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Sunday, May 29, 2005
Ben Franklin's Advice

I really like Ben Franklin, if you have the time I would read up on this man, here is some of his advice to single men: http://personal.pitnet.net/primarysources/mistress.html

Dan Wheldon Wins The 89th Indianapolis 500

Congratulations to Dan Wheldon for winning the Indy 500. Here is a man that had to overcome the incredible weight advantage that Danica Patrick (the network news and media favorite because she is a woman) had over all the men drivers at the Indy 500. Danica weighs about 50 lbs less than the other men drivers and 50 pounds less gives you quicker speeds and less fuel consumption. So why was the media hyping it all up like Danica was good or something special when it was the physics of the situation all along that helped her qualify fourth? Do the math dipshits, the lighter the car, the faster it goes. Furthermore, 50 pounds is equivalent to 10 gallons of fuel, so it is like the men drivers are qualifying with 20 gallons of fuel and she's qualifying with 10 gallons - less weight to her advantage once again in the qualifications, which of course, hats off to Tony Kanaan for winning the pole during qualification. Moreover, not mention during the race Danica hit almost every car out there and cause quite a few men to wreck - women still can't drive.
Saturday, May 21, 2005
Everything Is Proceeding Accordingly

The marriage strike is definitely making women get bent. It seems more and more women I talk to are hard up for a guy to marry them, can't find any that want to, and have to deal with players all the time. Note this is the 25-35 age group of women I am talking about. They ask me why men don't want to get married so I tell them all about the unfair legal obligations and bias in the divorce and family courts against men, so why should men get married and not just be players? Women get angry, sad, and then depressed after my speeches and realized men have wisened up and now women are totally screwed royally. Yeah, it's over girls, and the fat lady is singing - and guess what - the fat lady is you.

The next phase in coordination with the marriage strike men are doing is to go on strike of being chivalrous to women. Women wanted equality, and got it, now there is no good reason to be chivalrous and do special things for women just because they are women. Nope, let women fend for themselves, fight wars, get burned out in careers, etc. Men, now more than ever, need to focus on themselves and invest in themselves. If you don't like your job - quit and find one you like regardless of pay - why the hell are you stressing out with a job you hate? - trying to prove you are a real man - yeah right. To support a woman? To have to money to spend on women? Forget it, women can work, let them be burned out careers biatches trapped in the corporate world and pay more taxes, suffer that they spent all their time being careers biatches and their childbearing years are gone forever, become workaholics as well as alcoholics, and pay their own way in life. You should just focus on your own enjoyment in life and well being - and find other like minded men to share this brotherhood with.
Sunday, May 15, 2005
A Different View

I must say, being single is fantastic, I am truly blessed with the good life. I have no idea why most men actually waste a nanosecond or more thinking they need a woman in order to enjoy life or be complete, it is beyond me. I can easily get laid if I need sex, and most men can too, but they try too hard - pussy will come and pussy will go. For me, sometimes I take it and sometimes I don't, - it is not my focus, where for most men it is, and they end up never getting any - although they will make you think they do. I further realize why St. Paul said thousands of years ago (before feminism mind you), that "It is good for a man not to touch a woman." Life is just a lot simpler for you. I really don't care to put up with women and their irrationality and emotionalism. Even if feminism was destroyed tomorrow, you would still have women's nature to deal with - the irrational, predatory, emotional, and drama driven impulses the world (well, at least me for sure) could really do without. I understand why most men I know have not gotten married and those that have waited until they were 40+ to do so - they just don't want to put up with women or delay it as long as possible if they have to put up with women because they want kids. Think about it. As a side note, if you get married in your 20s or 30s, you are really missing out on life. I pity you. Travel, learn, explore, you have the right NOT to get married - ever.
Saturday, May 14, 2005
Shutting Down The Matriarchy

It is pretty easy to shutdown the matriarchy, however, most men are too addicted to pussy to actually shut it down, and because of this, they keep the matriarchy going - chivalrous males are the worst offenders. However, for those of you that want to know how to shutdown the matriarchy, or even just your little section of the matriarchy here is how:

1. Drop out of society. Just disappear. It is easy to do. You engage minimally as possible with society, particularly women. The less visible men are and contributing to society the more women have to take up the slack and will soon burn themselves out, contributing in part to a matriarchal shutdown.

2. Focus on you. Work for you. Become YOU, INC. Your well being is just as important as anybody else's, particularly women's. Can't decide between reading a good book or going a date? Read the book instead, it is much more benefical than spending money on a date, even if you are paying just half of the date. The more dateless women, the more discontent the matriarchy becomes for women, the better. Let women know, it is over for them - remember they don't need men anymore, so let them do without. Plus, and more importantly, you could get accused falsely of rape if you both find each other attractive and sparks fly, and later on she feels gulity for the one night stand, and decides to absolve herself of being a "ho" by accusing you falsely of rape.

3. Support pop and mom stores. Avoid big corporations in buying your products and services, which employ and promote women that can't even do their jobs which further funds the matriarchy with your money.

4. Don't be sucked into that "real man" crap, I have heard it over and over, "A real man would be responsible and get married" or "A real man would support a woman". All this "real man" crap is a ploy by women to trap you into marriage and make you a matriarchal wage slave that keeps the matriarchy going- voluntary by her using you with traditional marriage to get you to support her and the matriarchy, and involuntary through divorce, with the courts forcing you by police arrest and jail to support her and the matriarchy via alimony, child support, etc. Women have access to education and jobs better than men do these days, let women support themselves and their cats. As mentioned in point (1) above, this will contribute to more burned out women and discontent to shut down the matriarchy.

5. Legally minimize your tax burden. Less taxes going to the government will be less money supporting the matriarchy.
Survey Says!

Yours truly did a survey of professional American Women aged 25 - 35. Professional meaning they had careers in insurance, medicine, law, engineering, or education. You need at least 30 samples if you want your statistical analysis to be halfway decent, I got 100 samples. Now, of course, a survey depends on your geographical location, culture, etc., so this survey is reflective of American Women in my part of the US, but I believe it speaks for other parts as well. Here are the results:

90 out of 100 women can't find a man - a man is defined by these women as a male with a steady job and wants to settled down and get married. They said men they meet are "players". I said "Well, marriage is stacked against men, so can you really blame men for sport fucking women." I got the deer in the headlights look from them, and just proceeded with my survey.

75 out of 100 women do not have a steady boyfriend presently. They do have a cat. Cat food, invest in cat food, I am telling you the cat food market is going to explode in the next 3 -5 years if not already with all these single women and their cats.

85 out of 100 women said they do not like their jobs.

95 out of 100 women said women are the much meaner to work with than men, and said women are "barracudas" and "catty".

98 out of 100 women said they want a man to support them in marriage. When asked "Would you be willingly to cook, clean, do laundry, raise kids, etc., if a man works and supports you?" They said "He has to do his part in helping out with the housework." I said "That is unfair, a man works all day to support you, then you expect him to also help out at home." They said "Well, marriage is about teamwork." I said "Does not sound like teamwork to me with one party having an unfair amount of work to do than the other party." I got the deer in the headlights look again from these women.
Friday, May 13, 2005
Career Advice

I recommend for men, if going to college, to major in hard sciences like engineering, computer science, mathematics (yours truly is a mathematician), chemistry, and physics. If you plan for graduate work, become a math/science/engineering professor, a lawyer, or a doctor. If you aren't planning to go to college, become an auto mechanic and run your own shop after working under a master auto mechanic. Build a reputation for quality service and work, and you will have more than enough money for your needs. My company prices its products much higher than the competition, but we gain market share every year from our competitors because we have the highest quality and best service in our respective industry. Now, I think it is time for me to get some cognac and smoke a cigar.
Monday, May 9, 2005
Runaway Bride = Predatory Female

This runaway bride is a prime candidate to use as an example of a predatory female. First, we have the whole drama thing about her being kipnapped or what not, that she made up to gain attention - the predatory female MUST be the center of attention and drama MUST surround her in one way or another despite the consequences she might cause to herself and others, and predatory females will do anything to get it. Another thing that always marks a predatory female is criminal behavior, particularly shoplifting. We now know, that she had a past criminal record according to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution:

Exhibit A:

In 1996, Wilbanks (the runaway bride) was prosecuted for allegedly shoplifting $1,740 in merchandise from a Gainesville mall. The felony charge was dropped after she completed a pretrial diversion program. Wilbanks also performed 75 hours of community service and paid restitution.

Exhibit B:

Before this felony arrest (Exhibit A) , Wilbanks was charged with misdemeanor shoplifting for allegedly taking $37.05 in merchandise from a Wal-Mart; that case was dismissed after she completed a six-week counseling program for shoplifters.

Exhibit C:

In April 1998, she was arrested and charged with shoplifting $98 of merchandise from a store. This time she served two weekends in jail, as well as probation, paid a $400 fine, and completed 50 hours of community service.

For the wise and discerning student of predatory females, you will avoid women like this at all cost...well, unless you live in Georgia, because is seems her boyfriend/future husband still wants to marry her.

Corollary: If you are stupid enough to want to marry an American woman, at least get a background and criminal check on her from your local sheriff's or police office.
Saturday, May 7, 2005
Negotiation is irrelevant

Breaking up with a women must be done decisively and quickly - negotiation with her is irrelevent. A prolonged breakup will only be exhausting to you, from observations I have seen with my friends. I always broke up with women quickly and decisively -- yes, they will cry, moan, lament, beg you to take them back, but if you do, realize she is going to be more of manipulative biatch than before under the guise of being grateful you took her back --- so she can get you back for initiating the breakup in the first place. Women cannot stand not being in control of a relationship, so, in order to appease her superiority complex and controlling nature, she needs to convince you she is worth you not breaking up with, while in the meantime she is scheming for your replacement and will eventually break up with you later on when that replacement has been found --- so she can feel in control and superior to you in that "he was just not meeting my needs as a woman".
If able, appear unable

This tactic from Sun Tzu's The Art Of War, has been useful on many occasions in my life when dealing with women. Women will always be sizing you up while talking or even looking at you to determine your income potential and your future income potential to support their fat lazy asses. I always tell women I am unemployed (appearing unable), this usually gets women to go away immediately so I can continue undisturbed in my personal pursuits in life. Women are becoming more forward in their advances on men - some men might think this is good and get an ego boost by thinking women are attracted to them, but becareful of a woman's real motive - to suck money from you - she is attracted to the possibility you might have a good income or income potential, not you. Hence, appearing unable is a good defense to thwart women's predatory motives.
The Bright Mirror reflecting masculinity for men. Saving your ass from the Matriarchy whether you like it or not. Shattering delusions so reality is clearly seen. You are ready, and the master has appeared.

Enigma Behind The Mirror

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