Mirror Of The Soul

Friday, March 25, 2005
Happy Easter Everybody!

Time for a resurrection in your life.

Evaluate yourself and ask:

1. Do I seek validation or approval for my actions or anything else from women?
2. Is my masculinity based on societal stereotypes?
3. What am I doing to live the life I want and improve the quality of my life daily?

These are important questions to consider. Here are the answers:

You should never seek validation or approval for your actions or anything else from a woman.
This is almost just as bad as blaspheming God. Seek your validation from a higher power - God, Jesus, Buddha, or the alien overlords, but never women. Too many men today seek women's approval if they are right or wrong in regards to everything they do and women will gladly accompany them, because women can use it to control them. By doing this, women think you're an idiot since it is not in their nature to endow validation but to seek validation from men.

Never let society or another person tell you what it is to be masculine. People will always define stuff for you so it exploits you for their benefit, and women love to pull that old stereotypical masculinity card and say "If you were a masculine or real man you would do such and such..." Don't fall for it. I have women always say to me "If you were a real man you would value commitment in a relationship and marry me." I simply tell these women how much marriage is raw deal for men, and amounts to slavery for men, and say "Sorry, sweetheart, real men might get married, but smart and real men avoid it like the plague. Find some chivalrous male sucker to be your slave, I am master of my own destiny, and it does not involve you."

Live the life you want, forget what anybody else says or thinks how you should live your life. If you aren't living the life you want....Make it happen. Your dreams and goals are just as important as anybody else's, especially more important than the average woman's dreams and goals of seeking a man to support her lazy ass. Never settle in life, and keep pushing to achieve the lifestyle you want and the dreams and goals you want to achieve in life. Keep these predatory lazy ass golddigging women (which is 99% of women in the western hemisphere) out of your life that will sabotage your attempts to live the lifestyle you want and the dreams and goals you want to achieve. Moreover, always improve the quality of your life, by taking care of your health, stress levels, finding the best places to live globally, increasing your wisdom, knowledge, and skills, etc., on a daily basis.
Sunday, March 13, 2005
Feminism on the Highway

If only 10% of the people getting traffic tickets in the US fought their traffic tickets it would overload the system and collapse it. The speed limits on highways in the US are artifically low, so this causes more accidents to happen instead of reducing accidents. There is an optimum speed to travel on highways. Right now, speed limits are artifically low, primarily do because women can't drive (slower reaction time, poorer visual and spatial skills, etc. when compared to men) , and feminism wants to make their ability "equal" to men, by pandering to politicians to lower the speed limit (in the name of safety thinking lower speed limits will reduce accidents, instead of actually analyzing the optimum speed to travel on a highway to where the minimum amount of accidents would occur) where women can handle a vehicle on a highway, leading to more accidents instead of reducing them.
Friday, March 11, 2005
No Men for Canadian Women

I was on a business trip in Toronto, Canada. I could not believe how many women I was talking to said to me "There no men in Canada for us". I was like "What do you mean?". They said they could not find any men for marriage.

Great job Canadian men!

Your marriage strike is working!

Keep it up!

By the way, when your Canadian women visit Florida on vacation, they are coming here to get laid, so watch your girlfriends closely. Everything is fair game for a tru player.
Your wife calls me "Sir".

Yeah, that's right you losers that are married. You wife called me "Sir", and probably calls you "dipshit" at home. Your wife, who is my secretary, respects my authority as her boss more than yours. Why? Well, she knows she has you by the balls in marriage according to the laws governing marriage in the Western Hemisphere, where women have total control over the man in that type of contractual agreement. So, I could easily screw her brains out and you would not even know it. But, I won't. I don't take advantage of the mentally retarded, that's you when deciding to get married in the Western Hemisphere, you have to be metally retarded to get married considering you surrender all your rights to the woman in marriage. Think about it.
Sunday, March 6, 2005
Once again, another conservative radio talk show host was bragging about how his wife controls all the money in "his" household and how he does not bother with taking responsibility financially. Another example of a pathetic feminized male in our society. Of course, a caller on the show was on at the same time this talk show host mentioned it, and the caller said he lets his wife control the finances as well in "his" household. I am having hard time supporting any type of conservative if this is their mindset. I remember a time when the man controlled and managed the finances in his household and taught fiscal responsibility to his sons...Now, heck, who knows what these feminized males teach their sons-- how to put on makeup?
Tuesday, March 1, 2005
Business Model for Men in the 21st Century

You won't find this business model in any textbook or business literature, but it is the best business model to follow if you plan on starting and running your own business.

1. Start small and stay small. If you get over a certain level of employees, affirmative actions laws kick in and you are going to have to hire women, which DECREASE productivity. Yes, I said it, and everybody knows it, so get over it thinking women add value to your business, they don't, they just consume resources. So stay small enough so you avoid any affirmative actions laws kicking in to dictate who you should hire.

2. Don't hire women. See point number 1.

3. Pick and choose your customer base. Make them need you, more than you need them.

4. Eliminate any debt from your company.

5. Re-invest constantly in new technology.

6. Continually improve your business in all areas.

7. Have a organization structure like a monastic order, with men working in fellowship with each other, and eliminating the back-stabbing and power struggles, by creating an environment where the men want to come to work and enjoy their time there. Link the individual goals of the men with the goals of the company and everybody wins.
The Bright Mirror reflecting masculinity for men. Saving your ass from the Matriarchy whether you like it or not. Shattering delusions so reality is clearly seen. You are ready, and the master has appeared.

Enigma Behind The Mirror

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