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Wednesday, June 21, 2006
Perspective 71

Our Guest Connaisseur writes:

There is no doubt in my mind that I do not want a woman that is anything like my mother. That would be hell on earth and justify suicide. A son really has two psychological choices, and either one is acceptable depending upon his mother. He either likes his mother or he does not, or perhaps it might be more accurate to say she likes him or she does not. My mother hated my father, and still does with a passion that cannot be expressed in words. I am a bittersweet reminder of that liaison. I took after him and thus she and I never got along. While my burden is that I really don't have a mother beyond the bare fact of birthing, her burden is she never liked her son, which I think is the greater disappointment of the two. We just never got along, not for a moment. Lord, did I run away from home a lot, just to get away from her. When I hear feminists say how good women fundamentally are, I rankle because I personally know how untrue that propaganda is.

So I am forced to decide how to behave and regard this person who does not like me, who made my life miserable for 18 years, who didn't talk to me for some 30 years, and who is now dependent upon me. I am more than justified to never talk to this disgusting person ever again. Instead, I took advice and solace from the philosopher William James, who should have been around a century later than he was. He apparently had such a relationship with his mother (his brother Henry was far more famous as a literary figure, and apparently the apple of their mother's eye.)

William said since he did not know how to treat his disagreeable mother he asked himself what would most people expect sons to do. He used that as a guide. And, thus, that is what I do. I treat her as most would expect mothers to be treated, regardless of her horrid personality and disgusting treatment of me. My mother is difficult, not motherly, and not at all nice. I have wished many times I had a mother who was a mother, supportive and kind. But it simply is not so.

Anyway, I treat her well so that 1) she lives well and 2) when she is no longer here I have no regrets over my behavior regarding her, regardless of her inability to be a loving mother. I keep and nurture her far better than she ever kept or nurtured me. And while the feminists can complain and call me a Neanderthal and demand my execution because I don't agree with feminism -- I do believe in equality however -- I think my behavior where it counts shows just what kind of person I am. I make no apologies for asking for the fair treatment of men because I grew up with an oppressive [fill in the blank] who hates men, whom I am treating like a queen.

In my dreams, my perfect woman is one who is pleasant and who likes men, which from my perspective is a rarity...an opinion that only draws ridicule from certain quarters, and no understanding whatsoever.
Monday, June 12, 2006
Perspective 70

Our Guest Connaisseur writes:

Where men and women differ is in visual perceptions. I am convinced that what one finds attractive is genetically determined. For men that latitude is much smaller than woman's. He is a visual creature and political correctness will never change that. No matter how much you don't like that fact, or complain about it, it is not going to change. The media trying to push the hype that fat (big) is beautiful, middle-aged women are sexy, etc., is not only disingenuous to women, but men laugh their asses off at such tripe.

I know, beyond any doubt, after years of experimenting and trying, that a woman's personality can never overcome her looks if I don't find her physically attractive (which I admit is completely subjective.) It is unfair to her and unfair to me to get to know someone who visually I don't find appealing because it just will not work.

Women complain that men do not appreciate them for their inner qualities. That is not true at all. He does appreciate them, very much, but only when they are in a package he likes as well. It is package and inner qualities. That is immutable, it will not change for eternity. The good news is that what everyone finds attractive is very different, so it really isn't how a woman looks that is important, but how she looks to him, and that can be actually any look...well, maybe not the rabid bull dyke feminist look.
Monday, June 5, 2006
Nap Time

One of things that really bothers American women is that I take naps. Nope, I won't be meeting you for drinks after work and definitely won't be having dinner with you later that evening. I have told quite a few American women that were interested in me, that I won't be able to get to know them since they would be interfering with my nap time. It is great to see the look on their faces - outraged at my so called "lazy" behavior and that I won't stop my life routine for them. It is nap time for me, tough luck girls. I always take naps after work and, of course, on the weekends. American women see me as lazy - which is good, because that way I won't have to deal with them as much as other American men will. Now, the foreign womenfolk I know, have no issues with me and my naps, they simply reason, "Well, he takes naps, and most people from old school Europe do, and when he wakes up, we can do something if he feels like it or maybe some other time on the weekend when he is not sleeping." It is called consideration for other people and their lifestyles - American women could learn this valuable lesson. But they won't...the irony is, American women's cats take naps too, but that doesn't seem to bother them, but if a man does...it is unexcuseable. Not being able to take a nap - reason # 1,005,841 not to get involved with American women.
Friday, June 2, 2006

Anybody that has visited America has most likely seen the youth of America, which I like to call "Ameritrash" - or those that live overseas have seen these barbarians invade your respective country like they own it or something. The youth of America is one worthless generation if there ever was. I might be getting old and becoming a curmudgeon, but just look at them - uneducated, unable to speak in complete sentences - let alone even read or write in English besides even thinking of them having the capability to understand another language or to be able to speak, read, and write in it, obese, lazy, tattooed and pierced like animals, backward ball cap wearing with their underwear exposed like clowns - I really don't see any hope for them. But they are a product of government schools and stupid parents, so I should have expected such. No man of sound mind would even think of having and raising children in America. Only American women knocked up by "bad boys" are having such bastard children in America, which a nation of such it has become. I am sure there are some men that want families and such, but America is not the place to have them. Find a girl, expat overseas, and have and raise your kids wherever you expated to - your kids will thank you later - and it is the least you can do for them.
Thursday, June 1, 2006
Women Abusing Children In Florida

Aside from Florida having overpriced real estate and a service economy, it also seems to have high percentages of women abusing children down there, must be the heat I suppose, here are the latest abuses against children by women from that matriarchal state:

Teacher's Aide Charged For Sexual Battery On A 6 Year Old

Woman Arrested For Allegedly Trying To Poison Her Two Handicapped Children.

Sounds like parents need to hide the kids.
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