Mirror Of The Soul

Saturday, August 27, 2005

Perspective 12

Our Guest Connaisseur writes:

Married men envy my life-long bachelorhood. They never ask why I'm a bachelor, they know why and that resonates with them. Women ask why. The truth is there are several minor reasons that compile to make it so. One of them is most of the women I've met are into control. They are aggressive do-it-my-way or else bitches who want to change you and run your life. THAT might make her happy but me miserable. No thank you. That is emotional rape and women do it well.

If women spent more time --psychologically -- being ladies instead of men in dresses the world would be a better place, and I might be married. But no, they are argumentative, masculinized competitors. I don't need that in my life. Why marry a woman who thinks and acts like most men I compete against every day? That is living hell. I want a feminine companion, not a master.

I am of the opinion that a pleasant woman who acts like a lady and doesn't try to change a man will be married in a heartbeat -- her looks being completely irrelevant.

Sunday, August 21, 2005
Perspective 11

Our Guest Connaisseur writes:

I really truly don't know any happily married couples. I really don't. There must be some, but they are not on my radar. Indeed, almost everyone I meet my age --say at work -- is either 1) divorced or 2) unhappily married. The only ones who seem to be happy are the newlyweds and that's because they don't know each other yet.

I mean...look around you here... most of the women past 35 are divorced....One out of two couples in the US get divorced today, and many more hate marriage but stick it out for the kids. Anyway you cut it, the majority of married Americans are not happy in marriage and heading for a divorce or had one or two. Heck, my office mate --which I don't see too often since I work out of my home most of the time -- is mid-30s and divorced twice. She has two big dogs to assuage her maternal leanings.

By any objective standard marriage is not a healthy institution in the US. It simply is not. Clearly men and woman are not getting along past glandular youth.

That said, I do not recommend living together. I recommend marriage because it allows for an orderly disengagment. If you live together and break up she can take everything without any say from you. If you're married she still gets everything, but at least you are given the opportunity to formally complain before you're financially gutted. Okay, that is an overstatement but not by much. The National Marriage Council out of Rutgers University says the number one reason why men are marrying less --read popping the question less -- is they don't want to be financially ruined when the divorce happens. It seems to me woman's changing role and her materialism is setting her up to be more likely unmarried most of her life than married.
Saturday, August 20, 2005
Your In The Presence Of Greatness

As usually, in our estrogen saturated society, men have totally forgotten how to stand up to women's incompetence. Most men put up with women's incompetence to keep the peace. I don't. I don't intended to keep the peace, but intended to keep things righteous in my presence of greatness that radiates from me. I made a remarkable display of my greatness in a bank this week by telling off the whole female management staff after they went brain dead on understanding international monetary transactions - which I lectured them on also, right on the spot and of course, in the presence of other customers. Side note: In the US, banks are mostly run by women - tellers, managers, etc., and they, of course, are extremely inefficient in my glorious perspective. As I finished my lecture to these incompetent women managers, I proceed to call the bank headquarters myself (I was at a branch bank location) and lecture them on this branch bank's incompetent managers, in which, I was given apologies and condolences by the bank headquarters and which then set my international monetary transactions straight. This is what must be done by men - calling out women's incompetence and letting everybody know so corrective actions can take place - take no incompetence to just keep the peace.
Friday, August 19, 2005
Perspective 10

Our Guest Connaisseur writes:

In reference to fashion...I have always been amazed that woman usually chooses to be fashionable rather than good looking. What I mean is, instead of dressing to accentuate her positives, she will follow fashion which usually reveals her negatives, like two rubber bands on a egg. (The current female fashion of wearing tight pants with rolls of fat embroidering the beltline is beyond my understanding. In fact, I find it very off putting.)

And yes, they do have the habit of asking questions they don't want to hear the answer too. That is another trait of theirs that has amazed me over my life. Men, for the most part, do not ask questions they do not want to hear the answer to.

Friday, August 12, 2005
Perspective 9

Our Guest Connaisseur writes:

First point, masculine does not mean male, and feminine does not mean female. It is a gender issue, which is different than sex. Masculine and feminine are not the same as male and female.

Second point: Men are male and women are female but no man or woman is completely masculine or completely feminine in gender. We are both, just with emphasis.

Masculine is competitive, feminine is comforting
Masculine is seeking, feminine is keeping
Masculine is attacking, feminine is defending
Masculine is taking, feminine is giving
Masculine is sympathetic, feminine is empathetic
Masculine is creative, feminine is maintainive
Masculine is discipline, feminine is control
Masculine is unilateral, feminine is bilateral, (read dictatorial vs consensus)
Masculine is compartments, feminine is gestalt
Masculine is active, feminine is passive (don’t mistake this for submissive, a cannon is an active defense, a citadel a passive defense but no less important.)

Let us take the issue of abortion on demand. Set aside whether you are for it, or against it. Set aside whether it is moral or immoral. Set aside whether the object is a fetus or a baby. Consider abortion as an idea. Is it a masculine idea or a feminine idea by the criteria above? It is clearly an active, unilateral, attacking masculine idea. No surprise it is championed and strongly defended by very masculinized women, id est, lesbian dike feminists, women who think and act like men.

This is the question to ask: If the woman’s movement had been taken over by heterosexual feminine women would their answer to the unwanted pregnancy issue be a masculine one or a feminine one? We know the answer, it would have been a feminine one and the feminine answer is birth control – read passive, control, empathetic, defending. And indeed, that is what we have in our society. The masculine answer to unwanted pregnancy is abortion, the feminine answer to unwanted pregnancy is birth control, the active vs the passive. Because of lobbying et cetera the masculine answer is the law of the land. There is effort underway to change it to a feminine answer.

I don’t bring up abortion to discuss it but to make a point: Masculine and feminine form a spectrum, a continuum. Western women have, as a group, moved closer to masculine thinking, behavior and answers to social and personal issues. I think they have done so because of examples and the activity of the dike lesbian leadership of the woman’s movement. I think if heterosexual woman had taken over the woman’s movement in the 70s issues and debates would be far different and women and their answer to social and personal problems would be more feminine.

What life is about is the masculine experience meeting the feminine temperament. When the masculine experience meets a masculine temperament in a woman he says no thanks. I think the wholesale breakdown of relationships began when woman adopted a masculine behavior in her sexuality. Men benefited because sex was now free, and woman was taken for a ride that has left her used and single. Modern woman has to reground herself in femininity to be happy. I doubt that will happen anytime soon because the problem has been growing for a generation and would take a generation or two to get rid of it if we were acting on it today. And that is why I say feminine women are rare in western society.
Wednesday, August 10, 2005
Perspective 8

Our Guest Connaisseur writes:

When women are wallowing in emotion -- and they do wallow like dying hippos in a deep river -- they don't want advice, which is exactly what a man does, give advice. When a woman is drowning in her emotional storm drain, she wants someone to LISTEN no matter how mindless, trivial, and petty she's being, because that's what makes her feel good, someone listening no matter how mindless, trivial, and petty she's being. The last thing she wants is advice. It's reality. Women are not made of reason. They are made of emotions. The price for her panties is to put up with her emotions. It's not tit for tat, but that for tit.

The fantastic solution -- take it from someone who has been there too many times...sticking needles in your eyes is more fun -- is to listen only for when she pauses to come up for air. When there's a break in the geyser say "yes dear" and nothing else. An occassional nod at random intervals also fosters the illusion you are listening, interested, and paying attention. Affirmed, she'll start up again and will talk herself out like a cheap battery. She'll be purged and you'll be a sympathetic hero because you confirmed whatever she was blithering about. Meanwhile, in your head, you've got your taxes done, figured out how to fix the car, resolved to exercise more starting tomorrow, and remembered the phone number of that hot babe you met when you were four beers into the evening last week.... got to give her a call....you've really got to give her a call because she didn't talk much....
Sunday, August 7, 2005

Perspective 7

Our Guest Connaisseur writes:

I have worn a full beard since the day I got out of the Army. It has been my experience over the past 33 years that most women do not like beards of any kind. I don't like a lot of the fake and sagging breasts I encounter but I don't tell them to cut them off, like women tell men to cut off their beards. (Yes, I know a beard and a breast aren't the same, but I really get tired of woman's incessant desire to run a man's life for him.) Quite often you will see a man start a mustache or a beard only to see him shave it off in a week or ten days because the woman in his life doesn't like it.

It is your face, do what you want to it, and forget what women want you to look like. A beard give a man a reason to look in the mirror every morning. A beard is a very masculine thing, and I think that psychologically intimidates women, at least the women who want a boy's face looking back at them. And some women, a small minority, like beards and mustaches. Seek them out, they aren't interested in controlling your life and THAT is a woman to cherish because of her rarity.

Friday, August 5, 2005
Mirror, Mirror, On The Wall, Who Is The Most Dateless Woman Of Them All?

And the mirror replied, "Your neighbor that keeps dropping by the cafe because she never has a date for the weekend."

I said to the mirror, "Tis, true, O' Mirror, she found me at cafe during lunch while I was smoking a cigar and enjoying the breeze from the ocean, and wanted to know what I was doing tonight."

But, hey, at least she pays for dinner and the booze. I told her nobody wants to go out with a biatch like her, and I only go out with her because she pays for it, because I rather hang at the cigar bar with the men talking politics, than her trendy little martini club she likes to go too. But they do sell this martini called the "007", so I put my James Bond on. She likes to go out on the weekends so she can look for a man, yet not appear single and desperate, and thereby look like she is desirable because she is with a man (yours truly), and I, of course, scope out the other chicks at the martini bar on her tab.
Perspective 6

Our Guest Connaisseur writes:

14 studies by the University of New Hampshire at Durham proves women commit domestic violence as often as men and at the same levels of severity, so it is not a masculine thing. Indeed, abused men have no where to turn for help, and did you know more men are raped every year than women? But since men are the victims they get no help, or publicity.

Feminism is sexual hate, pure and simple. Equality and fairness have nothing to do with feminism. Feminism is gendercide of men and all things masculine. It is a disgusting cancer.

I like pleasant, feminine women. What I don't like is the gene I think every woman has, and that is I-can-change-him gene. I would marry in half-a-heart beat a pleasant feminine woman who didn't want to change me. Since that model doesn't exist, my bachelor status is safe.
Perspective 5

Our Guest Connaisseur writes:

There is an old saying, everyman lives in his wife's house...

I cannot speak for other men, but I can attest that over the years I have had a succession of long-term relationships to a woman and they all did their best to "change" me (and research shows one of the prime sources of woman's dissatisfaction in marriage is her husband won't change.) In fact, I would characterized those relationships as her always being miffed at either something I did, or something I didn't do, which covers just about everything. Women are extremely difficult to get along with, they are so demanding, and usually dissatisfied all the time about something. I truly believe if women did not have a vagina, men would have killed them all centuries ago out of shear frustration with them.

If one gets serious with a woman she starts to demand changes, personal to professional. She changes your clothes, your furniture, your diet, your sleep habits, your car, your wine, your friends, and pushes you to get a different job... there is no end to it. So you change. And then the next woman in your lifes say: Your clothes, furniture, diet, wine, car and friends are really awful, where did you get this awful stuff and habits? You've got to change, and get a new job while you're at it. It really is non-ending, and that is not an exaggeration, it sincerely isn't. Woman just cannot leave you the way she found you, she cannot enjoy you the way you are, she had to remake you which is like trying to make a pig sing. Women never succeed at this, and then get frustrated, and make the man unhappy also. I have discovered the path to personal peace is to never get serious with a woman, to keep her away from your house, your friends, and your life. The less she is involved with your life the happier you are. So what kind of a relationship is left? You dine at fine restaurants, have sex out of town at resorts and the like, spend a vacation together in the islands, but never never ever ever invite her into your home or your life or it will no longer be yours and you will indeed be in misery.
Thursday, August 4, 2005
Perspective 4

Our Guest Connaisseur writes:

Femininity -- it is so rare these days is the western hemisphere. Most women now are masculized females -- competitive, argumentative, accusatory, demanding, cut throat, insulting, throwing punches and playing hard ball. No thank you. No man in his right mind would marry that misery.

Western women complain about men who go to the Orient to find brides. They grouse that he wants a woman he can walk all over. That is not the case at all. Wrong. Wrong. Wrong. In the Orient the women, for the most part, a still feminine -- which is a totally different issue than equality, which I support. Men go to the orient to find women who like being women, who aren't trying to be guys in dresses....who don't brag they have testes as big as any man.

I think modern women should be legally equal. The problem is on her drive to become equal western woman abandoned being feminine and became masculine, which is exactly what feminism is: masculinized women. Dikes are the defacto role model for girls. I find that disgusting. It's as bad and skewed as Richard Simmons or Quentin Crisp being a role model for boys.
Tuesday, August 2, 2005
Perspective 3

Our Guest Connaisseur writes:

Perhaps it's the circles I crawl in but I don't know a happily married man. Oh, I'm sure I do, I just don't know it. But among my aquaintances whose relationships I do know about, not one would get married again... not a few...all of them. It is something they talk a lot about. The first -- and I mean the first -- thing most men say to me when they learn I'm a lifelong bachelor is they wish they had never gotten married. They then always add they love their kids but they are adamant that they would never get married again. And the third thing they say is if they were widowed or divorced they would never remarry. It is not unreasonable for a person to ask why they feel this way. It could be him, it could be her, it could be them.

I will be the first to admit I don't like living alone. Not having someone to share your life with sucks. But, I dislike living with a woman worse because that is nearly constant misery -- islands of pleasure in a sea of pain. At least alone, I have some peace and quite. In my long life I have spent a lot of time with women. I like the basic model. But they are usually upset with you all the time, and I mean all the time. They are either upset because of what you did, or upset over what you didn't do. And that covers just about everything.

I think the hardest thing for a woman to do is to enjoy a man's company without complaining or trying to retrain him. She just can't enjoy him as he is, and that is her monumental failing.
The Bright Mirror reflecting masculinity for men. Saving your ass from the Matriarchy whether you like it or not. Shattering delusions so reality is clearly seen. You are ready, and the master has appeared.

Enigma Behind The Mirror

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