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Sunday, April 11, 2004
Happy Easter to the men that read this blog. Thanks for reading and I hope it has enlightened you.
Saturday, April 10, 2004
If you are busting your ass to support a wife or girlfriend you are an idiot. Why not just bust your ass for yourself? I laugh my ass off watching women drudgingly go to work- haha, you asked for it sister with your so called "liberation" movement, so you go girl - right to work, while I polish my Benz, that you will never get. Hence, women are liberated and can work for a living, so stop giving them the benefits of both worlds - your paycheck and the paycheck they can go out to earn.
Women should submit to Male authority for their own good. How many lost, desperate women do I see everyday looking for guidance - not just how to cook, clean, and do the laundry, I get tons of women asking me that stuff - but why men don't like them anymore and what is the point of living a lonely nihilistic existence at Barnes and Noble all day with self help books. Well, that's feminism for you, have fun girls.
Wednesday, April 7, 2004
The unique thing that you can appreciate about the content of my blog is that it is industrial strength, not the usual household strength found in similar blogs to mine.
Am I unstoppable or what? I am truly the feminists and chivalrous males worst nightmare. I started a new fashion trend at the gym with the men there. I always wear a white T- shirt when I work out at the gym, you know, what feminists call a "wife beater t-shirt". Now, I have noticed an increasingly amount of men wearing white T-shirts at the gym. White T-shirts rock, they are very comfortable and stretchy, and great for working out at the gym in. I think most men have been brainwashed about wearing white T-shirts due to the wife beater stereotype that feminists have given them, unless they were underneath another shirt, but now, due to my "I don't really give a shit what you think feminist" attitude I have had since my birth, men are coming out wearing them in my locality more often. I am a freaking army of one. I encourage all men to start wearing white T-shirts which are NOT underneath anything, like I do, and like the men at my gym do now, as an act of defiance to the bias stereotype given them and the stereotype given to men that wear them.
Now that we are on the white T- shirt subject, let me reminisce. I remember in college I would wear white T-shirts all the time, just like I do now, and you know what, feminists did not say shit about it. Yeah, there is woman power for you, can't even find the balls to voice your opinion to me, because you have no balls you feminists, metaphorically and literally. You know the people that would say stuff about my white T-shirt wearing style, chivalrous males would, because the feminists would complain to them. Pathetic. But the chivalrous males were weak in their approach, even though angry as hell, because they knew I was a Shotokan practioner and would annihilate them in mortal combat if they stepped over the line.
Tuesday, April 6, 2004
Journalism these days sucks, it probably always has, but just more noticeable than usually. It is not even "news events" journalists report anymore but "news stories". I don't care about the "news story" just tell me what the freak happened, the "news event", and leave your opinion out of it.
The U.S. Government and the chivalrous males are going to declare war on porn. Click here: War on Porn. Obviously, they do not understand why porn is so rampant these days and generating vast revenues. Here is a hint, women are not putting out for their husbands anymore and overall American women are ugly and mean to be around, so an American male has no choice but to find porn as a satisfying alternative to find sweet, pretty, lovable, and naked women. It is really easy to put the porn industry out of business - women starting having sex with your husbands everyday and do anything he asks of you, and the rest of you American women start being nice and sweet, willingly to serve the American male in any way he desires as is your calling as a woman. In the meantime, here's to Larry Flynt.
I think playing golf is gay. I can't believe people actually consider golf a sport and actually like to do it. Most of the time you will find chivalrous males playing this sport. They even have a tournament called the "Masters", masters my ass, big deal, you are the master of hitting a little white ball - oooo, I am scared of your prowness and skill. Now, I had to learn to play golf because in my business everybody likes to play golf and when you meet with suppliers or what not they like to take you to the golf course to play. Since I also practice Shotokan Karate, I have great hip strength, and drive the ball a mile or so, and then I get this guy saying "Wow, you should go pro". Yeah, right, I hate golfing, pro my ass, I would dishonour myself playing pro and I am only here because you are paying for it, buying my lunch, and beer.
Monday, April 5, 2004
There is a lot of anti-male crap on television these days, to the point I just watch a few channels. One is the independent flim channel, called IFC, which is great. It has samurai movies and episodes on there, some in black and white, others in color, they have every Saturday devoted to samurai, called "Samurai Saturdays", now that is a channel. The other is the American Movie Channel (AMC), it has Clark Gable slapping Norma Shearer around for failing to bring her ass when he said too. Nothing like Clark Gable to set women straight. I think I need to lobby Congress to get a law that says if a woman fails to bring her ass, you can slap her around Clark Gable style. Right now , if you pull a Clark Gable, you will get tossed in jail for a while.
Saturday, April 3, 2004
I advise every man to become a lawyer, I am going to law school in the future as well. Men really need to understand the law to nth power as we say in the mathematical world. I completed my bachelors degree in mathematics and it was pretty much free of feminists, being a male dominanted field, so I avoided any feminist bullshit indoctrination in college. It is critical that men abandon women and focus on themselves and become lawyers to defend other men caught up in the matriarchal system and warn other men to stay away from women. Feminism must be dealt a powerful shotokan thrust kick to incapacitate it. Becoming a lawyer is a powerful step for men to actively engage the matriarchal system and undermine it legally, and always remember that women are competing against you in everything nowadays, so chivalry is dead.
Friday, April 2, 2004
I finally busted up the all woman management at my former apartment complex. My former apartment complex advertised itself as first class for service and quality. To my dismay it came short, so I brought it to the attention of the all woman management there, and was not satisfied with the response I was receiving from them. Hence, I sent letters to there corporate office and got the usually, "we are really sorry and will do our best to resolve this situation." Well, of course, with me, you take care of something I ask for efficiently and effectively or I unleash a blitzkreig of complaints...and so I did upon this apartment complex. I sent in lawyers, the Better Business Bureau, the local apartment association, and the Housing and Urban Development Agency, and moved myself out of the apartment complex to a better one. Now, even though I was living in my new apartment complex, I continued to battle my old one, and just recently I have received information that the all woman management has collapsed. Yes, victory is sweet. The property manager of my old apartment complex has quit "due to a stress related cause" and her staff broke out fighting one another and the leasing consultant quit "due to a stress related cause". Now, only one woman remains to manage the entire complex. Hey, ladies, if you can't provide quality service as advertised don't expect me to NOT to take you to task.
Thursday, April 1, 2004
Ever notice how the flight attendents on US owned airlines have become uglier and uglier and fatter and fatter over the years? You can thank feminism for this, making sure ugly and fat women get a job they are not qualified for. Flight attendents are supposed to be pretty and thin, that is just the industry standard. Now, not only do you have lousy food, annoying people sitting next to you, screaming babies, cramped seats, limited mobility, poor magazine selection, and no smoking, but now we got fat and ugly flight attendents. I thought airplanes had strict weight and balance requirements?
My surprisingly attractive 38-year-old twice divorced childless woman neighbor admitted her life sucks and blames feminism. She does not like working 50 hrs a week, paying bills, the office politics/catfights with her other woman co-workers, and wishes she could just be a homemaker. I said "women are reaping what they have sown and you know it". She agreed and understood. Nice thing about her is that she does have the very rare domestic skills not found in a lot of women these days, and I use her when I am too busy. Nothing like a good neighbor to sew your pants, clean your house, and cook your dinner. Older women are spent anyway, burned out, any attention they receive is actually appreciated, along with any sex; at least with the older women I have been involved with. Some older women are bitches to the end, so I hear from other men.

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