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Saturday, November 26, 2005
Get Use To Prince...er, I mean, Pauper Charming...

I see a lot of my female cousins marrying down. They can't find Prince Charming, and being the high powered career chicks that they are, the pool of Prince Charmings out there that will accommodate them, or shall I say, tolerate them, is very small. Hence, I have to listen to them complain to me every holiday about how they wish their husbands were "the man" in the family. Uh, let me get this straight, my females cousins are high powered career chicks and wonder why they can't find an equally or more successful man than they are, and are "forced" to settle with Pauper Charming. Well, for one, you have a job that probably a man was qualified for, but because of affirmative action, it was given to you, so that qualified man is now working at at some big box retail store stocking shelves or something. The more women in higher positions, the less men, hence you have to "settle" with the stock clerk. Two, you have a high powered career chick attitude that no alpha male will tolerate - you are saved by grace with me - since we are related, and you must realize you try my patience even with the brief time spent during the holidays, and only beta males will tolerate you like your husband does. So get use to your beta male husband or get back in the kitchen, and stop the bitching.
Tuesday, November 22, 2005
The Last Of The Connaisseurs

Some of the older connaisseurs have realized that the lifestyle of grand living is not being passed on to many younger men anymore. I am probably the youngest in the connaisseur group, being half the age of all the others - a rarity, spoken by the other connaisseurs - how did you become so enlighten they ask me. I am connaisseur, like my father before me, and have been trained in grand living. Sounding pretty Jedi like, you know, but it is the only way to relate it. Most men my age are willingly selling themselves into slavery via the marriage/divorce industry here in the US, not too many men appreciate the freedom of being single and living a grand lifestyle; most likely because they are brainwashed by the matriarchy and considering 50% of the families in the US are run by single mothers, where does a young man ever learn the masculine traits of being independent and telling the world to go to hell so he can live the grand lifestyle - fine cigars and liquor, world travel, and settling down where you damn well please or doing none of these and just being able to pursue your own interests in life.

Unfortunately, men here in the US are programmed to settle for some nagging biatch (and do everything possible to actually win the affection of this nagging biatch via the mating ritual), be a wage slave for her benefit - for life might I add, and never enjoy his own money and freedom for himself. I don't know what to make of it, it is depressing at best, scary at worst. Then we have men here in the US that think foreign women are their salvation, once again, they missed the mark - try living without a woman for a while, and you will see freedom unfold in your life and you will not want to go back. Women, have in my life, whether foreign or domestic, always been a nuisance to me, and always try to take time away from me from living my grand lifestyle. I will trifle with women - foreign and domestic at times and on my terms [I prefer foreign women, they are a lot more fun to be around, and are much more feminine than American women], but it is of my choosing when I do such - or not to do such. I don't see men here in the US operating off this principle - it seems they are just blindly doing anything to just find a woman so they can say they have one - to fit into their subculture unit? to be socially acceptable among peers? These men need to ask themselves who is the master of their destiny - the men themselves or others like women and society at large?
Perspective 36

Our Guest Connaisseur writes:

Having known many women, it is my opinion that honesty with them is not the best policy. First, they don't want to hear real honesty, and second, the more honest you are about how you feel the quicker she will emotionally slice you to shreds. Keeping her in the dark and telling her only minimal information is by far the prudent course to take. I would agree that in a perfect world being open and giving is a good goal, but today's woman is just too predatory to respect that.
Monday, November 21, 2005
Perspective 35

Our Guest Connaisseur writes:

Children bond with mom. Girls identify with mom so they don't have to make any kind of psychological transition to become an adult. Boys identify with dad, but are bonded to mom. Boys have to break that bond and identify with dad. This is not new stuff. It is well-recognized and accepted psychology.

This raises two problems. Boys who don't leave mom...gays and real mama boys, and boys who break from mom but have no masculine figure to guide them. They usually become criminals. That is why, despite the feminist view otherwise, it is good to have a father in a house. In fact, in homes where dad is allowed to be present, the boys commit less crimes and the girls are less promiscuous.

One of the problems in subculture communities is men are absent -- for various reasons -- boys often get their masculine cues from other boys, such as gangs. When that happens they are lost forever because their concept of masculinity is forever skewed to the juvenile side.

The bottom line is mothers cannot raise boys to be good men. There has to be men around in some capacity...brothers, uncles, grandpa, teachers, volunteers, community leaders. To get a civilized man out of a boy requires a civilized man. This is why single-moms and gay adoptees are the worse choice to raise boys.
Sunday, November 20, 2005
One Reason I Don't Go To Church

It seems church has become a place for women to meet men, instead of hearing the gospel preached and partaking of communion. Men pay attention to the priest, listening attentively to what he is saying, while women are paying attention to the men, checking them out. Even in the oldest of Christian denominations - Eastern Orthodox, which I subscribe too, I find when I go, I am targeted by some single woman. As I am trying to leave, she approaches me with the "Excuse me, are you new here?" Then I am like "Oh crap", failed again to exit the building in under 2 seconds (and I am sitting in the pew closest to the back door to escape immediately after the service). Then I have to converse with this woman, and sure enough, her friends come over (it just gets worse from here), and have to tolerate more questions, until I finally manage in a polite way to leave, I just can't say "You can all go to hell" while in church, so I do the best I can to make my exit. Is this what church has come to in the west? You have Christians being slaughtered in other countries because of their beliefs, and this is Christianity in the west - a place for women to meet men? I pray for the second coming. I really do. I just hope it does not happen while I am jerking off, that would be embarrassing.
Saturday, November 19, 2005
Women Just Keep Talking and Talking and Talking...

They never shut up, unless you tell them, in which, they start crying and say you're mean and need to go to anger management. I don't know any woman that doesn't stop talking. Sometimes, I think you could save a lot of fuel when filling those hot air balloons by just placing a woman underneath it and letting her talk. It is does not matter what type of woman - old or young, foreign or domestic, they all never shut up. I can actually count the number of words I say in my conversations with women, however, I lose track of the number of words they say.
How To Manage

I usually visit my company's customers - some of it is political, some of it is technical, some of it is because our customers are real idiots and just blame the suppliers for their stupidity. While meeting my company's customers' executives or other management representatives during my visit, I can usually tell real quick what the problem is. I would say, 9 out of 10 times it is because you have a power obsessed idiot running their company keeping the rest of the management there stifled from thinking independently and telling their CEO - what kind of stupid idea is that? I made sure to kill that mentality real quick at my company, vigorous debate is necessary to improve anything, and if I or any other executive is acting retarded - I expect, no, I demand somebody tell us - what kind of stupid idea is that?. And they do. And we make tons of money. Anyway, here is how to manage:

1) Never micromanage. Give people responsibility, hold them accountable by checking up on them every month or so, and go do something else - wack off, play golf, sit at your desk and rotate - something beside standing over your employees watching everything they do. Personally, I sit around and rotate and see how many times I can spin on my chair without falling over.

2) Solve problems quickly. If shit hits the fan, find out real quick how it happened and make sure it does not happen again. Too many managers let problems just keep building to justify their existence, this is why I dislike middle managers - they leech off the productivity of the workers and brains of the executives.

3) Fire all middle managers, and have the workers come to your executive self personally with any problems. This will give your workers a sense of confidence knowing that there is no middle management to distort what they are trying to communicate.

4) Communicate regularly to your workers, telling them everything about what is going on with the company, they will appreciate and respect your honestly about the status of the company. Workers that know how they directly relate to insuring a profitable company and securing their livelihood are more productive and loyal than workers kept in the dark.
Marvel and Perish

Often I am amused by the site of a career woman giving me the deer in the headlights look, after her many innuendos and charms over a relatively long period of time offered to me, when I simply still give no hint of interest in her. First, she marvels in disbelief, then anger sets in - whether a quiet internal angst of defeat or external insults assailed against you in a desperate last ditch manipulation tactic to scare you or make you feel guilty if you reject her (for example, "you will die alone, old and miserable" - strange though, everybody dies alone, and old is a state of mind along with being miserable or not), then finally she perishes with her cats sentenced to life as a spinster. Maybe I am being harsh, some niceguy will come along or maybe a chivalrous male to save her, which she will settle for. Although, realize that the man that rejects her will always be in her head as the one that got away and becomes an icon to her in her mind as the one that stood his ground and did not give in to the false charms and fake innuendos of her seduction - the man the she could not manipulate and control - blessed is this man, for truly he discerns honesty and deceit, and long will be his days accompanied with peace and serenity.
Thursday, November 17, 2005
Perspective 34

Our Guest Connaisseur writes:

I am weary of stories about women who are as "strong" as men. One would think that at some point that very worn stereotype would die a well-deserved death. It is as interesting as stories about men who are as "weak" as women. How about a story on the most "feminine" woman of the year, or is only strength valued in women anymore? And no doubt someone will say one can be feminine and strong at the same time....yeah, well I guess so, if you're a gay guy...
Wednesday, November 16, 2005
The Mating Game by Our Guest Connaisseur

I think DNA determines what we find attractive in a mate. Young women are looking for the outstanding studs of the herd to sire kids (yes, they are just dating, but that is the primordial dynamic). So she goes for the bad guys, the aggressive, sleep with them all, tru players...but once that urge is taken care of, she wants to live with the nice guy, especially the nice guy who will raise her bad-boy children.

The rub is the bad boy is exactly what she wants when she is of childbearing age, but it is the good guy she wants afterwards because the bad boy won't or can't change and she needs a good guy more than a bad boy for the rest of her life.

And this is one reason why women dating younger men is odd and of some concern..she hasn't outgrown her bad boy stage.

I am of the anti-feminist view that what we find attractive in a potential mate is genetically determined, and that we can't change that anymore than we can change our eye color.

So, can we "see" someone and instantly know that one is right? Sure, our DNA is screaming "that one, that one over there." So once the DNA is happy the rest of us goes over and finds out if the remainder potentially matches too: Personality, beliefs, sexual tastes, et cetera.

That said, there is an interesting study out of England. They had women take baths with non-scented soap. Then they wore their own new T-shirt for 24 hours. They put the once-worn T-shirts in separate plastic bags. Now, here is where it gets interesting. In general terms, science can now tell if two peoples' genetic compliments will likely produce healthy children or unhealthy children. Now, back to the T-shirts. The man then smells each T-shirt and picks out the one that he likes the most, or said another way, the one that offends him the least, either way will do. Invariably he picks the one wore by the woman whose genes will complement his genes the best and has the greatest potential for producing healthy children. They've done the test several times with men doing the sniffing and it works 100 percent of the time. They are now running the test with women doing the sniffing. So, is it lust, is it love, or is it really the nose and basic chemistry?

If our mate selection is really based on genetics and potential healthy children, that would explain a lot of things in our lives, like how she can be in love with such a crude bad boy and spit on the niceguys. Well, his genes are a good match for hers. His crudness is really a social issue not a reproductive healthy-child issue. ...and perhaps divorces, too...our DNA gets us married and we have healthy kids but then the rest of us can't live with our spouse because all we had in common was good genes.

Sometimes I think we are more animal and instincts than we like to admit.
Thursday, November 10, 2005
Expat Focus - Greece

I was over in Greece a couple months ago checking on some property to purchase. Malta is next on the list. Avoid Athens by the way, see the sites, then head for Northern Greece or the islands, Athens is a mess with women embracing feminism and crap and men go to the villages in Greece to find a wife. Athenian women are sluts. Anyway, the Greek lawyer I was working with was giving me the run down on the laws governing property over there, it is pretty good for men (at least where I was looking to buy property at in the northern area of Greece called Thessaly) :

1) The wife does not get your property in the event of a divorce. Alimony is terminated after 3 years - compare this to the US - where, depending on the judge, you could pay alimony forever.

2) The wife, by law, only gets 1/4 of your property if you die and have male children, the male children get 3/4 of it. You can tailor make your inheritence plans as you like, but this is the standard law there.

3) If you rent out your property, the tenents are responsible for everything. Not like here in the US, where you got to do all types of bullshit to protect yourself from getting sued by your tenents.

I was telling the Greek lawyer how the laws in Greece are almost the opposite in the US and he said I was making it up and started laughing and said no country is that stupid. I said "Well..., you know...ah...nevermind...where do I get my Eurobank account at?"

Now, remember, Greece is different, it ain't like the US, it has gone through a lot of shit in the past century, but overall, it seems to be a good place to expat too - especially the islands.

Northern Greece is pretty old school in the villages as one would expect, in the bigger cities in Northern Greece they are like any other European city. Overall, crime is low, medical care is socialized so it mainly sucks like in most of Europe (but the government is working to privatize stuff) and people, for the most part- don't like speaking English, they know English mainly in Athens and other tourist and business attraction areas, but people in other parts of Greece don't know English, so it is better to learn Greek if you can- which is a hard language to learn in my opinion compared to French or English. People in Greece don't like Americans - goes back to that Cyprus incident and probably further, so when in Rome, do as the Romans, and when in Greece, do as the Greeks and speak Greek and you will be more respected -especially if you decide to expat and set up camp there. The more you live with the people in a foreign country and they see your a good and honest person, they more they start liking you in my opinion - like anywhere else, but Americans get stigmatized anywhere they go...and watching how your average American tourist behaves overseas, I can see why.

Greece is like 50 (near the bottom, Malta is 43 by the way) on the World Economic Forum's “Gender Gap Index” that measures inequality between women and men in 58 countries - oh, the poor oppressed women...tsk, tsk. Seems to me Greece has laws that respects the rights of men more than other countries in the western hemisphere, but it follows Greek/Roman law instead of English Common law as here in the US - so stay clean, you don't get a trial by jury. So far, Greece receives high marks on my list for protecting a man's property from malicious and golddigging women that destroy men's financial and property assets and rights via the divorce courts here in the US. Malta is next, I'll let you guys know what happens...
Tuesday, November 8, 2005
Perspective 33

Our Guest Connaisseur writes:

As far as religion goes, I much prefer the Hindus and the Buddhists. But I do note, that Christians and Jews around the world are good neighbors. Muslims are not. Indeed, in the Philippines a week or so ago, Muslims raped, tortured, mutilated, then killed and beheaded two 10-year-old girls. Their crime? They were Christian. Yes, good neighbors those Muslims. The liberal media can say what it wants about American military forces, but they do not rape, torture, mutilate, kill or behead 10-year old girls. It takes a real Muslim man to do that. They've come a long way in 1,300 years, wouldn't you say?

Making excuses for terrorists -- actually any criminal -- is the failing of liberalism. The current problems in France are explained away by the liberal media as "youths frustrated at social condition and lack of opportunity." Call them what they are: They are Imam incited delinquents who drain dry the welfare system because they are lazy. France's interior minister called them "scum." He was being generous.
Sunday, November 6, 2005
Follow The Money - The Rise Of Eastern Europe

I have noticed for some time that more and more investments are taking place in Eastern Europe, particularly in the automotive industry. Build a manufacturing plant, and they will come - not just the workers, but all the extensions that go with a manufacturing base - maunfacturing suppilers, retail outlets, real estate development, better roads, etc. And with China ready to introduce their own car in US and European markets, any smart company will consider Eastern Europe for its cheaper labor and highly efficient workers, compared to US and Western Europe's overpaid and lazy unionized workers. Don't give me this union protects workers crap, the reality is, if your company cannot compete on a global level now, there won't be any job for your union to protect. Case and point - Delphi, the world's second-largest automotive supplier - just filed banruptcy last month, because there is a fair market price for labor, and Delphi, because of its union, is paying three times the amount for it. Bitch all you want about how the "Man" is sticking it to the average joe and unions are needed, but realize, no company, no job, and you are sitting at home in your made in Romania underwear.
Saturday, November 5, 2005
Perspective 32

Our Guest Connaisseur writes:

I have learned in life you can be, shall I say, completely and equally competent with two different women, and one will consider you the answer to her sexual prayers and the other will think of you as a sexual jerk even though your excellent performance was consistent.

It has been my experience that women who have a hard time reaching their own nova tend to view men as incompetent no matter how competent they really are. And while there is latitude in all of that on both sides, there are some women a team of fresh football players couldn't deliver an orgasm to no matter how good they are. A lot of women just don't know their own bodies and project it all by saying it is his fault. Why thank Youuuuuuuuu, as if I don't have enough to worry about in bed. More than once in my life I have been near exhaustion because she required a super-Herculean effort to feel even the tiniest of twinges. Talk about thankless marathons. You apply all your skill, you last for hours -- no small feat -- and you exhaust yourself and she's ungrateful as hell...A vibrator hooked up to the New York City power grid wouldn't of had succeeded either...with some women ya gotta ask questions or her inabilities will give you a heart attack, even when you're 23!
No Date For You

I just noticed how many single women live near me in my neighborhood - your typical single career chick with her cat. I think we need to trade mark the single career chick and her cat, since it is becoming an American icon these days. Single career chick and her cat (TM). Much better. Now, I am usually outside smoking a cigar on my porch and drinking cognac - well, armagnac these days - contemplating the remains of the day, and these single career chicks - being neighborly I suppose - say hello, and start small talk with me. I usually am not the least bit interested in what they are rambling about to me, but being neighborly, I nod my head every so often with injected phrases of "I see" "that's nice" and "interesting" to make them think I am interested in what they are saying. It is a stalemate as far as I am concerned with these single career chicks - even though they are trying to desperately court my attention - talking to me, dropping hints and gestures, etc...and get me to ask them on a date, there is no way I will do such. I see right through them, and each one in one way or another, sooner or later, displays that man-hating, bitch attitude that is so common of American women. No date for you. Keep your cat company.
Friday, November 4, 2005
Perspective 31

Our Guest Connaisseur writes:

When women started wanting equal rights they did not have the vote. They could not vote themselves rights. They had to convince men to give them rights. And then after women had the vote they had to convince men to give them more rights. The "woman's movement" and woman's advancement... "liberation" ... could not happen without men's approval. It cannot happen further without men's approval because women do not have enough votes on their own to get things approved.

This is why many women are angry with feminists. The woman's movement is dependent upon men agreeing with it, yet feminism is turned into organized hate and male bashing. Hence, as more men go their own way in life and reject Western women...feminism dies...and a lot of women are left out in the cold.
Thursday, November 3, 2005
Perspective 30

Our Guest Connaisseur writes:

Multiple orgasms....hmmm.... from this male's point of view ....in theory the ability is envious, but in reality it is not...

Men may indeed have one orgasm* but at least they usually have one. Many times women don't even have one, let alone several (the cause of that is debatable, but I am looking a shear numbers here at the moment). So over the course of a life time, who has more orgasms, she with an ability -- which in my experience only a minority of women really experience regularly -- or he who keeps hitting the target, one shot at a time?

It struck me as profound one day -- perhaps I am easily awed -- that every person you see is the result of a male orgasm. Said another way, an almost assured orgasm is how nature rewards males for having sex. Nature does not automatically reward females with an orgasm for having sex. That lead me to my next thought: If nature depended upon the frequency of woman's orgasm to facilitate reproduction there would be a whole lot less people running around because as groups I think men have far more orgasms than women, despite his single barrel shotgun limitations and her repeating rifle.

* Excluding the common "double headers" of one's youth.
Perspective 29

Our Guest Connaisseur writes:

The real problem with newspapers these days is that politics used to be restricted to the editorial page, and elsewhere the reporting was as unbias as one could professionally make it (I know, I worked on daily newspapers as a journalist.)

Unfortunately, that editorial page slant has bled into general reporting, and most papers are horribly slanted, and most towards the liberal end...about the only newspaper slanted to the right is the Manchester Union Leader in New Hampshire.

Th New York Times has so slanted itself, for example, that it has lost the respect it once had as a great newspaper.
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