. It's a ten year journey from your 20's to your 30's, the same amount of time of Odysseus' journey to get back home, and you, like Odysseus, are going to run into a whole bunch of crap during your odyssey of life as you move from your 20's to your 30's, as you grow in the knowledge of who you are and what you are going to do with your life - goals, objectives, visions, etc. Hopefully, once you get to your 30's, you will have arrived at your destination called "Ithaca" or in other words, you've survived the most dangerous part of your life (your 20's) where the Anglosphere Matriarchy does its best to suck you in and destroy you - through the marriage/divorce industry, feminization, emasculation, and anything else the gods can throw at you. You could get obliterated by the Ciconians (matriarchy legal system), or end up not caring anymore about your life or improving yourself and conforming as a matriarchal drone worker because of the Lotus-Eaters (niceguys, chivalrous men, feminized/emasculated men) surrounding you. You could fall prey to the Laestrygonians (American women) and be eaten alive, or fall for the trap of Cicre (the mythical exotic perfect foreign woman Anglosphere men are deluded with) - you better hope you have Eurylochus around to warn you about the dangers. You will be between the Scylla (Canadian women) and Charybdis (Mexican women) - choose wisely, the Scylla is more dangerous than the Charybdis these days. And of course, you will probably be delayed by Calypso (women that distract and annoy you to no end in order to get you to abandon your goals and objectives in life for them and what they want). You will most likely see your friends get annihilated during your odyssey, as Odysseus saw his crew - I myself have seen my own friends get annihilated, but I stayed the course home. Hence, like Odysseus, stay the course home to your 30's - to Ithaca - where in my opinion, you become master of your desires and not lead by them, and have navigated through all the traps of the Anglosphere Matriarchy, moving yourself toward your goals and visions for a better life apart from the Anglosphere Matriarchy, and most importantly, to the self-actualization of yourself.
The Bright Mirror reflecting masculinity for men. Saving your ass from the Matriarchy whether you like it or not. Shattering delusions so reality is clearly seen. You are ready, and the master has appeared.

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