Mirror Of The Soul

Saturday, October 30, 2004
If you can't pick up women, that is no reason to be fed up with women. You should have a legitimate reason why you are fed up with women. I can most certainly go out and pick up women and screw their brains out, but I rather not, because they are just a drain on me anymore. They are a drain on me emotionally - with their constant nagging and complaining that comes sooner or later when you date them, their manipulative nature, their control-oriented obsession with you, etc. They are a drain on me finanically, it costs about $5000 to maintain a girl for a year, and this is your average maintainance on an American girlfriend. Forget this, I am looking to invest $5000 elsewhere for a better return, and keep a my emotional well being in top shape. Plus, they aren't even good at sex, I have to do the work during sex, you know - turn them over, bang them this way, turn them the other way, bang them that way, etc. Ugh. Jerking off is a lot easier, and a prostitute is even better, she does everything for you. So don't get all mad because you suck at being a player, and then blame women for all your problems because they won't have sex with you due to your poor game going on with them, have a legitimate reason for it. Also, a woman can just say on her word that you raped her, when you did not, and then you have to do the Kobe Bryant thing, without all the money he has...an even better reason to avoid women - to keep your freedom or what is left of it in the US.
Saturday, October 23, 2004
I see a lot of "how to" posts on internet message boards for dealing with the modern American woman. Quite frankly, these posts are too long for me to read, the specifications for building a fighter jet are shorter.
So here is the short course for you executives out there: "In relationships with the modern American woman, the person who cares the least, comes out the best".
Friday, October 15, 2004
Did you know? God explictly gives a statement to Eve in the garden of Eden, impling her fallen nature and the correct remedy. God says "Your desire will be for your husband, and he will rule over you." You see, God knows Eve's fallen nature is now an incessant desire to control her husband, and we can extend this to all women wanting to control men by their very fallen nature, hence, a man must insure that he rules over her as God says. So the best way for a man to rule over his woman or, in fact all women, is to live his life the way he wants and never listen to a woman, unless she agrees with him and his logic of things. He needs to live his life, and if the woman aligns herself to his, then fine, if not, screw it. Also, a man must never put himself in a position to where the woman rules over the man, like as marriage is today for men in the US and Western Europe. Legally, a man loses all his rights when he gets married - the woman rules over him - so consider this next time cupcake is pressuring you into marriage - remember her desire by her fallen nature is to control you and marriage fits right into that plan.
Thursday, October 7, 2004
I see the feminists are spreading my blog around...now, was that part of my plan...you bet...LOL...I love it when a plan comes together. This one particular feminist gave a nice little critique, it was lacking intellectual rigor, but I had a good laugh at her woman superiority complex. No, I don't post feminists sites on here, so you men will never know, because I don't give specific attention to them. Not a chivalrous male you could say...LOL. Oh yes, I do have a superiority complex by the way, but at least I admit it, feminists don't.
Sunday, October 3, 2004
It is interesting to note, that when you disagree with a woman, especially feminists, you are called "hateful". Well, I find them to be quite hateful when they disagree with me, and it is a joy to call them "hateful", when they disagree with me, and play the victim game on them. This is called the Mirror Effect. Do the same thing your anatagonist does and it will give them a reflection of themselves they don't want to see. By the way, I have noticed on average most feminists are short, ugly, and fat. I am pretty, feminists don't like pretty people - men or women.
Friday, October 1, 2004
It is nice to know that feminists define males to be (from their own dictionary, might I add) :

This is from 'A Feminist Dictionary', ed. Kramarae and Treichler, Pandora Press, 1985

*MALE: ... represents a variant of or deviation from the category of female. The first males were mutants... the male sex represents a degeneration and deformity of the female.' *MAN: ... an obsolete life form... an ordinary creature who needs to be watched ... a contradictory baby-man ... *TESTOSTERONE POISONING: ... 'Until now it has been though that the level of testosterone in men is normal simply because they have it. But if you consider how abnormal their behavior is, then you are led to the hypothesis that almost all men are suffering from "testosterone poisoning."

So, men are mutants, wow, that is nice, and we are obsolete, sure, until the power goes out.
Testosterone Poisoning? Oh man, we got nutcases here.
Feminism = Hate.
The Bright Mirror reflecting masculinity for men. Saving your ass from the Matriarchy whether you like it or not. Shattering delusions so reality is clearly seen. You are ready, and the master has appeared.

Enigma Behind The Mirror

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