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Sunday, April 30, 2006
Perspective 65

Our Guest Connaisseur writes:

There is one female writer who says when women complain that men won't talk to them about what they feel, the women are being disingenuous. She says what they are really complaining about is he isn't talking about how he feels about her. She says women really aren't interested in his feelings past those that pertain to her. Whereas, she argues, men actually really care about what she feels about other things than just him. He, for example, is very much involved with her drive to be equal, but she is not at all involved in his need to be treated fairly.

Moreover, men are expected to endure because we can. That is part of what being a man is all about. It's not appreciated much, but it keeps the world safe because only good men can stop bad men.

While sharing your feelings with women is nice in theory, I have found in practical terms it is not wise. It has been my experience that what feelings you share with a woman today will come back to haunt you tommorrow.

So, considering the down side, suffering in silence is the best over all strategy. President Grant said when he was in charge of the Union Army during the Civil War he always "took his own counsel." He found himself to be the most reliable and considerate to himself.

There is a telling story about Abraham Lincoln and Grant, when Lincoln was president and Grant leading the army. Grant won a major victory -- long awaited and a turning point in the war -- and Lincoln praised Grant during a cabinet meeting. One of his cabinet members reminded Lincoln that Grant was a heavy drinker. Lincoln said "then send him a case of whiskey. I wish I had a dozen like him. "
Wednesday, April 26, 2006
The Intelligentsia

I guess we could say it is the sign of the times, or it probably has always been this way, we just get more of it with increased informational sources such as satellite TV or the internet with "the intelligentsia" abounding everywhere - you know - political pundits, columnists, journalists, etc., that ever spew their all-knowing wisdom to the "uneducated" or "educated" masses like the gods these intelligentsia try to make the masses believe that they are - and these intelligentsia do a good job at making demagogues of themselves with the results of many mindless masses worshipping and serving them as such. Conservative, liberal, in-between, these intelligentsia factions are everywhere in the various forms of media, expounding their wisdom to the poor, pitiful masses and being given awards by their like-minded colleagues and peers in praise of their bullshit which now passes as knowledge and wisdom throughout the West. I could put a list of these intelligentsia nitwits on here which I find to be excellent examples of those that just talk or write to fill up blank space and have a net productivity of zero, but there names aren't even worthy to be put on a glorious site such as this, and would tarnish the excellence of this blog permanently. Take note intelligentsia, unless you have lived in that environment, country, area, etc. in which you give your "expert voice" about (no, having a friend(s) or being married to somebody that is from that certain environment, country, area, etc., in which you authoritatively speak about does not count either as experience) and since you never actually offer a real and tangible solution, do us all a favor and SHUT THE FUCK UP.
Thursday, April 20, 2006
Cigar Smoking

I was at this business convention, and being the only one smoking cigars, I was asked "Do you enjoy smoking those things?" I said "Of course, I do." There is a reason I smoke cigars. I just don't smoke cigars for an image or something stupid like that. My grandfather smoked cigars (and a pipe later on), my father smokes cigars, my uncle smokes cigars, it is a family tradition. First, it really clears my mind; it sort of relaxes me so I can think "outside of the box" - I hate this cliche...but it works for now. Second, I like the taste of a good smoke. More men should light up cigars and pour their favorite liquor. Unfortunately, most men in the US are feminized and therefore will never experience a good cigar. It really is a shame. These men might smoke cigarettes, but cigarettes are for women. One way I qualify women to become part of my sphere of greatness, is if they have issues or not with my cigar smoking. Women that do have issues with my cigar smoking are disqualified immediately, women that have no issues can experience the greatness of my presence, and have the privilege of going to the cigar shop for me and buying cigars that I request. I also have noticed that women that have no issues with my cigar smoking are quite feminine and usually are of foreign birth or foreign/ethnic cultural wise. Cigar smoking is a masculine thing, and women that hate it or have issues with it are ones that seek to destroy masculinity in a man, and therefore should be avoided by all means. Call it the cigar test. Now, if a woman wants to smoke a cigar with you, then that is really screwed up, and you need to drop her like a hot potato. Women smoking cigars is neither feminine nor appropriate.
Tuesday, April 18, 2006
Perspective 64

Our Guest Connaisseur writes:

In my heart, I find prenups completely wrong, but they are a necessity these days.
The National Marriage Council of Princeton University says American woman's penchance for ruining a man financially after the loves wears off is the PRIME -- the first -- reason men give for not getting married. It is the prime reason why the marriage rate is the lowest in the US it has ever been. Financial abuse is also the main complaint of fathers after divorce, and is a rallying cry for their issues. It would seem a prenup should be in every man's back pocket before walking down the aisle (actually, people walk down the nave. The aisle is down the side.)

Palimony is getting common as well. The truth is one should have some type of agreement before anyone moves in also, let alone gets married. Look at it this way, as bad as divorce is -- especially for the man these days -- it is an orderly separation. At least a judge does look at the arrangement before the man is financially raped. If you get nailed with a palimony suit, because you live together, she can take everything and there is no legal overview. I know. Been there, lost all. This is the good news. The bad news is all she has to say is "he hit me" and by the time you get out of jail, your stuff is gone and good luck getting it back. (And that's if you never hit her....) It is the standing legal maneuver women are told to employ against men, "he hit me, he molested the kid, the cat, the tree on the front lawn." et cetera, with or without a marriage license it happens. When women love you, they love you. And when they hate you - no holds are barred.

But with bachelorhood...the house is mine, the bank account is mine, and never again shall a female get near either. I have never been a man to focus on money. It is not my personality. But I have been burned and learned... never more and never again quote the raven.
Thursday, April 13, 2006
Happy Easter!

Happy Easter to all my Western Catholic/Protestant readers this week and my Eastern Orthodox readers next week.
Wednesday, April 12, 2006
Perspective 63

Our Guest Connaisseur writes:

I think feminism is a sexist hate movement with the gendercide of men and things masculine its goal. It is on par with the KKK, Black Panthers, and NeoNazis.

I think feminists modeled the modern woman after the dike lesbian, and consequently in the West, such as the US, woman has become a more than equal masculine competitor rather than an equal feminine companion (and several will respond to that comment with the usual hate and insults that has come to represent feminism.) [and this is why American men go to Europe or the Orient for brides. It is not because they are submissive. It is because they are still feminine.] And the facts support the influence of feminism...record high divorce rate, record low marriage and proposal rate -- men are voting about modern woman with their feet, that is, running the other way. Crime is rising with women, including the horrible statistic that when a child is killed, 80 percent of the time the mom does the killing. And news stores of female teachers having sex with young boys are becoming common. A teacher a couple of weeks ago was charged with 28 counts of rape of a 13 year old boy.

All in all I think feminism is not a good thing. I think equality is a good thing and imperative. But equality and feminism are not the same thing. Feminists want women to be above the law, and man under it.

This leads to some politics of mine...

As long as the Democrats support feminism. I cannot support Democrats. As far as Mark Warner, the potential candidate from Virginia - a Democrat...there are a lot of issues a moderate Democrat could use -- prison reform and drug crime reform, but it isn't going to happen for decades because the Democrats have no central core. Their party is a pastiche of extremists, the disaffected and the disgruntled. There is no middle to be a middle.

Now, I do not like the religious right's involvement with the Republicans....they are almost as offensive to me as feminists. But when I ask myself which offends me more, the religious right or the feminists, it is the feminists. Their opinions make them lead lives I can't agree with. So, my vote and my money goes to Republicans for now.

Anyway...I am relocating. One reason why I will be in Greece three weeks this fall is to sight out some places to move to.
Monday, April 10, 2006
The Light At The End Of The Tunnel Is A Freight Train

Alas, the final stage of the modern women- single, alone, miserable, and with cats...a lot of cats. There is no denying women here in the US are a pretty miserable bunch. Either getting wasted on booze on the weekends or just wasting away from their mundane "careers" and childless future alone with cats. Have fun girls. That's YOUR feminism at work. I had this one career chick, tell me "Well, I will find a man, and have a family, because there is always light at the end of the tunnel." I said, "Honey, the light at the end of the tunnel is a freight train." Of course, she started crying. Truth hurts. So does getting hit by the freight train of reality. Women in their 30's are really in for hard times - there feminists leaders are dying or are dead so there is no leadership around to pump them with hate for men, they have past the expiration date to have kids and family, and are stuck in mind-numbing careers. Now the younger generation of women in their 20's seems different, they tend to have this look on them as if "Oh My God, I better not a biatch lest I end up like those women in their 30's." Well, that is great and all, but these women are also in for hard times since men are on a marriage strike. This freight train of reality is going to hit another two generations of women, having already run over women in their 40's and 50's who are so delusional from the after shock of the freight train hit, they still think they are hot and desirable.
Friday, April 7, 2006
Perspective 62

Our Guest Connaisseur writes:

I don't think women are dimwits at all. I do think they have been sold a false bill of goods by gender feminists and the evidence of that is everywhere:

1) Record high divorce rate
2) Record low men proposing rate
3) Record number of unwed mothers
4) Record number of women living alone in mid life
5) Record number of women going to jail
6) Record number of women committing serious crimes
7) Record number of women being treated for depression
8) Record number of women are dying from behavior-related cancer.
9) Record number of women killing their children (80 percent of all children killed are kill by their mothers, not their fathers according to National Vital Statistics.)

Now you may think that's a fine track record for modern woman, I do not. I think woman should be legally equal, but I do not think she should act like a man, and THAT is the essential lie of feminism, that is if woman acts like a man her life will be instantly better. Clearly this is not so. She needs to be a fully actualized woman, not a woman trying to act like a man.

I think the end result of the feminist lie is that women are not happy at all. They are lonely and they are angry. They have only themselves to blame. My goal, is to suggest woman can be equal and feminine, a rather radical idea.
Saturday, April 1, 2006
Perspective 61

Our Guest Connaisseur writes:

When women complain that men don't do enough house work, what they are really saying is she wants him to do half of her work. She never volunteers to do half of his.

Of course, what is 'his" work and what is "her" work is fluid, and different couples will do different things. Feminists have so discredited men, that many, if not most women, no longer consider chores men do around the home as work. Feminists have completely defined housework as what women usually do. The work men usually do is completely ignored.

I happen to be an excellent cook, so in all of the relationships I have had, I've done virtually all of the cooking. So I am not opposed to her fixing the leaky roof. What I do oppose is the out and out dismissal of the work men do around the home that feminists refuse to count as housework.

It is a fact that men do 99 percent of the dangerous house work (women do ONE percent) that are completely ignored by women when they say men don't do any house work. Men do a lot of house work, women just ignore what they do. It is one of those false notions created by feminists to depreciate men and insult them and what they do to make a house a home.

She does the dishes and he takes out the heavy garbage, then she has the gaul to say he did nothing. That is ridiculous. Women need to be less sexist and have their consciousness raised to value men for what they do around the home.
The Bright Mirror reflecting masculinity for men. Saving your ass from the Matriarchy whether you like it or not. Shattering delusions so reality is clearly seen. You are ready, and the master has appeared.

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