Mirror Of The Soul

Sunday, February 26, 2006
One God, One Emperor, One Empire

This is a philosophy to pursue. It cuts right through the bullshit and strikes fear in the hearts of chivalrous men and predatory females. You are not to be fucked with.

One God -
You have a mission to grow your own spiritual development apart from the feminized churches. We all know the major crime these feminized churches are doing is telling men to get married and what not, when everything is stacked against men with all the anti-male laws in the Anglosphere. God and you can go your own way, and you might find quite a lot of men around you that agree with you.

One Emperor -
You have a mission to become successful and rule your life and the fruits of your labor uninterrupted by anybody or in jeopardy that they might be seized - in divorce court or otherwise. You are the emperor of your corporation that controls the fruits of your labor, while the rest of the masses can get bent.

One Empire -
You have a mission to build and maintain the fruits of your labor, and to see to the well being of your fellow men that are apart of your circle of friends and allies. Helping out and giving aid to men that have been screwed over by the matriarchy and giving them the necessities and tools, whether spiritual or material, to rebuild their lives and become part of your empire.

Army Of One?, No, I'd rather be an Empire Of One.
Friday, February 17, 2006
Mythologies Of The Day

I think the mythology that foreign women (oriental or otherwise) are better is the fact that Anglosphere women have no standards as to what being feminine or a woman is all about, and that it does not take much for a foreign woman, even with very minimal standards on being feminine or a woman, to outperform Anglosphere women with minor effort involved. So the question to ponder and reflect on, are men that are going overseas to find women and thinking they are better just getting a little bit higher quality of crap - but it is still crap nonetheless, eh?

My opinion is that you have to train a woman on how you want her to be (or maybe she is already trained how you want her to be and you get lucky) and she needs to understand you don't want her any other way. Standards always include tolerances, so there is always some give either way, but as long as she understands the standards you want from her, meets them, I don't think it matters where you go to find a woman. The problem, however, arises in marriage, where a woman can change your standards, and if you don't agree with the changes, she can financially and emotionally destroy you and your children lives via the Anglosphere justice system. This would be the reason I would go overseas if I was the marrying type - to find a place where, as a man, my rights are respected in the event a woman continually violates the agreed upon standards and it ends in a divorce, not because foreign women are better - they just might be a higher quality of crap, but crap nonetheless.
In The Anglosphere, It Is Best To Control Assets, Not Own Them

In the Anglosphere (US, UK, Canada, etc.), the media often reports of millionaires losing half or more of their fortunes to their predatory female ex-wives via the divorce courts. These millionaires are stupid. Just because you got millions, does not mean you got brains. Smart millionaires, such as one of my best friends, controls his assets, and does not own them. I have mentioned him on here before about his nasty divorce with a woman he found in Mexico. To recap, things were great for about 3 years, then this woman from Mexico turned into a total predatory female, just like the Anglosphere women are. Anyway, he gave me the final report of his divorce settlement. Since everything he owns and his profits from his real estate endeavors legally goes through his mom, and not him, he owns nothing, so there is nothing for the divorce court to award to his predatory female ex-wife. His predatory female ex-wife even tried to go after the assets that legally belonged to his mom, but this was laughed at by his attorney, who shredded the demand letter, and then she experienced the harsh reality that the divorce court was totally ineffective at "protecting her rights" since she was legally married to a man that legally owned nothing. She was not married to his mom, who owned everything. Furthermore, since he legally had no job, child support was very small, and since he will legally never have a job in the future, his child support payments will stay at a minimum. I believe the saying "By deception we will conquer" holds true for men in protecting their assets from predatory females in the Anglosphere. As my friend said, "The biatch actually thought I owned millions of dollars worth of property", as he laughed his way out of the divorce court. Hence, by controlling assets in the Anglosphere, and not owning them, and becoming legally invisible in the labor market, a man can protect his millions whether by the scenario described above with good and loyal family members owning them or using trusts or corporations to protect them. Every man must prepare for the worse, hope for the best.
Sunday, February 12, 2006
Perspective 54

Our Guest Connaisseur writes:

You have teachers who are told --under the guise of educational philosophy propagated by a Harvard feminist without credentials -- that boys -- by virtue of just being boys -- are all born disfunctional and are abberations from the normal, and "normal" is how a girl behaves.

In other words, a boy is viewed in many school systems as a pathology that needs to be cured.
Saturday, February 11, 2006
Mission, Purpose

As a man, you should have a mission and purpose in life. If you don't, get one. Because if you don't, you will most definitely end up a metrosexual, feminized male, or emasculated boyfriend or husband, wandering aimless through life as women do, collecting vast amounts of material items in a pathetic effort to fill a void in your soul of meaninglessness. A man with a mission and purpose in life is unstoppable, he is driven to accomplish his objectives no matter what the cost - it is his whole reason for being. Material items are used to further his objectives, or for the passing moment for a bit of enjoyment, but in no way are the end of his objectives. This is a truly powerful man - to be feared and loathed by feminists, women, metrosexuals, feminized males, emasculated males, or what not - who will try and stop him but fail miserably since these types are miserable failures themselves, and to be admired and respected by the few true men left out there.
Friday, February 10, 2006
U.S. Budget Pisses Off Feminazis

Particularly, the NOW Feminazis are pissed off that :

Child Support Collections Cut - Federal monies for child support enforcement will be deeply cut, translating to a projected loss of $24 billion in child support over the next ten years, according to the Congressional Budget Office. Better enforcement in recent years has led to higher collections for thousands of low- and moderate income families. In many instances, the receipt of child support payments is essential to sustaining a low-income family and helping them avoid public assistance.

Fatherhood and Marriage Programs Funded - This legislation includes up to $50 million annually to fund questionable fatherhood programs. These funds have been taken from other seriously under-funded TANF programs and NOW suspects that some of those monies will end up with extremist "fathers' rights" groups. The authorized total would be $150 million annually for both fatherhood and marriage promotion initiatives; all states will be mandated under this bill to establish marriage promotion programs and to meet numerical performance objectives. NOW regards marriage promotion efforts targeting low-income women as potentially coercive, discriminatory and an invasion of privacy.

Anything that pisses off the NOW biatches is fine with me. Although, the marriage promotion crap is a Trojan horse for men since all the laws governing marriage and divorce in the US are anti-male and anti-family. This is just more bullshit programs intending to trap men into wage slavery and prison, while never addressing the anti-male and anti-family laws on the books. The marriage promotion crap is also being used to pander to the Christian conservative lobby that has no clue about the realities of divorce for men in the US - thinking that promoting marriage will repeal the anti-male and anti-family laws - please, I'll take a double congac now. However, I am glad to see more men now than ever realizing the income redistribution scam, health and emotional quagmire marriage has become, and men aren't playing that game anymore. I think everybody has read about the "man shortage" for women - they can't find dates, boyfriends, husbands, etc., and I know women that have admitted this to me as well. Oh well, tough shit. I'll still be enjoying my grand single life - probably living on one of the Greek Islands in the near future, while all these bureaucrats, "conservatives", special interest groups and lobbists keep trying to "fix" relationships with men and women in the US via government intervention.

On a side note, gentlemen, this is the time to invest in cat food companies (or general pet food companies - I notice single chicks with dogs now too) - single, lonely, desperate American women will increase and cats (or dogs) and cat food (or dog food) will increase in direct proportion. Who would have thought that a man might have a really good possibility to retire off his earnings from pet food investment?
Thursday, February 9, 2006
Perspective 53

Our Guest Connaisseur writes:

Almost all of the money spend on suicide prevention is on girls -- said another way, the money is not spent where it is needed because of sexism. Boys, males, in our society are expendable as bic lighters.

Feminist demonizing of males would state boys are really more violent thus they kill themselves more efficiently. I would offer that males are under far more pressure than girls and that causes the suicides to be exponentially higher for boys. It has nothing to do with violence and every thing to do with how boys are treated, and I think it is across the board.

I think jocks are killing themselves because they aren't succeeding someone else's dream.

I think non-jocks are killing themselves because sports participation is a pathetic and forced farce.

I think the creative ones are killing themselves because society says you're gonna starve as an artist.

I think the bright ones kill themselves because education is girl-friendly theses days and boy hostile.

I think gay boys are committing suicide because they can't cope with what they are discovering about themselves and what most of society expects.

Boys live in a pressure cooker that girls do not live in, and almost no one gives a crap because males have been so demonized in our society that boys killing themselves at eight times the rate of girls is a feminist dream come true.
Perspective 52

Our Guest Connaisseur writes:

It is true that the women I've known well have wanted to know how I felt and wanted to plunge the depths of my emotions. But I discovered that they were not really interested in how I felt, but rather were singularly interested in what I felt about them. Any other feelings I had were either dismissed or came back as soul-wounding bullets during disagreements. So I don't discuss feelings any more with the women I know. Other men might feel this way, too.
Sunday, February 5, 2006
Saint Auxentios Day - Commemorated February 14

February 14th is the Eastern Orthodox Church's holiday of Saint Auxentios Of The Mountain (pronounced "Aw-zeen-ti-os").

In case you don't want to celebrate Valentine's Day and give some western woman compliments and gifts as to approve of her superficial, self absorbed, arrogant, and selfish piece of work that she is.

You can say you are celebrating Saint Auxentios Day.

Here is some background info on him:

"The Monk Auxentios, by origin a Syrian, served at the court of the emperor Theodosius the Younger (418-450). He was known as a virtuous, learned and wise man, and he was moreover a friend of many of the pious men of his era.

Distressed by worldly vanity, Saint Auxentios accepted the dignity of presbyter, and then received monastic tonsure. Setting off after this to Bithynia, he found a solitary place on Mount Oxus, not far from Chalcedon, and there he began the life of an hermit. (This mountain was afterwards called Auxentian). The place of the saint's efforts was stumbled upon by shepherds, seeking after lost sheep. They spread the news about him, and people began to come to him for healing. With the Name of God, Saint Auxentios healed many of the sick and the infirm.

In the year 451 Saint Auxentios was invited to the Fourth OEcumenical Council at Chalcedon, where he became known as a denouncer of the Eutykhian and Nestorian heresies. He was greatly familiar with Holy Scripture, and Saint Auxentios easily bested those opponents who entered into dispute with him. After the finish of the Council, Saint Auxentios returned again to his solitary cell on the mountain. By means of spiritual sight he saw the end of Saint Simeon the Pillar-Dweller (459), from over a great distance.

The Monk Auxentios himself died in about the year 470, leaving behind him disciples and many monasteries constructed in the Bithynian region."
Saturday, February 4, 2006
Good Friends, Fine Liquor and Cigars, And Not Giving A Crap

Going from excellence to excellence in life, a man should surround himself with a few good friends - loyal friends - to discuss things of meaning with. Fine liquor and cigars should be a part of this. Time should be spent among friends - far away from the womenfolk - to let all the background noise in your life go quite so you can really think and contemplate stuff of meaning with your friends. You aren't going to solve the world's problems, but you will find yourself seeing different points of view that your friends might have on topics of interest. Often the womenfolk will do their best to isolate a man from his friends - especially in marriage - yet it is really strange that these same womenfolk have no problem getting together with each other and clucking like hens. Hence, a man must never allow the womenfolk to separate him from his friends and never give a crap about any type of fallout that may occur because he pisses off the womenfolk telling them it is cigar and liquor time with his friends. Unfortunately, a married man is pretty much screwed if he does not obey his wife, since she has all the power in marriage, especially in the US, to divorce him on a whim and ruin him very easily with all the anti-male laws here governing marriage and divorce. Now for the single man, he must constantly never give a crap about what his girlfriend thinks or cares about time spent with his friends, and considering more and more women are desperate for men - especially career chicks - you have the advantage as a single man, so who really cares what your girlfriend thinks when you decide to hang with some good friends, drink, and smoke cigars - there are plenty of women out there for you anyway. Use your advantage and dump the biatch. Then celebrate with a round of cigars and drinks with your friends.
Perspective 51

Our Guest Connaisseur writes:

A month ago, I met by chance a woman in a business plaza, we chatted, had some business contacts in common. I sent her an email the next day suggesting we have lunch, and for that I got accused of stalking. Stalking is a felonious crime in my state. Think about that: Man meets woman on Tuesday, man asks woman out to lunch Wednesday, man gets accused on Friday of stalking. While I did nothing wrong, I would send flowers to apologize but that would certainly land me in jail. Romance has been murdered in the West.
The Bright Mirror reflecting masculinity for men. Saving your ass from the Matriarchy whether you like it or not. Shattering delusions so reality is clearly seen. You are ready, and the master has appeared.

Enigma Behind The Mirror

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