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Sunday, July 30, 2006
Lessons From Living In The Middle Of "Nowhere"

Back in my early twenties, I lived in Greece in a village in the middle of nowhere - really, it was in the middle of nowhere on some plain in central Greece. Milk and cheese came from a goat, meat was freshly slaughtered and cooked, bread was made by hand, fruits and vegetables were gathered - and freaking huge - probably from that Chernobyl nuke cloud that spread over Europe from Russia - anyway, you lived off the land, and you worked on the farm (well, they did, I just laid down some irrigation pipes now and then, and watched the Albanians pick cotton and stuff, went swimming, and sat in the coffee shop telling the locals what America was like).

It was day and night compared to living in America - even if you lived on a farm in America (I know, because I live next to several farms in America and the modernization of American farms compared to this one is Greece makes farming in America relatively easy).

Anyway, in this village, extended families were big, the grandparents, the parents, the children, etc., all lived in the same house - and there was room for visitors like me to stay too. Big family, big house. Married couples lived with their parents, took care of their elderly parents, kids got to see their whole extended family and learn from each member about life, etc.

It was a sharp contrast to what American families are like - especially where Americans box up their elderly in warehouses called "nursing homes" or "assisted living" places, and where American women expect to live in big McMansions made of stucco and plywood (I really don't understand this logic at all of living in sub-standard, poorly built, and overpriced houses, only to be completely obliterated by hurricanes).

It is pretty crazy here in America when you compare it to other places, like this village in Greece for example (although the major cities in Greece are screwed up with feminism and I have seen it spread to some villages in Greece too), or my friend that lived in Columbia, South America for a year - who had a similar experience concerning the importance of family in such countries.

Hence, as American women (and Anglosphere women in general) continue to self-destruct, since they can't find "good" men to buy a McMansion for them, put up with their man-hating attitudes, be wage-slaves for them, worship them as goddesses, and be stepdads to their wild barbarian bastard offspring, etc., you need to focus on moving elsewhere in the world where the importance of family is ingrained in the culture, the elderly are respected, the men are respected, and the women are responsible and hold the family and the preservation of such in high esteem while disdaining shallow materialist nonsense and irresponsible behavior, which sooner or latter, leads to the mess of societies we call the Anglosphere.
Saturday, July 22, 2006
The Men Have Left The Building

The men have left the movie theater for the video game.

The men have left the television studio for the internet.

The men have left the temple for authentic spirituality.

The men have left the retail store for the online store.

The men have left the marriage cage for the bachelor sky.

The men have left the college for the self-education university.

The men have left the corporate office for the entrepreneur office.

The men have left the Anglosphere for their own sphere.

Welcome to tomorrow.
Sunday, July 16, 2006
Continuous Improvement And Innovation

I've mentioned before how Anglosphere men, in one way or another, think that if woman does not validate or approve them (and this notion can be extended to Anglosphere men's ideas, works, etc.) they aren't worth anything - which feminized Anglosphere societies reinforce.

Since I come from a non-Anglosphere culture and society, I can clearly see this in the Anglosphere societies, while Anglosphere men are blind to it and can't even fathom life without having women validate them or not.

For example, how many Anglosphere men are busting their asses in jobs they don't like just so they can show women how successful they are, or how many Anglosphere men are screwing over their fellow Anglosphere man just for the attention of a woman - are Anglosphere men not better than the male monkeys in the wild competing for the breeding rights to the female monkeys?

At least the male monkeys in the wild are smarter in that they are competing for the breeding rights to all the female monkeys in their territory while Anglosphere men are competing for just one woman - which makes me seriously doubt any evolution theories on the ascent of man, since the male monkeys definitely appear smarter.

Anyway, it is really anathema to men in non-Anglosphere societies to even think that a woman has any type of authority for validation of a man or not, and truly sickening to watch in the Anglosphere world. For some Anglosphere men, continuous improvement is all that is needed to optimized themselves to level of independence free from being concerned about if women validate them or not.

In other Anglosphere men, which I think is the majority of Anglosphere men, innovation is needed to thoroughly break free from the power of validation that women hold over these Anglosphere men in feminized Anglosphere societies.

One of the ways Anglosphere men can break free from this co-dependence validation crap by women, is to have a vision or goal in their lives. Visions or goals DO NOT include things like finding a nice girl, getting a date, getting married, etc. These ARE NOT accomplishments in life, these are at best just minor side notes in life, but sadly, most Anglosphere men consider these retarded notions as visions or goals in their lives.

Visions or goals consist of things that directly help you as a man improve (via continuous improvement) or radically change for the better (via innovation). We can say the limit of continuous improvement becomes innovation, because you can only continuously improve something so much, then you got to innovate with a brand new thing, and then continuously improve that new thing, and the process repeats in a ever improving cycle of continuous improvement and innovation working hand in hand.

Discuss among yourselves ways to improve or radically change your life for the better, I am sure you can find something, then make that something your vision or goal to follow until completed, then find some more stuff, and repeat the process, there is no end to continuous improvement and innovation for your life.
Thursday, July 6, 2006
Perspective 72

Our Guest Connaisseur writes:

The well-established, well-researched fundamental difference between man and woman is such:

The man likes the woman just the way he found her, but the woman settles for the man expecting to change him to her liking.

Indeed, that is why he found her. He knows a perfect gem when he sees one. She always expects him to change and thinks she can mend his ways and bring out the best in him. It is the nurturing side of woman. When she changes he is not happy and when he doesn't change she is not happy.

She puts on weight, changes her hair, perhaps gets political, and becomes a different woman than the one he found attractive. Since she is no longer attractive to him-- the fundamental reason in the first place why he said she's the one -- he moves on (and that change has little to do with age.) All the women she knows, cluck their tongues and say what an idiot he is for leaving a woman who is doing so much with her life.

When he can't deal with her "improvements", she simply announces that she has outgrown him, and she is going to start anew and get rid of the baggage-- him. And when she does, her female friends praise her. It is a double standard that flows woman's way. When he's dissatisfied and moves on, he's a Neanderthal jerk, when she's dissatisfied and moves on, it is called personal growth and liberation.

Life is nothing but the male experience encountering the feminine temperament. It isn't going to change, which explains why I am a lifelong bachelor, which is the best of both worlds in my opinion. Single people, male or female, get the best without the worst. That's a win win, and considering that I do not know any happily married people, single is the only way to go.
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