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Sunday, October 30, 2005
Self Help Books

I despise self help books. These books are written to make money off the misfortune and misery of others under the guise they will actually help you from your pitiful situation in life. The bottom line is this : ONLY YOU CAN HELP YOURSELF.
Anyway, here is my self help advice free of charge:

1) Know who you are, and what you can and cannot do, and start doing things you can do to get yourself out of your pitiful situation.
2) Start improving your life TODAY and continually improve it every day.
3) Stop letting other people validate you - take control and be yourself no matter how ridiculous and silly people might think you are.

There you go, free of charge, and I probably saved you about 20 bucks on the self help book you were going to buy today.
Saturday, October 29, 2005
Trifling With The Career Women

If you are in your 30's as a single male, you probably are noticing a lot of career women your age trying to find a quick husband to fulfill their breeding desires as their biological clocks are ringing at extreme decibel levels. I find this amusing myself, the "go girl" attitude they had in their twenties is coming back with a vengeance into the "breed girl" attitude with them having a very limited time to fulfill any child bearing desires - which most, if not all, women have. It is funny to see a career woman talk about her nieces and nephews as if they are her own in order to psychologically fulfill her breeding desires - pretending she actually does have children. But it is all for naught, you can see the "breed girl" attitude in these types of women as their eyes dart to and fro seeking a male whom they might devour...er...I mean breed with. I come across a lot of these women, and you might find it entertaining to trifle with them and I myself have from time to time, but be warned - only trifle with them, nothing more - leave these women to the chivalrous males that feel it is their duty to bail these career women out of their poor decision making, and realize these chivalrous males will be eventually dominated and emasculated by these career women. As for you, O Single Male, live a life you want and enjoy the freedom of not having a dominating and emasculating career woman as your master- or at least if you want children, mate with a women in her early 20's that is set on being a mother first, and if need be, will supplement the family income via a job - not a career.
Perspective 28

Our Guest Connaisseur writes:

What is really telling is when you meet blacks from other countries, and you realize how refreshing it is not be bludgeoned with the American Black attitude. The behavior of Black students is exactly why I left teaching.

I have reached the conclusion it is not color that offends me -- after all every one but Albinos are some shade of brown -- but rather culture, or with American Blacks, their sick subculture.

That said, I read an interesting comment lately, written by a Black author who said the rancid "black American" culture is not really a black culture but a true example of southern "cracker" culture. That's a curious idea, on one hand interesting, but on the other, yet perhaps one more way of not taking responsibility.
Friday, October 28, 2005
What To Do With Your Life As A Man

First of all, do something you like, and forget about societal pressures that are all geared to supporting and catering to women. Forget society and the pressures - they are anti-male to begin with and revolve around supporting and being a slave to a woman - you know what I am talking about - marriage, divorce, alimony, child support, etc. Screw the matriarchy.

Second, if you go to college, major in mathematics, science, or engineering, but check the job market first to see how your major in one of the areas mentioned will pay off. Nothing sucks like having a mathematics, science, or engineering degree and no job prospects, like an unemployed tailor making suits nobody wants to buy. Better yet, double or triple major - really geek out - so you can switch around when certain job markets go to crap. You can also just do what I did, work in heavy industry from the bottom up and get a education via the company paying for it - you get the best of both worlds - experience and education.

Third, if you don't go to college, become a truck driver or auto mechanic, you can actually make a good living doing one of these. My auto mechanic buddy makes a ton of money. Remember the simple philosophy of business - quality product or service at a fair price - you will always be successful if you do this.

Finally, learn to enjoy a good cigar with some fine liquor. I have been with many women throughout my life, yes, it ain't really nothing to be proud of, playing women like violins for my amusement - but that is what relationships have come to - anyway, nothing beats the peace and quite - the serenity - of smoking a good cigar with some fine cognac, armagnac, bourbon, or single malt scotch and reflecting on the remains of the day.
Thursday, October 27, 2005
Nuke' em All by Our Guest Connaisseur

The Muslims have been attacking Western interests since the Munich Olympics. Personally, I think the only good a radical Muslim is - is a dead one. I think the US should announce to the world that it has a list of Muslim cities. And the next time the US is attacked the first city on that list -- Damascus would be good -- will be evaporated. And the second time it is attacked, the second city on that list will be evaporated. And eventually Mecca is wasted. Good riddance.

Here is the point, you don't eliminate a city because the radicals are there. You eliminate a city to make the Muslims eliminate the radicals. That may sound drastic, but I think that is the only solution and we will exercise it, especially if radical Muslims hit us with a nuke first, and they are trying.

If the Muslim world had nukes they would have wiped us out 30 years ago. And 29 years ago, and 28 years ago....

I think the flaw people make is assuming the enemy wants to live. Most times the enemy does want to live, the Germans did, the Russians did. Thus they are willing to compromise. The radical Muslims don't want to live. There is no compromise available. It really is kill them or they will kill us. It is that stark a choice. Under those condition taking the war to them is self defense and very reasonable. That is why we are in Iraq, to fight them now over there, before we have to fight them later over here. Indeed, I think Europe is lost already.
Friday, October 21, 2005
Perspective 27

Our Guest Connaisseur writes:

Feminists usually invade masculine pursuits with a castrating vengeance. I have no idea why they haven't emasculinated and invaded cigar smoking....and I don't care why.... cigar stores (and also this shop known as Skycraft) are the only stores left on earth for men. There are all kinds of stores for women to escape into but for men...walk-in humidors are about it... at least in the US.

Actually, Skycraft is a fascinating place, and one rarely sees a woman alone there... it has all the great stuff a fix-it geek loves...it is truly the last store for men on earth... you can even buy vacuum tubes there....to get that old radio running.
Thursday, October 20, 2005
Perspective 26

Our Guest Connaisseur writes:

Psychologically men usually don't want women to change and women do want men to change. He wants her to stay the way she was when they fell in love --physically and psychologically -- and she usually has change in mind -- domesticate him, keep him home, change this habit or that, or these friends. (Her gaining weight is the number one change that turns him off and sends him packing.)

I am a hermit so I have few friends. I can count most of them on one hand, but I've had three different women insist that I don't' see some of my oldest and dearest friends -- and we aren't talking about motorcycle dudes or drinking buddies, just men I am close to. It's a rather consistent trait with women.

I am beginning to think meeting someone and living happily ever after is absolute fiction.

Indeed, I think one reason why there is a high divorce rate is that the modern woman intentionally changes and become a different person than the woman the man originally married.

There is also a double standard. When the woman decides to get a new job, new friends, and dumps her husband, boyfriend, etc. -- she's taking control of her life. When the man does the same thing, it is said he is having a mid-life crisis.
Monday, October 17, 2005
Idiot Of The Day

Robert Mugabe. Yes, this moron is at it again calling Bush and Blair names. Dipshit Mugabe does this to take his people away from thinking about how much he fucked them over by his land re-distribution programs. Fix your own country Dipshit Mugabe, and think about how your going to feed your 5 million starving people which you caused by your marxist communist piss poor management and gross neglect of your people . Just how many times do people like Mugabe need to try marxism and communism only to fail miserably time and again. Dipshit Mugabe should be charged with genocide.
Armagnac - Beyond Cognac

My French girl brought me some Armagnac over the weekend. I had not had Armagnac in a long time. Like a lost brother or friend, finally found, it was great meeting this French brandy again - hardly known - if not completely unknown among Americans and others.
Armagnac is an excellent after dinner drink similar to Cognac but with distinctive differences. It has been produced in France 200 years prior to Cognac production. Of course, Armagnac is excellent with a good cigar. Your local liquor store will probably have to special order this, but it is definitely worth it.
Friday, October 14, 2005

Instead of men spending a good majority of their time via the mating game trying to find "Ms. Right" which some of my friends are still trying to find, whether domestic or import or exporting themselves abroad to find this mythical woman, I suggest men focus on maximizing their talents, fulfilling their dreams, and doing what they really want to do - create the halcyon years for yourself - the years where you are prosperous, fulfilled in your endeavors, accomplishing all things that you set your hand to. Men need to create their own lifestyles and systems where they are in control and call the shots. You will be truly living in the halcyon years of your life - and don't surrender them for anything - especially a woman - if she follows and adapts to your way of life, fine, if not, her loss, not yours. You have the halcyon momentum behind you.
Thursday, October 13, 2005
Perspective 25

Our Guest Connaisseur writes:

Despite feminist carping for 30 years that he's and she's are alike, they are not, have not been, and never will be, alike, inside or outside and that is cast in genetic stone.

When I was writing novels, it wasn't too difficult to create three dimensional, female characters. In fact, women used to accuse me of getting a woman to write my female characters because they were so good....but I did it all... except.... It was easy to put my female characters into an emotional state of mind and situation but what was hard was how would she dress herself to reflect that the state of mind and situation to created the effect she wanted. That was a tad beyond my straight male imagination.

But more importantly we have inherited innate and deeply ingrained social patterns of masculine and feminine elements. I think what is fundamentally wrong with society now is intentional tinkering with the fundamental machinery... and that results in men not being allowed to be men and I think that does not bode well for society or humanity.

And the question is why.. and the answer is only good men can defeat bad men and we as a nation are not fostering good men nor rewarding them for being good. That gives the Islamics an upper hand, and that threatens humanity.

In the grand scheme of things a good man is willing to die for a good cause ....because he sees his life as having value and the sacrifice of his life as having value beyond himself. However, he cannot sacrifice his life unless he 1) views his life as having value 2) views others as worth dying for and 3) that only he and men like him can do it and save others.

You don't' get men like that by saying men are scum. You don't get men like that by punishing them for being men.

Warriors are necessary for the modern democracy
Wednesday, October 12, 2005
Perspective 24

Our Guest Connaisseur writes:

Young cognac is awful and old women are just too nasty to deal with. Young cigars are too harsh and old cigars dry and brittle, and they lose their taste.

Quality cigars -- not el cheapos -- and good cognac -- again not el cheapo -- are two gustatory pleasures women have not invaded with a vengeance....and I dont' care why they haven't. Good cigars and cognac are two of the three masculine pleasures women have not tried to dominate.
Tuesday, October 11, 2005

I was reading this article about the West being criticized and condemned for being slow to respond to the earthquake victims over there in Pakistan. My questions are these "Why aren't Pakistan's oil rich muslim brothers helping out - like Saudi Arabia, Qatar, UAE, etc.?" "How come the West has to bail every-freaking-body out of a disaster?" Screw' em all. If they don't like the pace of the West's relief efforts, then go ahead and depend on your muslims brothers --- if you can find them.
Monday, October 10, 2005
Perspective 23

Our Guest Connaisseur writes:

I knew a woman I will call Jackie... She was not a beautiful... Mel Torme could have easily been her brother....just make his eyes bigger.... Stretching it one might be able to say she had peasant French features almost to the point of caricature (which makes sense if you know what Mel Torme looked like...) The point was Jackie was not pretty, or cute, or attractive...and she was always on the plump side.

But LORD that woman exuded sex...every cell of her body was a neon sign flashing GREAT SEX....when you were with her you got the impression she could not only screw your brains out -- no matter the position, place, or the activity -- but do it better by a thousand percent than any other woman on earth AND every time in bed with her would always be an erotic experience. It was incredible. (And I dont' mean she was saying sexy things or dressing sleazy or coming on in any way. It would happen if she dressed and acted like a nun.)

I knew her personally and socially. In a room of beautiful women and handsome men all the men would always be around Jackie. Beauty didn't have a chance compared to her personality. She's probably the most feminine woman I have ever known...and the men always responded...starving bees to pure honey as it were...

I really am not exaggerating. I watched the phenomenon many times. She could walk into a party in full tilt, go to the corner of a room, and this tide of men would just surround her...so there is something to be said for the non-beauty side of sexiness.

You know, I have a friend who is in his mid 50s who has always been slim no matter what he eats. He says if he could bottle what keeps him skinny he'd be a millionaire. If Jackie could bottle what makes men around her drool she's be a millionaire many times over. ...heck, their might not ever be any wars....
Saturday, October 8, 2005
And Furthermore from Our Guest Connaisseur:

The truth is there is so much sexism among women one cannot be on the offensive enough.... Indeed, I am making plans to become an expatriot. I am so sick of the politically correct sewer this country has become....and I can say that without recrimination because I fucking nearly died in a war serving this country.....there was a movie with the catch phrase.... I'm as mad as hell and I'm not going to take it any more....to the point this is no longer a country I would die for....
Friday, October 7, 2005
On The Offensive by Our Guest Connaisseur

Unfortunately, today a man -- and I mean a man -- is guilty until proven innocent if the accuser is a woman. He can be removed from his job, or his house, and forced to pay in various ways without ever being proved guilty. Let's not even get into the cost of defending yourself when you've done virtually nothing. And even when cleared there is no way to get a career back on line, and there ain't no way men who are financially raped in divorce court ever marry again. Men have become second class citizens and most women don' t truly realize it until their father, husband, brother, or son is victimized.

As far as treating all women like individuals... when I see echoes of that new sexist arrogance -- even just everyday disregard, I can't keep quiet. Without words there is not action and without action there is no change. Women will diss men unless men tell 'em they don't' like it.

Ya know, I would be happy if men were just treated fairly and given the basic respect for being human. Crude words and ugly jokes ever present in our western society toward men is not being respectful.

There comes a point in which every new drop overflows the already full container. It is at that point that tolerance evaporates and one goes on the offensive.
Perspective 22

Our Guest Connaisseur writes:

I can tell ya what truly irritates me intensely and is what is behind many of my posts here:

Over my lifetime men have gotten the message to be less crude, sexist, insulting, chauvinist et cetera. But at the very same time, women have lowered their bar and become far more sexist, crude, insulting and chauvinistic. They are now at a low point men were never at. And when a man asks them to clean it up a bit, you know raise the consciousness some, they react with more of the same.

A bitter example: When I was a manager I had a female employee who was moved under my management. She has this bad habit of blaming everything that went wrong on "testosterone poisoning." What if I had a male employee who blamed all things wrong on "that time of month." I had a meeting with her and told her that was sexist language under the company policy, as wrong as "time of the month" language, and asked her to stop. She said her previous manager -- a woman -- thought it was funny. I said it was wrong, you're under my management now, please stop saying that. She did not. We had a second meeting in which I explained the policy again. This time I told her to stop using that language or face discipline. Do you know what she did? She filed a sexual harassment suit against me saying I was discussing sexual issues with her in my office. I was eventually cleared but my management days were over.
Final Estimate

It seems my friend's divorce is coming to a close, the final cost for all the attorney fees is estimated around $20,000. Fortunately, since he was smart and legally had no assets and no income on paper and it was documented extensively, his ex-wife, who thought she was going to get tons, if not all, of his money, is getting nothing, but minimal child support payments and a trip to Section 8 housing (she might not even get child support since he is doing his best to get full custody of the children - he is really hammering her with all types of allegations, just like she is doing to him - something a lot of men don't do in a divorce - wage all out scorched earth policy against their ex-wives - nope, sure enough, most men take it up the ass in divorce court as the matriarchy has taught them). Now, remember kids, he met his ex-wife in a foreign country (Mexico) and made the fatal mistake of bringing her to the US. She went from sweet girl to bitch girl in a course of about 3 years. As I have said before, never bring a foreign woman to the US. Never. This should be the 11th commandment.
Perspective 21

Our Guest Connaisseur writes:

Over the years...well... in the last century.... I dated a succession of women who worked their way into my life by varying degrees. One thing a woman does is change him and his place, his place into her alternative nest and his image along the lines she likes.

Thus.... my furniture and clothes, to varying degrees, reflect their meddling and every now and then I throw something they demanded I have, out. It feels great. Two weeks ago I had the lamp made out of two-inch think laminated wood, shaped like a question mark. What a relief to get rid of it. My current project is to replace a hideous large black couch the last one insisted I needed.
Thursday, October 6, 2005
Perspective 20

Our Guest Connaisseur writes:

If a soul mate is questionable, then wouldn't a love mate be, too? I ask that rhetorically. I've said here before I don't know any happily married couples. At best they seem to tolerate each other, to varying degrees.

I mean, the most miserable people I know -- male or female -- are the married ones (and that's without even getting into the issue of kids.) It has led me to quip that if marriage is such an awful difficult thing perhaps we should marry our worst enemy to make them truly miserable and only have affairs with whom people we like to make truly happy.

Then there is the 50% divorce rate, and you know many married people stay together "for the kids" so we know the majority of married people don't like it. If finding a love mate you can stay married to is that hard, then finding a soul mate has got to be worse.

Furthermore, I do not use "I love you" loosely. Inded, as a lifelong bachelor it is probably the most uncommon construction in my bag of linguistic tricks.

Soul mate, as it is used today to depict the perfect romantic partner, is probably detrimental. It creates a model that is beyond human capacity. It's really a work of fiction. We see soul mates on the silver screen, we see soul mates in movies because professional writers and actors/actresses work very hard to create that attractive illusion. (And note most movie actors/actresses who do get married to actors/actresses get divorced soon after... not soul mates as it were but celluloid mates.)
Perspective 19

Our Guest Connaisseur Writes:

At a time when it is so easy to be fired for looking at cleavage, more women are showing more of it than ever before. In fact, it is very hard to avoid cleavage in the workplace.

And why, is it that it's always the woman who shoves her cleavage in your face the most who complains that men are talking to her chest and not to her face?

I was in a meeting yesterday in which four woman might as well have been in a see-through bra commercial (white, white, pink, blue, two with headlights permanently on....chilly room) Actually, it was more like four pairs of breasts were at the meeting, incidentally, four women attached there to and trailing behind them. And they certainly dressed to bring attention to these things which are not supposed to be looked at, or are they?

And do you know what we men do in such meetings? We nod to each, shake our heads in disbelief, and share an understanding that when we have to talk to any of these women we will talk to our note pads 'cause there is no way you can look 'em in the eye when their breasts are being packaged and waved at you....and if you make one comment you are a toast. Is that fair?
Wednesday, October 5, 2005

Order Of The New World by Our Guest Connaisseur

Here is what we should do: We announce to the Muslim world, that we have drafted a list of Islamic cities, starting with Damascus and ending with Mecca. Attack us again and we will start nuking those cities. I am convinced that is the only thing that will stop those barbarians, re: wholesale slaughter while we can. They will take over the world otherwise. I will be dead then, but I'd like to see future generations live in freedom and not under the tyranny of Islam.

Setting aside rhetoric and posturing and being a guy and rattling the saber, I really think it is not going to get better for a long time, and here is why:

If the Muslims stopped shooting and beheading and bombing tomorrow we --the west -- would stop what it is doing. You know that. I know that. The world knows that. And the Muslims know that.

If we -- the west -- stopped shooting tomorrow they would keep on shooting, and bombing and beheading because they have been doing it for 23 years already and are not going to stop. They have been killing and will keep on killing because 1) we separate church and state 2) we franchise women and 3) we think they Jews should have a chance to live. Iraq is not a war. It is just another battle in what I think will be decades if not centuries of war. I think in time the west will think of the Muslim what Sherman thought of the Indian.

Perspective 18

Our Guest Connaisseur writes:

There is a woman's college-- Sarah Lawrence, I think -- which is learning the hard way that liberalism bites back. There are a lot of "women" there who think they're guys, they act like guys, dress like guys, date females like guys, et cetera, but they ain't got the right equipment and aren't really guys -- they are the ultimate feminist: Bull Dikes . The "women" women at the college are complaining about these pseudoguys as being too guy and thus not in keeping the pure idea that the college is for "women". Well, this has everyone in a tither because these pseudpguys ARE women and thus can go to school there. So the ladies of the college are quite upset that their feminism has spawned feminists who act like men and they have to tolerate them. It seems masculinity is unacceptable to some women even when women wear it.

One of the great ironies of that irrationality called feminism is that hard core feminists hate men but immitate them. The ultimate feminist is a woman so feminist and masculine that she acts like a man. There is something very bizarre and irrational about a person who dresses like a man, acts like a man, chases women like a man...yet hates men. That would be like a Jew saying they hate the Nazi but dressing like a Nazi, spouting Nazi ideas, and acting like a Nazi. Somewhere in there, there is a huge disconnect.
Monday, October 3, 2005
Perspective 17

Our Guest Connaisseur writes:

The young marry almost anyone and hence the high divorce rate when they finally realize what they married. The older marry less because there are less eligible mates and because one has more criteria: Tis better --and less costly -- to be alone than miserable.

I hold out hope, and I look, but I seriously doubt romance will come again in my life. I haven't dated anyone in this century because I have not met anyone I wanted to date, or anyone who wanted to date me. It is that unadorned and simple. I have no family so I work, I study, I tend my garden and keep up the house. Females just aren't in the cards, as they say. With that, however, comes the freedom to call 'em as I see 'em.

The pool of women I find attractive and who also see me on their radar grows frighteningly smaller every year. It is a cold day for a man when he realize he can stand in a room of 70 attractive women and not one of them sees him because he's old enough to be their father. They are still very much on his radar -- they never leave it -- but he is not even a ghost on theirs. Older women would be nice but most of them have been through the relationship grinder, and are focused on family and hating "him" still, many hating "them" still. Men are an extremely low item on their priority list. Many are not only NOT looking, but intentionally driving men away with ugly attitudes and that old stand by -- fat -- which is a choice. I know women who have grown obese just so men avoid them. So the younger ones don't see you and the older ones don't want you.

Lastly, time has honed your own criteria -- young men tolerate women with horrid personalities and demands to have access to sex. He economically enslaves himself for sex. Older men won't. The truth is the chances of finding someone decrease exponentially with each passing year. Finding "someone" ends up in the reality dustbin of yes, it IS possible, but it is not at all probable. Most people past 40 never marry again.
The Bright Mirror reflecting masculinity for men. Saving your ass from the Matriarchy whether you like it or not. Shattering delusions so reality is clearly seen. You are ready, and the master has appeared.

Enigma Behind The Mirror

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