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Thursday, September 29, 2005
Perspective 16

Our Guest Connaisseur writes:

Today, girls, as a group, exceed boys in every objective measure in public schools, including math and science and at the highest levels of those subjects. Boy hold sway in only area, sports, and that has been targeted with a vengance by feminists. Boys and girls learn very differently, and the girl student has become the educational model, much to the detriment of boys. Our educational system is failing boys -- as a group -- horribly. Read "The War Against Boys" by Dr. Christina Hoff Sommers, or google it. I have interviewed her several times. She is a meticulous researcher, eloquent, and sharp as a laser. You are not an informed teacher if you have not read her book.

After many decades of feminism many female teachers are completely unaware of their own sexist behavior. The problem runs the spectruum from teaching methods to T-shirts. When I was teaching it was not unusual to see a girl wearing a T-shirt that said: Girls Rule, Boys Drool, or... I Like Boys, Every Girl Should Own One, or... Boys Are To Be Used And Abused, et cetera. If a boy wore the same t-shirts with the sex reversed he would be expelled. Now, I learned by hard experience that if one complained about such t-shirts I was told it was good for the girls' self-esteem to express themselves. Evidently the boys self-esteem at being insulted didn't matter...

And since we are talking about boys and girls, high school age boys commit suicide at five to seven times the rate of girls, depending on the study. Most of the money is spent on preventing girls from committing suicide. Evidently boys are expendable. I could go on, but you get the idea. The problem I find with most female teachers is even after they see the facts they are too sexist to change or demand change and the crisis just grows worse.
Wednesday, September 28, 2005

I was speaking to a divorce lawyer the other day at this get together, and she informed me that marriages in America have a 90% failure rate and the biggest boom in the legal industry is divorce. 90% failure of marriages in America? How come we don't here that in the media? The answer: Lawyers make a ton of money with divorce proceeding and keep the 90% failure of marriages number in the dark, well, until now...
Wednesday, September 14, 2005
Perspective 15

Our Guest Connaisseur writes:

I have worn the same style of beard 35 years and six months on the 19th of this month. Over those years far too many woman have been outspoken wenches regarding my beard. I have had women I don't know grab my beard and painfully yank it saying they don't like it. Imagine if I painfully grabbed some hair on a woman -whether I knew her or not -- and said I didn't' like it and gave it a pull. And this has happened not once but several times. That is how pervasive woman's sexism can be.... I've had women I don't know wench on endlessly how they don't like beards....then go harangue someone else and spare me your sexism and poor taste.

If I really gave a scat what they thought I would have shaved years ago. I wear a beard because it is my face and I will decide whether I will have a beard or not. Period. And I really have no problem if they don't like beards --whatever floats your boat. What really ticks me off and frosts my butt is how many woman dont' have the good taste to be polite among strangers BUT demand it from men. Yet another double standard. They are so fucking arrogant in their sexism they dump their manure with virtually no regard or pretext of being civil because they are women and I'm one of those scum men -- worse a man with a beard. Well, I will decided how I express my masculinity, not you or anyone else. And if you think a beard is just hair and not a sign of masculinity in this wimpy society you dont' know much about men.

I have never in my life told a woman how to dress, or wear her hair or make up or anything. But women are endless critics of how man dresses et cetera. How fucking arrogant. I know many a husband who would like to grow a beard but guess why not? She who must be obeyed has spoken. Well, to hell with 'em. I don't need that kind of person or crap in my life.

Monday, September 12, 2005
Creating Havoc

I have been creating havoc lately at the cigar club I go to. This time with this French girl I know. She called me up last week and wondered if I wanted to go out and do something. I said, "Not really, I am killing Cylons in my Battlestar Galactica game for my PS2." She laughed and said "Okay, I will come and pick you up" - in her french accent. I said "Well, if you are buying." She said sarcastically "You're so romantic." I replied "I learned it from you". This is a good type of friendship I have with women - foreign women that is, one that is casual and fun, it is a real tragedy that American women have totally been brainwashed by feminism to hate and distrust men - these American women only end up old, lonely, and with a lot of cats. Anywho, so we go to the cigar bar and order some drinks, and I get some Remy Martin XO cognac as is my custom, with an accompanying cigar, she gets some really good Cabernet Sauvignon. I told her "I am going to start talking a little bit loud about American women and piss off some American women sitting within ear shot of us, just watch this." She smiled saying "I will back you up, they don't like French people anyway." So I started talking smack to her about how American women are golddiggers, skanks, have a lot of STD's, etc. and sure enough those Ameriskanks sitting within ear shot of us heard me, and gave me some dirty looks. Then my French girl starting busting on American women too and it caused these Ameriskanks to get up and come over and tell us what are problem was. I said "Excusez-moi, Je ne comprends pas." While my French girl called them fat, ugly, and they smelled like cheap perfume in French. These skanks got all confused since we stopped talking in English and started talking in French, and we just started laughing at them, which finally made other people look at them and caused them embarassment and they huffed and puffed off. I need to do more of this...lol.
Sunday, September 11, 2005
Here's An Interpretation You Won't Hear In Church

There is this man I know, who puts his religion into practice - a real breathe of fresh air these days from all the religious hypocrites - especially those Islamic supremacists that have been the cancer of humanity since that religion's inception. And, yes, the US will nuke them - sooner or later, no doubt in my mind, just like the US nuked Japan. One thing about the US, is despite it's internal problems, when it's backed against a wall it opens up with both barrels and annihilates anybody challenging it's supremacy in the world. Thinking otherwise is very very foolish. The US might have mismanaged some wars, but overall, nobody can do jack shit when the US can import 80% of the world's savings each business day (2.6 billion dollars in cash) to fund just it's current deficit. Some say this is hardly sustainable, maybe so, but the fact the US can DO it makes us realize who is in charge here.

Okay, I am off the subject...

So I asked this man about women, what he believed about women in a religious context. He said something I did not realize, that in the Garden of Eden, Eve had sex with the serpent (or devil) - that is what all the talk of trees and fruit is about during the conversation between Eve and the serpent. Apparently, Adam and Eve had never had sex yet, and the serpent introduced sex and sexual perversions to Eve (with the conversation about trees and fruit - symbolizing sexual intercourse), in disobedience to an appointed time when God was going to introduce sex to Adam and Eve. Of course, it makes sense now that God punished Eve with pain and agony during childbirth, if it was just about eating some fruit - how come Eve was not punished with a toothache or something? This man went on and said "Now, you realize why men throughout history kept women in check - the woman (second only to the devil) was the first human to declared war against God and man. So keep this in mind when dealing with women."

Something to think about...
Saturday, September 10, 2005
The GrandMaster

I am off to the see the GrandMaster. He is this 80 year old never been married bachelor for life connaisseur, living large in a luxury Mediterranean Hotel - as a permanent resident. The tru PT'er [Permanent Tourist, Passing Through, or whatever else you want to call that lifestyle of living large and in grand style]. He is distant relative of mine, so now I know where I get my independent, go your own way, screw the matriarchy attitude from.
Perspective 14

Our Guest Connaisseur writes:

Movie attendance in the US is off some 70 percent. Why? Lousy product, misbehaving audiences, high prices.

1) If Hollywood made it, I ain't interested.

2) If it is popular, I ain't interested.

3) The audiences are horrid.

4) You have to mortgage your house to afford popcorn at the movies. If you want butter too you have to give up your first born.

5) Unfortunately I get dragged to movies by dates and the movies are just getting worse...then again, so are my dates...

I like foreign films. They are made with one eye toward the message and one eye toward the art. In Hollywood, all they see is money. Thus, I buy DVDs, usually of foreign films. Let Tinseltown rot in its own effluvia.

Wednesday, September 7, 2005
Perspective 13

Our Guest Connaisseur writes:

The media has become like the teaching profession, women are the majority and as a group they are liberal and anti-male. When was the last time you read or saw a feature about a White man doing something worthy (in the eyes of the media?) Diversity means white men and their ideas need not apply. I am not hopping on a sexist or a racist horse. I am simply stating how they practice journalism and who they consider worthy of reporting on. I was a journalist for years and the severe bias against men and conservatives is open and hostile in news rooms, and I worked on a large daily paper and a major TV market. Indeed, I had a female manager whose favorite phrase was "dead white men are not news" meaning they were not newsworthy and other people were more important. Can you imagine what would of happened if a man had said something similar about women?
Sunday, September 4, 2005
New Orleans

I find it interesting that the media is blaming President Bush over the disaster in New Orleans. How interesting that the media is not blaming the mayor of New Orleans, who is black, and the governor of Louisiana, who is a woman. We can't have that. Blaming the mayor would be racist, and blaming the governor would be misogynistic. So the media blames the president, who is a white male, which is quite alright to do in our fucked up society where only white males are held accountable for anything...no wonder white males are leaving this fucked up country and going to other places. The problems in New Orleans are directly linked to the mayor and governor's piss poor management, and that is the truth.
The Bright Mirror reflecting masculinity for men. Saving your ass from the Matriarchy whether you like it or not. Shattering delusions so reality is clearly seen. You are ready, and the master has appeared.

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